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sonic and shadow are at shadows house.

shadow: { god hes so hot.... i just wanna fuck him}
sonic: so.... when is silver coming over?
shadow: soon....{not really sexy}

shadow had actually set a trap.. a rape trap for sonic.... hehe.

shadow: wanna see my room?

sonic: sure..

sonic and shadow go upstairs.

sonic: um... why is it so hot in here?
shadow: oh .... youll see soon enough.

sonic then sits down.... then he blushes at shadow.

sonic: um sh-shadow, can i ask you something?
shadow: sure.

sonic moves close to shadow and blushes.

shadow takes this opertunity to kiss sonic and slip his tongue in there to.

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posted by sonadow06
Shadow's POV

Well, me and my little hedgie's in bed now. I can't go to sleep and it's almost 3:00 am... What's that little bump further down from Sonic? Oh, Sonic, you naughty little hedgehog. Now, by looking at it, I got one as well. I reached from under the covers to stroke his member, and he let out a little moan in pleasure. Oh, Sonic...

Sonic's POV

What's that fuzzy thing on my...SHADOW!...It felt nice and pleasurable, actually...FUZZY. Soon, he dragged the covers off the bed and he can see my 'thing' clearly now, which made his 'thing' go higher. I let out a little moan. I wanted him to...
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Me: ...Where is she...
Tails: Who?
Me: Where have you been???
Tails: ...None of your concern...
Me: Need to include you.
Tails: WHY?! I was having a great time with Cream!
Rouge: *slams Tokyo's head on a desk again*
Me: *nosebleed* whore...

Somewhere...In...a sidewalk (12:03 P.M.)

Shadow had to haul Sonic along to the restaurant.
"NO! NO!"
"Gosh, you sound like i was pounding you for the first time." Shadow smiled slyly. He came around to a corner, and turned to a very bright lit street. Even in daylight, it shined, and glittered with a blinding...
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Me: Aaaammaaaazing...I'ma still write this after, what? 6 months? Haha, forgive my long, fucking time, but y'know, shit happens...*rubs hands together* Wellp, depending on which song i'm listening to, this will be a very bumpy ride....Eh...where's my-
Rouge: YOU!!!*slams Tokyo's face into a desk*
Me: O-Ow....

Knuckles and Rouge's house (10:30 A.M.)

A red echinda sat at the kitchen table, staring into his coffee cup. He wondered why Sonic and Shadow being together bothered him so much. It really didn't matter, especially since him and Rouge always did very naughty things in their bedroom. So why...
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posted by Tokyo_The_Cat
Me: Why'd you freak?
Knuckles: That...Was...Scarring
Tails: I wanted to be included...
Cream: *purr* Yes
Shadow: Heh, i liked it...
Amy: Hello.
All: *freak out*
Amy: What? I'm the normal me!
Me: How do we know????
Amy: *goes evil* You don't....

Shadow's Mansion(4:03 P.M.)

As Sonic was licking shadow's dick, he stopped and smirked at Shadow. He slowly started to rise, seeing Shadow's blushing, but perplexed, face. SOnic immidietly pushed Shadow on the bed, and tackled him. "Ow, what are you doing?" Shadow exclaimed, being forced onto his stomach. He felt himself being pinned by his wrists...
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posted by scougesgirl
Sonic in his maid outfit.
Sonic in his maid outfit.
Sonic's P.O.V
I hate you Silver. No, I hate Amy for hitting me with that stupid hammer. Why Silver, why? I don't want to be shadow's maid for a week. He'll probably treat me like trash. Please let him not be home.
Shadow's P.O.V
"Thanks for telling me, Silvs." I said to Silver as he left my house. Not a bad idea to bet Sonic but to tell him to be my maid for a week that's what's bad. My uncle, Mephiles, walked up. "Hello uncle. How has your day been?"
He throw his coat at me. "Truly terrible. Where's the maid?"
"You mean Ashton, right?"
"Whatever, her name is. ASHTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
A neon blue wolf...
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posted by sexyluna34
it was a mid summer day.. the sun was shining. and it was really hot outside, here we meet sonic who is over at shadows house.

shadow: man.. why does it have to be so hot?

sonic: i have no you have any water?

shadow: sure..ill go get some.

shadow then goes into the kitchen.

shadow: oh by the way theres a fan running.. help yourself.

