Hi, My name is April i love soccer.i've been playing soccer since i was 7. I'm 10 now. I'm on a great soccer team. They all worship me. I feel like a star when i'm playing like i'm the only one on the field. I was playing a soccer game one day they put me as ofenses but i usually play defense. a player passed the ball to me. i had the ball under my feet thats how i liked it. i dribbled it across the whole field the players were infront of the goal that i basicly had fight infront of my feet. i kicked it with power. i heard the whistle blow GOAL!!!!!!!! i looked at my coach he had a grin on his face. the players from the other team looked bad at mebut i didnt care i just made a goal. two weeks pasted. i had another soccer game. but it was an indoor soccer game. they put me as a defenses this time. this team looked hardtheir players were basicly the twin towers that wasnt fair we were u-10 they looked like they were u-13. but we played. i saw a player look at me he had a mean smirk on his face. he came with the ball i took it away from it but he didnt stop he stepped on my shoe and i tripped but i got up.but i couldnt walk. my coach came in the field i could feel the fake grass agaisnt my cheeck my mom came in the field too my coach picked me up. i felt like my knees were broken crying and scared they traded me with another player. my mom tookme home she layed me on the bed it was 4:00 the time my dad comes home. my dad took me to the hospital. the nurse put me in a bed they exrayed my legs my left leg was broken with fear i asked the docter will i be able to play soccer? he looked at my dad he said no i started to cry it was like taking my life away they took me to a surgery room. i dont know what happend after that. i think it was 6 or 7.my dad came in the room i was still crying not of pain but of sadness three weeks passesd my team had made it to the finales but i couldnt play. but who said i couldnt cheer them on so i did we won!!!!!!!!!!!!! i came in the field an hugged all the players. they got a big trophey. but i didnt play i knew that soccer game i played was the last soccer game.