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Chapter 6: You, Me and the Baby Makes Three

‘Your baby.’ Lois repeated silently over and over. Was she hearing this right!? A baby!? Millions of thoughts and feelings rushed through her mind as she sat there, frozen, with her jaw dropped. It couldn’t be, they must’ve made a mistake. Sure, her and Clark had gotten down and dirty many times before but they were usually safe…usually. No, there was no way. She would’ve felt different wouldn’t she? I mean sure, yeah, this was her dream. Having a baby with Clark Kent, starting a family together and growing old in the farm house. There was something about being there, it felt like home. But was she ready for this…now? What if her kid hated her? Or if she wasn’t a good mother? What if Clark didn’t want to have this baby with her? What then? Her eyes slowly shifted over to Clark, very curious about what he thought about this. His eyes were fixated on hers as he flashed her those puppy dog eyes and tightly squeezed her hand. She wasn’t sure what to make of his expression, but she knew that he’d know what to do. He always did, he was Clark Kent and even in the toughest of situations he always pulled through. But this was different, there was a baby growing inside her. What if this time they couldn’t face this? She felt a sudden ache in her heart as she thought of Clark hating her for this. For some reason she felt completely responsible, like this was all her fault. He had a way of pulling out all her insecurities and it made her uneasy. She desperately needed to have a moment alone with Clark to find out what he thinks. But, she didn’t want to face him yet, not wanting to know the answer to her questions. Did he love her enough to want to start a family with her? Did he blame her for this? Did he know? Was this what he wanted to tell her? Question after question kept coming and she couldn’t take it anymore. She turned to face him giving him an awkward smile and her eyes started to water. He pulled her in to his arms and she rested her head against his chest. He gently placed his hand on her head softly rubbing it trying to let her know everything would be okay. And then the tears came and she started to weep. Her lips were quivering as she just stayed, still in his embrace, loving the warmth of his touch.

He wasn’t quite sure what her reaction to this meant but he knew they had to be alone. They to deal with it together, after all it was their baby. He politely turned to the nurse letting her know they needed a minute, all the while his hands still wrapped around Lois. Lois stayed in his arms, she wouldn’t let go. He could feel her hearts fast paced beating against his chest; he tried to calm her down by stroking her back and whispering in her ear that it everything was going to be okay. After a few more minutes of consoling she pulled away. Her cheeks were red and damp; he tenderly wiped away the remaining tears as she sniffled.

“Lois are you alright?” He asked nervously. Had this reaction been because she didn’t want to have his baby? He couldn’t help but feel responsible for this even though he knew it was just as much her fault as his. But it was their baby and Lois didn’t seem to want it why? Was it the idea of spending the rest of her life with him? He shook his head; he didn’t want to face that thought. It crushed him to think of it; he wanted to shake this feeling of insecurity. He leaned in closer to Lois who was sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, motionless, staring down at her stomach. He placed his head on her thigh; his touch made her blush, there was something about it that made her flame up.

“No, no I’m not okay Clark.” She quivered and buried her face in her palms. He didn’t want to have this baby with her, she kept telling herself. Who would? She was Lois Lane; no man in their right mind would want to start a family with her. “I’m sorry, I feel like this is all my fault. Of course you won’t want to have this baby with me, I understand.” She couldn’t believe she said it, but she did, right then and there she voiced her utmost insecurity.

“No you don’t understand. This isn’t your fault.” He flashed her a dorky grin and it put a little smile on her face, he was just so irresistible.
“Then why do I feel so bad?” She sighed. He placed his hands on her forearms and locked her gaze with his.

“Lois, this isn’t your fault. So stop being hard on yourself. I love you and our baby. I don't even think there is anything that I could love more.” He said reassuringly as he pulled her in and kissed her lips.

She cherished the fact that he had said 'Our Baby' for a lingering minute. “Do you think I would make a good mom cause if you hadn't noticed, I'm not exactly the 'MOM' material.” She asked as she looked up at him with furrowed brows.

He snickered and assured her, “Lois our baby is lucky to have you. You know that you can be the Perfect Mom, no one can be perfect. But Lois Lane will be a great mom - tender, passionate, sweet, kind, strong and, full of surprise.” His words sent butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

“Oh Clark...” She smiled; she was so in love with him at that moment she could barely think straight. “Lois Lane is having a baby! It does have a nice ring to it,” Lois said before claiming Clark's lips with her own, and it was a moment to remember forever.

“Lois, what if…?” Clark’s voice trailed off as the nurses nervous concern about the baby rushed back to him. ‘It’s about your baby.’ For just a moment he completely forgot about the worried tone that came over the nurse’s voice and thought that he and Lois could finally be happy. Seeing her so happy to be having a baby hurt him even more. What if something was wrong with the baby? What then? She’d be devastated, completely crushed and he knew he wouldn’t be able to see her that way. He sat up close to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

“What if what?” Her heart started to race as she pulled her shoulder away from his hand.

“What if something is wrong? With the baby I mean. Do you not remember the look on the nurse’s face when she started to talk to us about our baby? And besides she wouldn’t have said anything unless it was bad…right? All I’m saying is that we shouldn’t get too attached to the baby, if something happens, we might have to choose to…” His voice trailed off again, Lois hated it when that happened, she knew it meant something bad. It was as if he thought she was too frail to handle the truth, and even if he didn’t say it, he didn’t have to, she knew exactly what he was trying to say. But could she really get an abortion? Just the idea of having everything and then having it taken away from her, she couldn’t handle that again. She looked down at her stomach and slid her hand over where the baby was.

