I will get Snape96's story posted soon.
Sorry if I haven't posted any horror stories in a while. I just have a bad winter break and I needed to take a break from the stories. And since only 5 people (plus me, which is 6) did the poll and commented on it which story they want, not that many people really wants a horror story. I did same on the True Writers spot. But honestly, I got one story to do and I am usually good at writing if I am stressed. I will get Snape96's story posted soon. I am trying, but once I get an idea for the story.

If you want a story, please vote and comment here; If you are one of the 5 that already picked, please comment here:


Sorry if this sounds desperate, but I would like to do more stories. But if you guys are bored with the horror stories, comment below on which kind of story you prefer.
Fanfictions, anyone?