Snow Patrol Are A Fraud

ricknixon13 posted on Mar 10, 2012 at 02:48AM
The name Snow Patrol and all material they claim to have written from the earliest Polar Bear stuff upto Million Suns was written by a band in Australia ( 1992 lineup of Lavish )that included Iain Archers cousin.
This cousin, Brett Layton, is also a cousin of notorious murderer Carl Williams. Hence the cover-up and non-payment to the original co-writers. Iain Archer also got material out to Coldplay and Radiohead. Brett is also cousin to David Williams of Ozzie band Augie March...we wrote for them too. I've been putting this story out for more than 6 months and no-one has tried to have me charged with fraud or defamation. I'm proud of Snow Patrol they've done great with our songs and ideas and band name...its just that we haven't been credited and paid.The matter will eventually go to court. Please let Snow Patrol know....lets see if they've got the guts to try and have me charged.

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13 days ago terristewart10 said…
Your just jealous