This is my fan fiction of Nightmare Before Christmas. So far, I have 2 chapters to this story and currently working on the 3rd.

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Kaitlyn is an explorer. She loves to explore the woods behind her home. One day, her parents said they are going out on a two-month vacation and she'll be home alone. Kaitlyn is fine with it. The next day, she decided to walk in the woods. She came to a place where she hasn't been before. It was a circle of trees and each tree has a door with a certain holiday on it.

What interested her was the Halloween door. The door was shaped like a Jack O' Lantern. She reached out to turn the knob and opened it. Kaitlyn looked inside and saw nothing. She saw upset but then she heard jingles of bells and suddenly was pulled in.

She was falling, "Whoa!" She landed in a pumpkin patch. "Oh boy, what a landing," she said to herself. She looked around and saw someone on the spiral hill. He was very tall and very thin like a skeleton.

Kaitlyn walked up to the spiral hill and hid behind a tombstone. She listens to the skeletal-man saying, "Oogie is at it again. I don't have much time. He took Sally." Kaitlyn got enough courage to speak, "Excuse me, mister. Do you need some help?" The skeletal-man turned to see Kaitlyn coming from behind the tombstone.

"May I ask who are you?"

Kaitlyn looked down and replied, "My name is Kaitlyn. I overheard your problem a..a...and I just thought that..." She lost her trail of thought and blushed.

He smiled and said, "Well hello! Jack Skellington's my name. I am the Pumpkin King here at Halloween Town. I am guessing you found the Circle of Holiday Trees, haven't you?" She nodded. "Great! Let me show you around! I am planning a town meeting. Are you willing to come? I think you can be great help!"

Kaitlyn smiled and they walked about to the town's Town Hall where the meeting is taking place. The whole town was there. Kaitlyn took a seat in front, next to Lock, Shock and Barrel. Barrel blushed when she approached to sit next to him.

Jack made it the podium, "Attention, everyone! I would like to introduce to my new partner in crime. She discovered the Circle of Holiday Trees and came to us right on time of need." Jack motioned Kaitlyn to come up on the stage beside him.

"This is Kaitlyn. She'll help us with the problems Oogie has now caused." Everyone clapped and cheered. The rest of the meeting continued and not long, it ended. Kaitlyn met the citizens afterwards. Lock, Shock and Barrel were the last ones to meet her. Barrel blushed again when Kaitlyn shook his hand but she didn't see it.

Jack brung Kaitlyn to Dr. Finklestein to show her what he was working on. Dr. Finklestein was delighted to show her his new invention.

"My dear, this is a bug killing ray. Since Boogie is just a sack made of bugs, it should destroy him permanently," he explained.

"Who's Oogie Boogie?" Kaitlyn asked. Jack sighed and sat down.

"Oogie Boogie. He is a sack full of bugs, lead by a king bug. He used to have a holiday, like the rest of us. Over time and history, changes are made and people soon forgot Bug Day. His tree vanished and he made it out into your world. Oogie saw our door to Halloween town. He went down the door and tried to take over. He failed 3 times. He wants his holiday back. He took Sally and forcing her to become his wife. You see, she is married to me. It's scary for the kids and to me," told Jack with a grim expression. A single tear ran down his face.

"It's alright, my boy. I'm sure Kaitlyn is willing to help. She's already the talk of the town," said Dr. Finklestein putting his hand on Jack's back.