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Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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It's Complicated Chapter Sixty Three
Lila's POV
I was tired. I didn't want to do anything once I finished with my shower. The complete silence I heard made me want to sleep. It was easier to go to sleep now. Well, sometimes; other times it scared me that I couldn't hear anything. But right now, I wasn't scared. Everything I was scared of was locked away.
I crawled underneath my warm covers but it seemed to make me feel more awake. Of course of all the times I want to nap, my body doesn't want to. So, I laid there. I was either going to go to sleep or I would lay here until I fell asleep out of boredom. It was going to happen one way or another.
I didn't feel like facing anyone.
I couldn't believe Troy had broken off the engagement. That came as a complete shocker to me. I would have never guessed it. Although, I would have never guess Ella calling Jake and telling him everything. Then Jake coming and finding me. I had to make my thoughts stop. I didn't want to think any further then there. It would be bad if I replayed everything. It would come back and haunt me. I didn't want that at all. I am pretty determined to forget all of this.
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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Hometown Chapter Sixtypublished
Tex and I left for school. I could hear everything so clear. It was unreal. Tex's diesel truck was load; it scared me when he cranked it up. I was not expecting it to be so loud.
"It's so loud," I stated as he drove off.
"It's louder than a normal truck. I put an exhaust system on it," he said prideful.
"Oh okay," I said.
I sounded weird to myself. I guess I was really hearing myself for the first time in a long time.
"What is it like," he asked suddenly.
"Honestly, it' scary. Everything I hear is kind of loud. But then again, it is amazing. Everything sounds so clear," I told him.
"That's good. Are you going to tell your dad," he asked as he glanced over at me.
"No, not at all! I don't plan on telling anyone and you can't either," I said.
"Why not? We are going to have to tell the coach," Tex said.
"No, absolutely not," I said.
"We have to; we don't have any other choice," he said.
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Three
Clay's POV
The chores this morning were not too fun. I was exhausted and the day was just now starting. Everyone was soaked to the bone and it was chilly for a summer morning. Maybe winter won't be so bad. But, you can never tell with this Alabama weather. One day it can be hot as blazes and the next will feel like the middle of fall.
I saw Harmony in the barn and she was working happily by herself. I guess she was enjoying being able to work again.
"Clay, you're soaked," Harmony said as she spotted me outside.
All the sudden I seen a big bolt of lightenin' and I jumped inside the barn as Harmony laughed. I laughed at her as she jumped due to the thunder.
"If we hurry up with everything, maybe we can go muddin'," I said.
"That's all I have been thinking about," Finn said as everyone came into the barn to get away from the lightenin'.
"What is muddin'," Harmony asked confused.