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Help - T.V play, farmer with cows called Gert, Daisy loses farm, does anyone know the name of play please?

Please can any of your fans tell me the name of a play which I rate as the best thing I have ever seen him in. He played the part of an old farmer in Wales who was persuaded by his sons and their computer models to vastly increase his dairy herd of cows and to borrow heavily to do so. Soon after, the EU imposed milk quotas, he locks the inspector in the muddy isolated calf shed and then loses everything - the farm having been in the family for generations. It ends with him alone in either a mental institution or prison with him saying "come on in, Gert, Daisy etc," (the names of the cows) which was so poignent as that was how the play started, but him in the field calling the cows in. I have searched for hours on the net, please help. Also does anyone know if it is available anywhere to purchase. Thanks very much.
its called homeland and i also have been searching fot it for years. i was an extra in it when i was 10in 1989. if you find it before me, let me know. thankyooooo. x
janjam7t8 posted over a year ago
 stubro posted over a year ago
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timbo2 said:
This was a made-for-TV movie called HEARTLAND. It was screened in 1989. I hadn't remembered - until looking this up now - that Jane Horrocks was also in it.
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posted over a year ago 
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