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Silver the Hedgehog List Article

The Mystery Behind Silver's Parents

List by DJMasterette1 posted over a year ago
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Silver the hedgehog
Since Sega released a new character in the Sonic series,Silver the Hedgehog,many fans had many confusing ideas of Silver's past. The most confusing idea of who is Silver,is his parents. I have reasearch many of the famous Sega characters and I am here to explain.

The Father

Shadow the Hedgehog
Almost every fans number one guess! I have recently known Shadow and Silver has many similiarities and a very few diffrences.

1. The Chest Fur
Shadow and Silver's chest fur have a connection. But the diffrence is Silver's chest fur is more shaggier than Shadows.

2. The Body
As you can see,Silver has no round tan belly and has a muscular look like Shadow.

3. The Powers
Now this is what gets intresting! Silver has a rare ability of Chaos Control and Teleporting!

4.The Eyes
There are black markings around Silver's eyes. The color of Shadow's fur.

5. The Attitude
Silver's attitude of relentless dtermination leds him to make enemy's easily. Comparing to Shadow who does no get along with people the first time. When on a task,he is very rude and bad temperd when someone is not focusing on a mission. Very much like Shadow and Rouge relantionship. Silver would do anything to acomplish his goals. Also,he does not like anyone getting in his way. Very similiar to Shadow.

6. The Clothing
Silver's boots has a vertical stripes of black and white. With Shadow's shoes of half black and white.

Sonic the Hedgehog
It is not likely that Sonic is Silver's father. In Mobius 30 years later, Sonic is married to Princess Sally Acorn and they both gave two kids name Sonia and Manik.

The Mother
Amy Rose
WHAT?! Amy is in love with Sonic! Again,Sonic is married to Sally. In Mobius 30 Years Later,Sega has not reaveled what happen to Amy. But there are many similiarities with Silver and Amy. Sorry Silvamy fans!

1. The Clothing
Silver's boots are related to Amy's. Both have stripes but the diffrence is Silver's has three colors while Amy has two colors.

2. The Personality
Silver has a really similar personality with Amy. In Sonic Generations,Silver is an optimist,and so is Amy. In an interview,it explains Silver is childish and somewhat immature. Comparing with Amy's fan girl personality. Yet,Silver is helpful and loving to have around. Much like Amy's relationship with everybody in the Freedom Fighters. (THEY RECENTLY DISBANDEND!) She is considered annoying,much like the fans response about Silver.

3. The Powers
Amy does has some fortune powers like tarot cards and others. Much like Silver's Psychokinesis.

4. The Forehead
Amy has three spikes on her head and so does Silver. The diffrence is Silver's spikes are longer.

5. The Fur
Silver has a sigle colored fur like Amy.

Other Characters
Rouge the Bat
She may be white,but Silver is 100% hedgehog.

Blaze the Cat
Again,Silver,100% hedgehog,and she is the same age as Silver.
Minor Similarities
Shadow's family
Black Doom
1. Personality
Black Doom and Silver does have the same attitude. They both dont like anyone getting their way.

2. The Appearance
I dont know why Sega made Silver like that,but Black Doom has two identical horns attach to his head,and Silver has two spines at the back of his head.

Maria Robotnik
She is describe as an optimist.

Minor Similarities
Amy's Family
Rob O Hedge
He is the cousin of Amy Rose in the Archie comics.

The Personality
My only know similaritie. He is also describe an optimist.

Hope you enjoyed my article. My opinion is that Shadow and Amy married after Shadow in the Mobius 30 years later comic,married Amy and had Silver. My opinion!
We all hope Sega would revel the true story of Silver's parents.

We are not done yet!
But why did Amy fell in love with Shadow? Sega could have chosen another character for Amy to fell in love with but Shadow? Amy does seem to have a thing with Shadow because she was the one to convince Shadow that Maria wanted humanity to be saved and also after agreeing with her,Shadow sayed he must keep his promise to Maria and her.
There is also a interview with Yuji Naka that it is not possible Sonc and Shadow are going to get married. And he was right. Sonic and Sally are married in Mobius 30 years later. But speaking of Mobius in he future,Shadow did turned evil. But Amy did not want that although. She might have made him change. For any more questions I could add to this article,please commit below and add me to your favorites!

