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Fan fiction by ProfSnape posted over a year ago
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    It was a perfectly ordinary day, and to make it more perfectly regular, two boys were trying to make mischief.
    “They’ll freak out! The whole staff… they’ll freak out!”
    “Calm down, Harry!” But Severus himself had a wide smile, “We just lead them into the hallways… and into the dining hall. It’s breakfast now, isn’t it? Perfect way to start the day! Have them meet death in the eyes!”
    Harry pat the thestral on the bony snout. “How come they can see us?”
    “I don’t know all the details.” Severus replied, slowly gesturing the thestral to walk towards him, and it did so instantly, as though drawn to the boy. “But it’s nice someone knows we’re here.”
    “Yes.” And Harry made his thestral come with him in the same manner, and both teenagers and the mysterious, skeletal creatures made their way into the castle. Harry, looking still tiny with a childish face and large, cat like green eyes and sloppy hair, had a huge grin on his face. Severus, looking only a little older, with...
News by Bluekait posted over a year ago
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I will get Snape96's story posted soon.
Sorry if I haven't posted any horror stories in a while. I just have a bad winter break and I needed to take a break from the stories. And since only 5 people (plus me, which is 6) did the poll and commented on it which story they want, not that many people really wants a horror story. I did same on the True Writers spot. But honestly, I got one story to do and I am usually good at writing if I am stressed. I will get Snape96's story posted soon. I am trying, but once I get an idea for the story.

If you want a story, please vote and comment here; If you are one of the 5 that already picked, please comment here:


Sorry if this sounds desperate, but I would like to do more stories. But if you guys are bored with the horror stories, comment below on which kind of story you prefer.
Guide by ProfSnape posted over a year ago
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-Thomas was once in a stalking phase, which ended when he found his way into Severus's house, and became so excited he passed out. Severus had thought Thomas dead, and for a moment was unsure what to do with the body. When Severus had his back turned Thomas apparated off...

-Henry may not look it, but he loves to read. He's a major fan of Twilight and the Hunger Games, and has a great crossover in his head he's still planning out. He hates watching movies.

-Gautier has saved Jacob from an angry Hippogriff, and broke several bones in the process. The others realized Gautier does love them, though he has a horrible way of showing it. In the hospital he called Jacob a stupid idiot, but with a strange smile.

-Jacob enjoys strawberries. Every breakfast for him is the same: a cup of milk with a strawberry poptart. When he becomes king, he plans on making it law for the citizens to do the same, so that they get fruit and calcium.

-Erik is secretly a huge fan of horror films. He's also very good at telling stories, that usually end in someone's guts getting ripped out with blood dripping off their face. Thomas usually ends up...