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:No Caption. :.: - // S o n a d o w \\
:.: Kiss Meme - Sonadow~:.:
:.: S o n a d o w - So Long..:.:
:.: Cute Sonadow ~ :.:
:.: S o n a d o w - ~<3:.:  18
:.: S o n a d o w  Lemme Make You Mine~<3 :.:
:.: S o n a d o w - F a k e r ~<3  18:.:
:.: Soandow Hug..:.:
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The fans pick: knight fanfic
knight fanfic
vampire fanfic
The fans pick: Wow really? I better tell Shadow!!!
Wow really? I better tell Shadow!!!
right and dinosaurs are still alive too! -_-
The fans pick: shadic
The fans pick: al of 'em they are all super funny
al of 'em they are all super...
School DAnce
The fans pick: Sonic
I like them how they are so Im...
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Sonadow Wall

sonadow06 said …
Hey, just wanted to say I have another lemon fanfic up. Hope you enjoy, 18+ as usual. Posted 1 month ago
big smile
Soniclover1998 said …
I just got a random medal in this club even though I haven't been on fanpop in like forever and I don't even remember making many contributions here. XD Posted 1 month ago
shadowgirl78899 said …
i am apologizing for my hate comments I do not remember doing this becuase this is the first time I have been on my account in like 7 years. When I posted that I was an brat, forgive me, i promise that I would never post such hateful comments again I know that everyone has different opinions and I respect that. Forgive my wrongdoings. I am taking all of my winter break time today to say sorry to the victims of all these hate posts. Again, forgive me if you have been offended by this problem. Posted 1 month ago