sonic: hmmmmm.

sonic: ahahahahahahhahhahahahaha{the fan blows}

shadow: yep i knew it. i knew you would do that.

shadow: here.

sonic: thanks. {chugs down water}

sonic: ooww brain freeze.

shadow: uh.. you didnt have to chug it down that fast you know?

sonic: ow my...
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posted by Tokyo_The_Cat
Me: Hey people! Well, i decided i'm adding someone who you guys completely don't know!!!
Rouge: What do you mean? We know everyone in anything Sonic related!!
Sonic: Even the Nightopians...
Nights: Who is it? Tell us!
Me: One of my fancharacters... Not me, but-
Rouge: I think i know better not be-
Rouge: Oh fuck that!!! She's a stuck up, snooty damn bitc-
Me: Whatever, she's in, and you'll have to like her. I never said that the whole thing had to be real. Besides, i need another hitch for the story.
Rouge: She's a complete whore!!!
Me: Going on...Besides, fans don't like her, i'll...
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posted by sexyluna34
for the past month ..... i have been trying to get at least one boy to notice me... sadly no luck.

my name is sonic. im 17 and im at a studious prep school for boys.... none of the boys arent good... and the ones that really do catch my eye are the ones that already have boyfriends.....grrr dammit.... if only i had come in the late spring.... then everything would be perfect..... instead its cold and none of the guys notice me....well except one guy.. it all started in 3rd block:

i was staring at my book...trying to work on algebra{ try doing for 30 fucking mins straight.}

