Picture I took in an Argentinean Soccer game!
I was looking through the soccer spot, and I read the description "one ball to unite the world", so I felt like writing the first soapbox for the spot...

Here's my "soccer story"...
I am from Argentina, and here soccer is not just a sport, it's a kind of lifestyle. Everyone has their team (many times you "inherit" your team by family, others you just become a fan later) but everyone has a soccer club to support.

I have been to a few soccer games, and seeing my country play is one of the best experiences ever!

My favorite players today are Juan Roman Riquelme *because he's an amazing playmaker* and Lionel Messi *seeing him play is incredible! and he's only 20!!*... But there are a LOT others that I like as well, but this could go on forever!

My whole family is a fan of "River Plate" and so am I...but, strangely enough, I also like Boca (I know weird, they are rivals, but I like it cause of Riquelme haha) and I'm also a fan of FC Barcelona in the spanish league.

When the World Cup is going on and Argentina is playing, the country stops. No matter what time it is, if we are supposed to be working, studying, etc...nothing matters anymore, it's all about the game.

I have lived in a few different countries and I realized that Soccer is truly the sport the unites the world. In most countries soccer is not just a sport, it's a passion.

I have been surrounded by football my whole life, and for anyone who comes from a country where this sport is so huge, it becomes more than just a sport...even if you don't play it! :S

It's about rooting for your team, cheering for them no matter what...the feeling of being a true soccer fan cannot compare to anything else, which is why soccer is truly the "world's favorite sport" !

So I was wondering what are other people's "soccer/football stories" are...
Favorite players!
River Plate - FC Barcelona
True Fans!!