-Want to learn how to draw Silver,Shadow or Sonic? Mabye not Sonic since you might have been a Sonamy fan and not anymore because of the comic....but anyway check out CartoonBlock at youtube for the how-to-draw videos for any of these characters.
The chest fur,the shoes, and the body is the major similiaritie to many fans.
The boots and the spikes on Amy's head are the minor similaritie to Silver.
I`m very sorry Sonamy fans..and also KnuxRouge fans!
Who's that echidna girl at the top left corner? That's Lien-Da! She helped Shadow in Mobius 30 Years later
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srgShadow said:
every one is suspecting that shadow and amy are silver's parents
posted over a year ago.
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Well everyone knows amy is the mom and shadow is the father but why did amy fall in love with shadow and why did she stop loving sonic
posted over a year ago.
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I made the same connections with Shadow and Silver when I played Sonic '06! What really convinced me is that Silver can induce Chaos Control and have Chaos powers, like Shadow.
I, however, can't see how Amy and Shadow got together. It must be another girl hedgehog since Silver is all hedgehog.
posted over a year ago.
user photo
thank you for summing that up <3
posted over a year ago.
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SOCH14 said:
Not bad review but it remains a big mistery, you know hasent anyone wonder since silver is from the future like 300 years something like that that he could be realted to possibly shadow but having shadow as silvers father? well im not so sure who i should agree on being silvers mom,anyway it was nice you pointed out al of that but i guess in someway thats for sega to decide if they ever want to tell us
posted over a year ago.
user photo
call me dumb but this is cool but i don't beleave it sorry
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Me: ...OMG! MY 2 FAVE CHARACTERS ARE RELATED?! :D HAPPY RENUNION!*throws confeti around*
My Friends:LOL
posted over a year ago.
last edited 11 months ago
user photo
Shadow is not the father of silver and Amy is not the mother because silver is from 200years into the future Amy can't live that long come on people and shadow cares for no one but Maria he only saves the world as a promise to Maria just face it we will never know who silvers parents are so stop telling to people that shadow and Amy got married and had silver. Also the Archie comics may have been licsined by sega of America but its not real Sally is not a real sonic character as are the other characters that appeared in the shows or comic sonic has no wife siblings he just have sonic there's no way silver is shadmy descendent the only real sonic characters are the the ones that appears in the game and besides sonic is really from earth as you can see from humans that live there there is no mobius at all dnt believe check sega and all the games because I watched the shows and played the games the games never said anything about mobius that's the truth so now o and also silver didn't even recognize shadow or Amy so how r they his parents and besides Amy would never leave sonic sega wouldn't let it happen so bye now please reply I would love to challenge withs with you because from what I read you have good points except about shoe formation and design I mean its not like silver was born with shoes on was he??? Well I'm done see ya.😘
posted over a year ago.
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misc-13 said:
AMy was Lady of the lake meaning she raised Lancelot (shadow) wouldn't that just be creepy in that storyline? I'm not saying shadamy is creepy only in this game would it not work. I for one never read the Camelot series, but I know of. One Galahad is the son of Lancelot and Elaine because Elaine tricked him into thinking she was Guinevere while he was basically seeing Guinevere. No character was shown as Elaine so We wouldn't know who the mother is game wise. Lancelot was still in love with Guinevere but I'd rather not try and retell the story.
In the end Silver is not really the son of Shadow at all because
Sonic was dreaming the whole time ask him who he thinks and tie the two together, but just not amy sorry
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Actually, I don't believe that Shadow is Silver's father. I believe Silver has parents of his own. He could possibly be an orphan.
posted over a year ago.
user photo
I have 2 things, 1) I think it's sonic and Amy because a pic I found and it gives a lot of similaritys. 2) SILVER IS FROM FEAKIN 200 YEARS IN THE FUTURE, HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE. Mabey ancestors?
posted over a year ago.
user photo
i think that would be true but, shadow would be same like silver,but imagine,

Amy in love with Shadow,i don't believe in shadamy,but shadow could've died with Maria.besides,Amy's reminding of maria and shadow's thanks is just a thanks.

will,the only one i think,Tikal.

dont get cocky.

when Tikal died,i sure Maria would be friends.Maria talking about Shadow will get Tikal to be intrested on Shadow.