when i sensed someones...
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posted by maddysage
shadow stumbeld around in the thick mist, trying to find his beloved sonic. whenever he tryed to call ''sonic!'' his voice crackeld out. he was way too tired to do anything at that time. finelly, he he tripped over the root of a tree and he coapesd under that tree, trying not to remeber that horible tought. FLASHBACK [eggmans lab] sonic was trapped in a cage. shadow yeled at sonic i'll save you! sonic yeled back no, no don- shadow came running for the cage. eggman turned on the controller and an in invisable force-field poped up around sonic's cage. shadow didnt see it so he was still running...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic was shock but nod his head just then shadow chaos control to were both lord l and sonic are who are you kid ask shadow lord l said sonic lord l huh sigh lord l said my name lighting jolt cloud said little lighting looking at both sonic shadow both shock faces your are baby said shadow shock but happy yeah said little lighting blushing lighting jolt cloud the NAGA-HOG alpha ultimate life form god age 11/in HIGHT 7.0/hermaphrodite ageless/immortality albino white emerald yellow quills like shadow and sonic mix together going down his back emerald yellow round his emerald blue eyes peach chest tummy lighting marks on his arms for head long NAGA tail ice blue inhibitor rings lighting marks on them lighting he looks like both sonic shadow mix together what are you my son both sonic shadow I am a NAGA this is my true for and the both of you sonic shadow look at each other so can you change us son ask sonic yes but first you need blood from mommy said little lighting end of part 2
posted by lightingjolt11
ah shout tails low tails nice to see you
said shadow with his own tail
rap round 6 eggs he add
shadow that you yes but how what happen
ask tails shadow add tell tails
tails was shock at first but happy
aww said tails seeing his big bro
in a nest with 6 eggs tails meet both
sonic mom dad as well as shadow mom dad
sorrow neo ask tails if he wood like to be
there son by blood tails was more than happy
neo take a quill from his head quill
so did sorrow
now tails said neo put the 2 quills we just take out
put them on your head tails nod as he put his
feet into the lake tails add put the 2 quills...
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posted by lightinggod1
sonic was sat in his king size nest bed
made out of big stone emeralds
sonic move to ever green hill zone that morning
after egg man add destroy his house
tails at the time move to angle I land
sonic pack all his things into boxes
time sonic finish putting is things a way
sonic add some food he pack
sonic build his own kitchen living room hall
game room with HD smart TV on the wall
1 xbox360 xbox xbox1 ps1-2--3-4
there was 2 nest like chairs
WII U 2ds 3ds 3d XEL games mix together
into 1 GAMEING platform
each room big
a medical room with lab
sonic bedroom add a HD smart TV on the wall
sonic build a on sweet onto his bedroom
a WATERFULL swimming pool
hot spring shower bath big for 2 or more
sonic found a dark blue journal project sonic on the cover sonic was shock a bit
end of part 1
posted by lightingjolt11
prison I land was busy with gun cops working egg man add found a project of his grandpa professor Gerald ROBOTNIK but some how gun found it and sent it at the lover level of the prison ill find out what this project is thought egg man before that blue pest comes HOO mean while in the room were this project this sleeping in a pod just then out of a flash of light come a young hedgehog in a dark blue hoodie ice blue in MATCHING bottoms dark blue ice blue inhibitor rings or lighting marks on them ice blue emerald in the middle of each inhibitor rings ice blue dark blue hover shoes or lighting...
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posted by lightingjolt11
on planet MOBUIES about midnight
the master emerald split into 2
master emeralds ice blue one add wind mark on
but the size of a chaos emerald
but add the powers of all 7 chaos emeralds
and the master emerald powers
all mix together its name the god emerald
a hoodie fighter take the new emerald
before egg man found out
it was morning 6 am sunny morning
egg man was up to no good once again
sonic add stop the old doc I get you get sonic
sonic sat under a tree in the shade
cutes WONDS all over his body not healing
like there wood do out of a flash of light
come the hoodie fighter age 11
who are you ask sonic weekly I am a god
lord l my code name sad the young fighter
I can make you a ultimate life form like your
new boyfriend shadow said lord l
end of part 1
posted by lightingjolt11
sonic lay in a nest like bed in the
forest of ever green hill zone
sonic ran a way from home his friends
why he was changing glowing ice blue
sonic friends were made at him
will isn't it faker said shadow just don't come
closer to me said sonic with his ears going
dawn why ask shadow looking at sonic
who still glowing ice blue
why wood you went to I am a FREEK
sniff sonic shadow was shock what sonic
add just said that why I come here to be lone
for good said sonic what happen ask
shadow sigh I am a faker like you all ways say
I just found out this morning
I was crated a project like you shadow
I was crated in the year 2021 I was sent to
this timeline by accident said sonic
your not a FREEK sonic said shadow as he
blush why shadow blushing thought sonic
no he can be can he
mm shadow do you like me
shadow turn a way blushing nod his head
sonic hug shadow blushing to
end of story 1
posted by lightingjolt11
34 samantha emerald cloud the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 7/in HIGHT 5.0/ageless/immortality
black emerald red emerald blue quills like shadow
emerald blue round her emerald green eyes
ice white chest fur like silver
marks on her arms legs
gold silver inhibitor rings ice blue marks on them
silver gold hover shoes ice blue marks on them
shoes like both singe zero and neo mix together
samantha she looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom shadow
35 maria melody cloud the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 8/ in HIGHT 6.0/ ageless/immortality
black emerald blue emerald red...
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posted by lightingjolt1
today like any other day fighting egg man
but day my 15th thought sonic
I was sent this ice blue emerald wind marks on
in a pod box with USB cable connected to it
with a emerald blue ice blue window 20000
laptop build in webcam mm thought sonic
there was a ice blue journal project sonic on
the cover sonic was shock opining the journal
dear sonic my name is professor GRYO
you may not BELIVE what I after till you young one
but its all true every word of it true
I crated both your mom dad both of them are male
hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
you was born in the year 2021 not the timeline
you are...
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posted by lightingjolt11
28 midori cloud the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 6/in HIGHT 5.0/hermaphrodite
emerald blue silver quills like lighting
quills on his for head like silver
silver round his emerald green eyes
sonic arms chest tummy chest fur like silver
marks on his arms legs face sides ers for head tail
gold ice blue inhibitor rings emerald red marks on them
ice blue gold hover shoes emerald red marks on them
shoes like both neo and silver mix together
midori he looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom shadow
29 dezara cloud the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 6 /in HIGHT...
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posted by lightingjolt11
31 opal cloud the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 7/in HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortality
light yellow ice blue quills like shadow
ice blue round her emerald red eyes
ice white chest fur like silver
ice blue hands feet ers end of tail
marks on her arms legs
silver hot pink inhibitor rings ice blue marks on them
hot pink silver hover shoes ice blue marks on them
shoes like both neo and silver mix together
opal she looks like both sonic shadow mix together
mom sonic
32 risa cloud the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
age 7/in HIGHT 5.0/ageless/immortality
emerald blue emerald red quills like...
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