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lost and insecure | cook and effy

Effy Stonem | Be a freak like me too

You're not good for me, Cook.

Cook/Effy | Meu pau te ama

Effy Stonem | Pretty when you cry

cook/effy | don't fucking care

Cook/Effy | Our Paradise (READ DESCRIPTION)

cook and effy | the fucking world knows us.

cook & effy | colors

Naomi & Emily | Already Gone (Happy B-Day Black)

Cook and Effy | How could I forget?

BAD LOVE (w/Silviasi22)

▶Cook & Effy💞Already Gone

I've been thinking too much;

Mini McGuiness ►Cool Girl

cook & effy | tell me we weren't just friends

Shape Of You - SKINS

James Cook | One Day We'll Meet Again

james cook | everything is blue.

effy stonem | soap. [wish #4]

Cassie & Effy || Mrs. Potato Head

👉Effy&Cassie||Mad Hatter

effy & freddie | take me back to the start

Cassie Ainsworth - I N S A N I T Y

cook + effy | just a little bit of your heart

Skins | You Found Me

Cassie Ainsworth | Say Something

Effy|Skins - Carmen

Effy Stonem - Teen idle

Effy & Freddie | for Blue Skies

To Build A Home | Effy & Freddie

cook and effy

Effy Stonem | Where is my mind?

Cassie [Skins]

Skins l Lights

Cassie Ainsworth ♥ [ PARADISE]

Cassie Ainsworth | I need a doctor

Effy Stonem & Cassie Ainsworth | Skins | Stay High

cook&emma | slow life

Skins Music Video: Thomas & Pandora

Skins | Youth

Naomi's speech to emily

Skins | Freddie + Effy | Take me back to the start

cook and panda

Effy / skins / breath me

Skins; '' Is there anyone I could call?.. ''

Skins :: Not Alone

Skins Rise: Cook is Back

Skins Pure promo

Skins Pure: Cassie is Back

Skins Fire: Effy is Back

Skins Series 7 - Trailer 2

cook & effy | gotten

time changes everyone | skins

Skins | Season 7 Trailer | HD

Skins 4 last episode -portuguese

take the pills|skins

Different is good.

You've got to cherish it.

►[Timshel] SkinsGen3- "You are not alone in this..."

skins | "do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart?"

we are young | skins s1-6

skins | Life's too short to even care at all

Fix You | Skins

"Somebody that i used to know" - Effy/Freddie

Mini & Alo - She will be loved

creep | cassie/sid

i see a darkness | effy/tony

Even though you hurt me... || Cassie & Sid

"I'm not scared" | Multifandom | about love and pain

✗ been this way since eighteen | effy stonem

cook+effy | losing your memory

This is my other face | Cassie

Effy Stonem || I Can't Fight Them

Your Top 5 Skins Music Moments with Jamie Brittain

Sid & Cassie | Beyond the Shards

fake empire | skins s1-4

"I just spoke to her. I speak to her all the time." (Grace&Rich)

JJ Breathes Fire - Charles Martin's Top 5 - Skins

The Fitch Sisters Fight - Kathryn Prescott's Top 5 - Skins

skins | ho hey

Lovers featuring 'A Kiss' by Brodie Graham

freddie & effy | you'll always be wanted

Kaya, Kat & Lily Discuss new Skins

Sam Pepper | Behind the Scenes #3

Sam Pepper | Behind the Scenes #2

Sam Pepper | Behind the Scenes @ Skins #1

Skins Top 5 Moments - Mike Bailey (Sid)

Skins Top 5 Moments - Larissa Wilson (Jal)

Kaya Scodelario on the New Series of Skins!

They just ride

echo | mini mcguinness {pregnancy}

Punching in a dream | Skins

Naomi & Emily | I will love you till the end of time

Skins ~ I'll be rising from the ground

Skins [Gen. 1-3] || Speeding Cars

Freddie & Effy//Until We Bleed

Freddie & Effy // Hold Me, Wrap Me Up

Skins // Fix You

Freddie & Effy | Somebody That I Used To Know