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How can I sing like Emmy Rossum?

Does anyone know any vocal techniques to sound like her?
How can I sing like Emmy Rossum?
I love Emmy :) i wish i could sing like her too
galindafied posted over a year ago
 Enchantedfan posted over a year ago
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Perfidia said:
you should consider taking classical singing lessons...and with a little work your "Think of me" will soon be amazing!!
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posted over a year ago 
hatelarxene said:
Think of yourself as a great singer and just wing it. If Emmy Rossum can make it, then damn it, so can you!
That's the short version.

Here's the long version (with steps):
1. Throw whatever training you had out the window. Emmy's too good to take voice lessons, and so are you, damn it!
2. Make sure your jaw is really tense ALL the time. Emmy's jaws are always tense. I'll let you imagine why.
3. Sing through your nose. Trust me, EVERYONE loves a good nasal tone.
4. Find unique, bizarre ways to pronounce your vowels. You're too good for proper diction.
5. You must make bizarre, weird sex faces when you sing. Otherwise, you are doing it WRONG, damn it!

Follow these steps, and you, too, can be mediocre like your idol, Emmy!

Mediocrity is key. Remember that. :)
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posted 10 months ago 
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