Amidst the many conflicts, animosities, wars, apartheids, and prejudice,
Our world, divided by nations, falls silent and becomes coherent every four years.
It comes together at a nexus to witness a beautiful game.
It is a game that has won the attention of all religions, colors, and ethnicities.
It is a game that is not racist.
It does not see wealth or prestige.
It does not see in black and white, but in the beauty of skill and heart.
It is not forced. Instead, it flows.
It allows seemingly inconsequential nations, unheard of before, to be listened to and become known to the world.
It allots each nation time on the world stage to perform their unique talent in front of the greatest of all audiences.
It is a game that unites.
The world's game.
A language, unique, but spoken by every person.
...It is the beautiful game.

I thought this suits the tagline : "One ball to unite the world."