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A whole new world-Aladdin cover-Duet with FirstTenor76

My second duet with FirstTenor76 I almost deleted this one because I thought the sound quality was no good. Full details and links on YouTube

Past the point of no return-Phantom of the opera-duet with Gerad Butler

I channeled my inner Christine and did my little seduction swaying dance. Gerad Butler's voice is so powerful and sexy I just love it! This track was also made by AngelOfMusic1416 Full details and Links on YouTube

The Mirror and Phantom of the Opera-duet with Gerad Butler

A duet with Gerad Butler. A fantasy come true thanks to AngelOfMusic1416 who edited the track so I could sing with Gerad. Full details and links to backing tracks on YouTube

All I ask of you-Phantom of the Opera-duet with FirstTenor76

Of all the covers I've done so far this one is my favorite because it's a real personal best. I can't fault myself on anything. He provided the backing track with his vocals for me to sing with. Full details on YouTube

As if we never said goodbye-Glee version-cover

One of my new favourite songs that I fell in love with when I heard it done on Glee by Chris Colfer and again when I saw it done by Barbra Streisand in her 1994 new years eve concert DVD.

Let it go-Frozen-Cover

I would have sooner but now I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and done a cover of Let it go. I might redo this later because I mucked a little bit.
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Me singing read all about it part 3

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Dont ask why just did ;D

sebben crudele

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malinconia ninfa gentile