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Fan fiction by DoctorSpud posted over a year ago
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Sly looked out at the stars in the midnight sky, rather faded from all of the beautiful lights hanging from the rooftops over Paris. He sighed faintly and knew that he had let down the legacy he and his loyal friends had been trailblazing for many long, long years. He let the Vault go down in ruins after getting the Gang to work so hard for something only he truly desired, and then abandoned them right then and there for a cop-he was a disgrace. Carmelita came out to the balcony. "Sly? Is something concerning you?" Sly squinted his eyes sadly, and hesitated to say, "No. I'm fine. You don't have to worry over me. I've fed off of others far too long. Carmelita gave him one last concerned look, then sighed and left.

Meanwhile, in Venice, Bentley cleaned his glasses as he polished Sly's bright golden cane one last time before setting it back on its mantle place above the Cooper Vault, which was in a large, marble room with an enormous fireplace set in the very back. He was proud to preserve the last of his firm friend's legacy. He knew that he had to move on. But he had nowhere to go without Sly- after his accident, Penelope was buried six feet under his home,...