“No Clark, no we can’t” she chocked back her sobs.

“Lois, we might not have a choice. I can’t lose you too.” He lay down on the bed beside her and she placed her head on his chest. She felt his heart beating quickly against her cheek. She couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. “But Clark, it’s our baby, ours, and there’s just something about it. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a purpose, something to do to make my life have meaning. Taking care of our child and raising it to be as honorable, loving and caring as you. I want to give my baby the family I never had, I mean yes my dad loved me, but he was never there. He was always busy and I never got the family life you did on the farm. When I found out we were going to have this baby, there was a part of me that was afraid but then there was an unexplainable feeling. I know it doesn’t make any sense but its how I feel and I don’t expect you to feel the same way and I understand if you’re mad but you needed to know.” Her words lingered with them in silence. Clark didn’t know what he could say, Lois had just revealed all her innermost feelings and here he was speechless. He couldn’t take seeing the hazel eyes that were looking up at him. It hurt him too much to see her feeling this way. What was he supposed to say? He felt so helpless just watching her whimper without saying a word. He had to say something, anything, to fill the heavy silence between them.

“Lo, I’m not mad.” He could see her smile as she placed her head back on his chest. “It’s just, I can’t lose you, and I love you too much to let you risk your life for this baby.” He closed his eyes, he could see the tears flooding her eyes in his mind and he tried to shake the feeling. “I can’t lose you; I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that my child killed you. I don’t want you to have this baby if it could hurt you; I want you to stay with me. I couldn’t handle no more guitar hero weekends, no more teasing, no more clois.” Just the thought of not having Lois in his life made him whimper, he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it. The thought of not seeing her everyday, not hearing her laugh, seeing her smile or watching her hard at work, determined to be a famous reporter.

“Clois?” she gave him a puzzled look. “What’s Clois?” A smirk came across her face as she saw his cheeks turn bright red. He couldn’t believe he let that one slip, he’d heard about how people take couple’s names and combine them into what they call a “shipping name”. He thought it was a cute idea and spent some time coming up with what he and Lois would be. He always imagined them being one of those epic TV couples that everyone was be crazy about. “Well…” he smiled shyly and explained the truth behind the name. She smirked thinking it was absolutely adorable.

“Clois.” She repeated. “I like it!” she smiled brightly, and for a moment having been so wrapped up in Clois, she forgot about the situation they were in with the baby. And when she was brought back to reality, the smile faded and her eyebrows furrowed. “Clark I’m scared.” She latched onto his hand and squeezed tightly hoping it would make her feel better, but it didn’t. He was once again sitting there, not knowing what to do or what to say.

“Don’t worry; everything’s going to be okay.” He tried to reassure her and himself at the same time, but he didn’t do a very good job at it, she could see right through him.

“You keep saying that, but its not.” She sat up on the edge of her bed, her feet barely touching the ground. She looked out the window at the baby blue sky, free of clouds. She wondered how such a beautiful day could be such a gloomy one at the same time. She kept her eyes glued to the window as she spoke. “You and I both know we’re going to have to make a decision.” She sniffled, trying to stay strong. She hated feeling like this, she was always the fighter and she had never felt so weak. “It might be hard but in the end we have to do what’s right, for both of us.” Clark walked over to sit beside her and she leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Lois, look at me.” He said as he lifted up her chin. “Whatever we decide to do, we’re gonna get through this, together. You understand me?” This he was sure of, that no matter what happened they would work through it. She sensed his confidence in his own words and nodded, it felt good to know how sure he was about that. It made her realize that she wouldn’t want to give that up for anything. Just as she was about to speak the nurse walked back into the room.

“Hi Ms. Lane.” She smiled as she strolled across the room until she was standing in front of them. “Is it alright if I discuss your baby’s condition now?”
Lois gave a nervous glance at Clark before nodding to proceed.

“Well first off I guess I should say congratulations!” She smiled, it was nice to give some good news every once in a while. “However, due to the fact that you were in a coma, your baby wasn’t able to get enough nutrients because you weren’t eating. This has made the baby weaker than normal but luckily you aren’t too far along in the pregnancy that you can hopefully correct this problem before it’s too late.”

“Hopefully?” Lois asked, as she tightened her grip on Clark’s hand.

“Yes, you will have to make sure you stick to a strict diet we have given you and make sure you keep your system full of vitamins to keep both you and your baby strong. Problems like this are usually a cakewalk; don’t worry Ms. Lane we’ll take good care of you.” She smiled as she walked out the door.

Clark turned towards Lois once the nurse had gone; he leaned over and wrapped his arms around her squeezing her tightly. “See I told you everything would be okay.” He smiled as a tear rolled down his face. “I love you Lois Lane.” He whispered into her ear. It sent chills through her spine and butterflies in her stomach.

“I love you too, Clark Kent.” She smiled back. All of the sudden Clark’s phone started to buzz. He reached into his pocket and flipped it open. It was a message from Watchtower saying they needed his immediate assistance. He really couldn’t imagine leaving Lois here now; Chloe said it was urgent so he had to go. “Lois I’m sorry but I have to go.” He said apologetically. She looked up at him utterly confused.

“What do you mean? Go where?” She asked confused as ever.

“I uhh, I have to go to the Planet, Bobby just sent me a text saying that Tess was looking for me and she seemed very upset.” He lied, trying to sound convincing. But Lois didn’t buy it. Not for a second. He gave her a kiss before walking out the door. She quietly followed behind him without him noticing. Once he left the room thinking he was alone, he super sped away and left Lois standing alone in the hospital corridor, jaw dropped in a gush of wind.