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Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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It's Complicated Chapter Sixty Four
Jasper and I left for school a day early. I wasn't allowed to skip anymore days. They said I had skipped to much. I agreed with them; I had skipped a lot of school during this past year.
I was nervous about going back to school. I knew they would stare and talk about me. I would be the center of attention. There would probably be a load of gossip going around the school which didn't matter to me. Let then think what they wanted. I just hope people will leave me alone and let me be. Hopefully, no one will pry but I have a feeling Scotty will be the exception to that. The worst thing I could think about happening, was that I would be made fun of or getting bullied for how I look. I could easily tune everything out. I could close my eyes or not read their signs.
We got to school. I was lucky that my leathers covered up all my bruising. I didn't have to take them off until I got to my room.
"Just breathe," Jasper signed as we got off our bikes.
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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Hometown Chapter Seven
Last night's dinner with the grandparents ended roughly. Dad did not say a word to them for the rest of the night. I was kind of sad to see them go. It was nice talking them and getting know them again. But dad will eventually come around to them again or at least I hoped he would. Maybe, just maybe if I told him that I had gotten hearing aides again he would see that I really needed them. I did go out of my way to lie and skip school to get them.
The day seemed to drag on. School was alright. Tex didn't really talk to me today. Maybe he was nervous about the game tonight. I had forgotten my hearing aides at home this morning and hadn't had a chance to go home and get them. I would have enough time after school to grab them and then come back for the game. I had a few minutes left in this class and school would be out for the weekend. I dreaded the game tonight and the weekend. I didn't want to play in tonight's game. I wasn't ready and the coach knew that. Hopefully, he wouldn't put me in the game and let me make a fool of myself. Everyone one would be laughing at me if I attempted to play tonight.
Fan fiction by Sk8bordNewMoon posted over a year ago
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Not Your Typical Country girl Chapter Thirty Four
Harmony's POV
I could believe it was already morning. I turned over on the couch and felt the sun blinding my eyes. I opened them and it was just Clay's lamp.
"Sorry, I was just reading my Bible before the day started," Clay said.
"So it's not time to get up," I asked.
"No," he said laughing.
"Okay," I said and turned back over to go sleep.
It seemed like I got to sleep and it was time to wake up.
"Harmony, time to get up," Clay said.
"Okay," I groaned, "why were you up to early?"
"The power cam on so I decided to do my God and I time," he stated.
"Uh why? It was so early," I said.
"It is the only time I can concentrate and it's great way to start the day," he said, "whatever I learn I can apply it that day!"
"Oh, okay," I said, "sleep is way more important!"
"Not to me," he stated.
"Obviously," I said.
"You better go get ready before breakfast. It is going to be a busy day," he said.