✪ Jeff used to be a guitar teacher.

✪ Pierre was throwing up in the bathroom just before the video shoot for "I'm Just A Kid".

✪ David likes skating.

✪ The band often wear clothes with "Role Rodel" on them. This is because the webmaster of the official site, Patrick, created the logo. Patrick tours with the band and appears in their videos.

✪ For some reason, Jeff likes to eat sour peaches!

✪ David used to work at McDonalds restaurant.

✪ On November 29th, 2002, Simple Plan's tour bus crashed on the way to Chicago, luckily, the band were alright, and didn't suffer any serious injuries.

✪ Seb takes pleasure of other people's misfortune.

✪ David likes to pee in the shower.

✪ In their live performance of Addicted at the Electric Christmas Show, 2002, Jeff uses a left handed guitar.

✪ Pierre likes to eat Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

✪ Chuck used to be the writer for a music magazine.

✪ Seb used to work as the janitor at his previous high school.

✪ Pierre's parents' names are Réal and Louise, and his two brothers are Jay and Johnathan.

✪ Chuck listens to rap and hip hop.

✪ The band were electrocuted in the photo of them in the bathtub. The photo is in the inlay of "No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls".

✪ Pierre's previous job was a chef in a barbeque chicken restaurant.

✪ The first time the band did a show without a member was November 14th in New Orleans, because Pierre was sick.

✪ Before Simple Plan, Pierre wanted to be a marine biologist.

✪ David has a spine problem.

✪ Chuck's full name is Charles-Andre Comeau.

✪ Jeff's real name is Jean-Francois

✪ Seb learnt to play the guitar by watching Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day.

✪ Seb and Jeff used to have long hair.... yes, Jeff.

✪ Jeff is part italian.

✪ Apparently, Chuck left Reset because he kept having arguments with Pierre.

✪ Seb gets spasms from time to time. For example, in the enhanced CD, there is a clip of him lying on a couch shaking.

✪ When Pierre was 13, he fell off his snowboard and broke his collarbone clean in half.

✪ Jeff is afraid of heights.

✪ Seb hates rollercoasters.

✪ David has an older sister, Julie.

✪ Seb has a brother, Jay.

✪ David screams in his sleep.

✪ Apparently, David has moved into Jeff's basement.

✪ There are many rumors that David is going out with Avril Lavigne.

✪ Jeff was bullied in high school. He would have to take a special route home from school, because otherwise, he would get pushed and made fun of.

✪ Pierre, Chuck, Jeff and Seb all went to Beaubois High School in Montreal, Canada.

✪ David sprained his ankle skateboarding on the Avril tour.

✪ Apparently, Pierre passed out a couple times on the 2003 Warped Tour.

✪ Pierre has been sky diving.

If I had any mistakes please tell me to fix them.