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Guide by ivankiryushin posted over a year ago
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Silvy De Bie was born on 4 January 1981 in Heist-op-den-Berg, also known as Sil or Silvy Melody is a Belgian singer. She was previously a vocalist for the dance band Sylver. Silvy became a Flanders child star when she was nine years old. She sung Ben, a song of Michael Jackson, in the Flemish showbizz TV Show De Kinderacademie. This show was not a contest, it was just an entertainment program where children between 4 and 12 years could perform an act (sing act, dance act, telling a little fairy tail or poem, ...) Silvy's performance was so good, an independent recording studio gave her a contract. Under the name "Silvy Melody" she recorded some songs (including a Dutch version of Ben) as solo-artist and also some numbers together with other famous Belgian singers. Many of her songs were in top 10 charts. Her career as child star stopped abruptly in 1994 due to Belgian law. She did too many activities, performances, ... and broke the law regarding child labour which is forbidden in Belgium. In 2000 Silvy became the female vocalist for the dance band Liquid feat., later in 2001 the band's name was changed to Sylver. Alongside the successes with Sylver, she started also solo. In 2001...