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Sonadow Fan fiction Article

sonadow lemon: 13 and older. part 4

Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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shadow: you didnt answer me you fucking asshole. were is my sonikku?

scourge: "your sonikku"? hes mine. all mine.

shadow: where the fuck is he?

scourge: hes at my house. being guarded by luna.

shadow: you sick bastard, alright thats it im gonna rip out your throat if you did anythng to him at all!!

{shadow teleports to scourges house}

shadow: .......

luna: zzzzzzz

shadow: {some guard.}

shadow then goes into a room were sonic is.

sonic :shadow-
shadow: shhh. ive come here to rescue you..... then fuck you afterwards.

sonic: oh your so sweet.... im sorry for what i said before,..... can you forgive me?

shadow kisses sonic then holds him up.

shadow breaks the kiss

shadow: of course i would.

{clap clap}

shadow: what the-

scourge: well, well, looks like you found my sex slave.

shadow: did you ......rape sonic!!!!

shadow stares at sonic and sonic looks down......
shadow then takes off his power rings and dashes towards scourge! puching kicking. even ripping off his skin!!!! {daaammmn}

scourge lays there.... not moving.... coughing up blood.

scourge: {cough} l-luna.....help me.

luna runs into the room.

luna: scourge........wh-what the hell?

scourge: come here..

luna moves close to scourge... and scourge slaps her.

scourge: you are no guard for my uses.... your not even a good sex guard either.

shadow: wha- you raped a 12 year old?

scourge: 0_0 wait- y- your 12!!!!

luna: thats what ive been trying to tell you... god fucking dammit..... you dont know when to listen.

luna then turns over to the other two.

luna: i- im sorry shadow... i couldnt stop scourge from raping sonic..... sonic, are you okay?

sonic: y-yes... but what im surprised about is, well, that scourge raped a 12 year old.hes a pedobear.

scourge lays there .... not moving..

luna: shall i let you out?

shadow: no thx,.... i have sonic to take home with me.

shadow then teleports back home. he then throws sonic on the bed.. and takes off his shoes, gloves, and socks.

shadow: you ready sexy?

sonic: more than you know hottie.

shadow: {pervylook} im glad your back.

shadow rubs sonics cock..

sonic: less talk, more fuck!!

shadow shuts up and takes sonic on a journey were there was no tommorow.

sonic moaned and groaned with delight as shadow took care of it all...

shadow: i wonder what your cock tastes like,.... its been so long. lets see now...

shadow then licks sonics cock.....{nosebleed} {exscuse me} { drool} ........... {ahem... back to the story}

sonic: ooh sh- aahh-shadow ... i love you so damn much!!

shadow : i {pant} love you { oooh} to,... my love.

shadow: promise to stay my sex slave forever?

sonic: nngh - o-of course..... ghaaaah..... shadow.... h- harder...ngh. harder, HARDER... Dammit I THOUGH YOU WERE FAST.

shadow: i {pant } am .gggghghhghghhghghgn


shadow: wwoooo... thank god..

sonic: {pant} no kidding.

{in the morning}

shadow: ggh- nnnghghhggh- huh?

0_0..... what the hell? sonics hand should be on my dick..... oh... {pervylook} there it is.

sonic:mmm... this feels niiice. {sonics hand goes up and down} hmm? oh... my love.... how did that get there? { sarcasticly}

shadow: heheh.... maybe you wanted to be rided on .....MORE?!!!

sonic: more than anything in the world you pervy bastard.

............ um......TACOSAUCE!!!

{in real life}

me: {typetpyetype.}

shadow: .....0_0......

me: so what did you think guys?


scourge: 0_0.............

me: um guys?


me: {ears drop down} maybe i shouldnt have showed you guys this..... bye.

till next time: :3

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posted over a year ago.
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Scrouge is a pedophilic rapist. CB
posted over a year ago.
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yes... yes he is.. sorry if the title confused you... i ment to type in part 3... but i didnt know how many i had... btw: i just had a meatball sub for dinner. yum...lol also : GIVE ME DAH PIC!!!!
posted over a year ago.
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posted over a year ago.
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....... rofl!!!
posted over a year ago.
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lol awesome
posted over a year ago.
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Mellykidd said:
Have you thought of making this into a comic? A good story with lots of artistic potential! (And causer of nosebleeds from the readers!)
posted over a year ago.