when Shadow died ( in SA2B ), he might be looking for Maria's soul.when they met,pretty much he would like Tikal.

but,Silver is the son,but only in sonic and the black knight.

and no silver's not the son,in satbk, he's just a long time story from another demension.thats why the characters don't remember sonic.

so no,silvers not the son c:
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Some are forgetting that Shadow was created, thus immortal. It would make sense if Shadow and Amy were together at some point because if Amy is the mother, Shadow's "immortality" could be passed on to Silver. Amy would be dead, but Shadow would still be around at some point just not mentioned. How they would end up together however...I have no idea.
posted over a year ago.
user photo
Um..er...it's kinda(more than kinda)hard to believe these two are Silver's parents, especially for Amy.Like the others said, she can't live for 200 YEARS!!!! Although I am a bit suspicious about Shadow but STILL...I don't know...
posted 12 months ago.
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Naomi1021 said:
I think nega Eggman created silver from shadow dna when he could not find shadow, am guessing some of shadow dna would be stored before eggman nega found it and tweeked it bit when making silver, that would make more sense since silver is from 200 years in future. also it would be great if silver lived long like his dad(shadow) since then shadow would have family that wouldn't die and leave him alone..
posted 11 months ago.
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Lancelot8 said:
The frick?
posted 11 months ago.
user photo
First of all, Lancelot8, did u hear the word, frick, from MrCobaltSky? Im just wondering. Now for Silver's parent problem. I think that Shadow is Silver's dad and that Amy Rose is Silver's mom. I learned this from one of my predicting dreams. My Predicting Dreams are dreams that predict whats going to happen in the near future or just the next day. Usually its the next day and i know this because sometimes i have a dream where the next day i will say something or something will happen that i don't want to happen, and then when i wake up in the mourning soon that prediction from my dream suddenly happens in real life. Thats what my Prediction Dreams do. And one of my dreams recently told me that Amy Rose is really Silver's mom.
posted 10 months ago.
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misc-13 said:
Dreams are all made up of memory. Your brain does not have the ability to see the future. If you go to bed tonight after reading/watching something you really like and think about it before you sleep your brain will fall asleep after your body which on most occasions causes lucid dreaming. The 'future' you think you see is just what you want to be true. If my dreams were telling the future I would have been flying like bird or suffocating in a coffin by now because flying stands for freedom for me and I dream of flying when I'm happy but when I paranoid I usually dream my worse fear, small spaces and spiders :( (so scary). Just wanted to clear that up.
Lucid dreams are really awesome and learning more about them gives you some great opportunities ;9
posted 8 months ago.
last edited 8 months ago
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Well since shadow's son was silver in the black night though i think silver was an orphan just like maybe amy but sega didnt give much detail in sonic 06 and sonic rivals who knows
posted 8 months ago.
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LGYCE said:
I fucking hate it when people act like those comics are canon. Sure, Shadow and Amy might be Silver's parents in the continuum where Silver travels time by Time Stones and there is an Anti-Mobius and Scourge and a Shadow who had yellow chest hair and different species can reproduce with each other regularly and EVERYTHING IS WRONG. But in the real storyline of the games, Iblis broke out pretty much right after the present time of the game. The people blamed Shadow, and managed to imprison him in that purple thing before Iblis killed all of them, meaning that Shadow was imprisoned from approximately 2007 to at least 2206, possibly even later. This means that he could not reproduce with anyone unless it was before his imprisonment, meaning that his possibly nonexistent child would be 200 at the time Silver was 14. And Amy was still trying to get Sonic at this time, meaning that there is no possible way for Silver to even be descended from Shadow and Amy. Amy was also still a child at this time, so legally she shouldn't have had sex with an adult for about six more years. I know that that storyline got erased, but Silver exists in that storyline as well as the current one, meaning that the same relationships happened as in the one described above. So, Shadow and Amy both being Silver's ancestors in any way is impossible.
posted 7 months ago.
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silvaze40 said:
I know that shadow and amy are silvers parents
posted 9 days ago.
user photo
pfft I don't care what the comics say that's all Archie as much I hate sonally I'm glad it does not exist because sonamy is currently happening and we still don't know what the future holds
posted 7 days ago.