To all those who are fans of SYTYCD and all those behind the seens, to the judges and of course to the dancers.
In Glendale, Az. I was priviliged to meet the dancers of SYTYCD season 4 when they were all signing autographs. I must tell you that each and everyone of them is a class act. They work hard pushing their bodies to the limit. Their skill is what we admire them for but they should be admired for their down to earth personalities and their class. They actually take the time to sign for every fan and talk to them taking pictures with them. Gev and Twitch stood out among the guys as Jessica and Katee stood out among the girls. Katee actually went into the fan area beyond her security to talk with and sign for an elderly handicapped woman in a wheel chair....that was awesome of her. Jessica spoke of her injury and of the personal time the dancers had on the bus. (and yes it would be worth it to be a fly on the wall on that bus) Will takes to heart the fanfare and confesses his love (so whom ever you are you need not worry about his heart)Will does love all the girls attention and picture taking...Chelsea Hightower is a big flirt ad a little hottie I wouldnt mind getting to know. Everyone of them still has a humble attitude and it is great to see in rising stars. I just hope that none of them have reached their pinnacle and great successes will come to each of them. I saw the inspiration they gave to everyone that night in Glendale during the autograph signing and I was more amazed at them for their class than for their tallent. From the Darkside of Courtney, to Gev's breakdancing and flirtatious on stage antics with Courtney to Josh's High leg kicks to Karringtons Vienna Waltz and Twiches makeout with Katee in a heated fight at a door and some "Jerk" dissing Chelsie with a breafcase, the show is amazing live and although they may not dance as good as they did on T.V. they danced well enough to deserve several standing ovations and many of the dancers even got better...Mark...Thane..Chelsie T. And everyone did such a great professional job...they truly are amatuers no more and I hope they all make alot of money on this tour...believe me they deserve it...many fans didnt stand through performances to show their support because the getting up and downfor every great performance is a workout in its self....I give it an A+++++ The judges really did pick the best in the country...not only in dancing but also in attitude....everyone of them were total class....Thank you for letting me share planet Earth with all of you dancers from season 4. I hope you can all go on tour together again..I would pay double what I payed and I payed double the ticket price...From that guy in the glasses with the Stanford Hat....chow