Snape's Family and Friends My years at hogwarts. (Into)

fly210 posted on Sep 09, 2012 at 02:15AM
Nothing made me more happy then two years ago, when a barn owl had come swooping through the window bringing a letter saying I was a witch and that Hogwarts, The school I had only dreamed about going to, was real. I found out snape, Bellatrix, Sirius, and so many others were really alive. on the first of september I made my way to hogwarts for the first time. To my great glee I was put in slytherin, though I am the only muggle born in that house.
I soon found some friends. Rene (a hufflepuff) Angela, Mishel (Both ravenclaw) Sahmrah (a slytherin) Katie, and Mikayla (Both griffindors) I also had two a guy friends Christchen ( a ravenclaw) and Max (a girffindor). I was also friends with albus, Scorpio, and james.
I soon became the new fred and george of the school. I would jump out windows to skip class and leave little stink bombs around the school for filch to step on.
This is my life at hogwarts.

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