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Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted 10 months ago
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Hometown Chapter Three
Today we got back a quiz that we took a few days ago. I was really nervous about the grade because the teacher put some things on the quiz that she never mentioned. Although, she wrote some stuff on the board but she never said anything else about it. I really hope she is not one of those teachers who put a bunch of random things on a test and will not go over it. She handed them out and then classes kept going.
I started taking notes as usual. But she did it again. I watched her turn around, write some names on the board, and that was it. There was nothing said about them when she turned around. Nothing at all. Hopefully she won't put that on the next quiz. But I haven't known a teacher who will put stuff up on the board and it not show up on a test.
Thankfully this class was over and I started packing my things up.
"Talulah, please stay after class," the teacher said as I looked up.
I started blushing why on earth does she want to see me.
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted 11 months ago
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty
I followed Tucker, Clay, and Isaiah to their seats. They were sitting close to the chutes but not too close. I took off my knee brace and attempted to put spurs on my combat boots. However, that did not work. I finally gave up after five minutes of trying to put them on. I put my chaps on and looked at the chutes. Isaiah was already heading that way, so I figured I should too.
"I am heading to the chutes," I said as I finished buckling my chaps.
"Alright, good luck sis," Clay said.
"We are praying for a safe ride," Tucker said.
"Uh thanks," I said as I looked at them oddly.
I made my way to the chutes. I was getting excited but nervous. The guys at this rodeo seemed buffer and bigger than the last one.
"We'll hello there pretty lady," some guy said as I got close to the chutes.
"Hi," I said as I looked passed him.
"Looking for a brother or boyfriend," he asked.
"Nope, I am scoping out my competition," I said smoothly.
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted 11 months ago
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It's Complicated Chapter Fifty Nine
Jasper's POV
I sat in Lila's bedroom floor has she clung to me. She must have been scared to death.
"Class is fixing to start, Scotty said after he entered the room.
"Okay thank you for telling us," I said.
"Lila, we have to go to class soon," I said close to her ear so she could hear me clearly.
I heard her sniff and she let go of me. I watched as she got up and went to her bathroom. I sat on her bed and waited for her to come out. I wasn't sure when she would be out but I was going to wait on her.
"Hey mom, Jacob Black stopped by the school today and said the restraining order was up. Lila has been crying for the past 15 minutes. She does not seem her hurt. But I am going to talk to one of my friends who was there with her when it happened." I said through a text message.
"Thank you! I will talk to your father about everything. Tell Lila if she needs me or anyone to text us," mom's message stated.