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Cream and Tails' house (12:42 p.m.)

A blue blur passed right in front of Tails, followed by a yellow Frisbee. The giant field they were in barely let Sonic run as fast as he wanted, but it was fine. At least the Bunny and Fox didn't live in the city like Shadow did!
Shadow's Ferrari was on the edges of the field, blaring out loud music full of base, as the ebony owner leaned against it nonchalantly. He sipped on his drink of lemon Calypso. The song that came up was in Japanese. Shadow immediately recognized it as one of Sonic's favorite singers: Hatsune Miku.
Sonic's blue furry ears perked as the song came on, and then he picked up the Frisbee that had landed right in front of him. His tail wagged with the rhythm, and his hips swayed form side-to-side, and smiled. He closed his eyes, and laughed.
Soon, Tails came right to Sonic, and plucked the Frisbee from the white gloved hands. Sonic's black shirt was dusty, and his pants were ripped at the bottom. Tails laughed at this before zooming off to see if his buddy would give chase.
As soon as the ending of the song was near, Sonic smiled wider, and took off after his buddy. A flurry of dust arose as soon as turbulence kicked in, and the tried to catch up the the hedgehog. The next song was more like what Shadow liked: A good Screamo.
Sonic tuned out his ears and focused more on what him and the fox were doing. He found himself acting like the metal band, being almost like some type of movie scene with a chase. Tails also got caught up in the act. He didn't see his wife on a tree branch nearby, watching with delight.
Cream started to notice Sonic's speed. His panted legs looked good. She could see glimpses of his abs as the silky shirt pushed back onto it. Her eyes glinted in lust. She wondered what it would be like to hold that body...
"They got along good, don't they? I thought they'd never be friends again." Shadow's voice rang through Cream's ears. She turned her head around to find her face staring at Shadow's profile. His intense crimson eyes stared at his blue lover.
After a few seconds of Cream's revelation of seeing Shadow, she recovered and followed the gaze. The two friends were chasing each other for the yellow disk, and of course Sonic held back for the sake of being fair. Once again, Cream held a dreamy look in her eyes.
Shadow was directly faced toward Cream in the tree, sitting down carefully on the branch right behind her. He cleared his throat impatiently to get the rabbit's attention. She reacted, and almost glared at him for ruining her display of handsomeness.
Once she saws the glare from Shadow, she reconsidered quickly. Innocence replaced it. Shadow didn't buy it. "Cream. May I ask what YOU'RE staring at?" He asked with a hint of hate in his voice. Cream dismissed the hint as his trademark, and spoke simply,"Well,I notice that Sonic had a good body." Her own voice sounding like a snob. Shadow held his gaze unwavering. A twitch of a smile came onto his mouth,"Ah yes. He's all mine too. Too bad I got to him before Amy did."
By now, Cream had averted Shadow's eyes and focused more on the boys. She tilted her head, and felt a spur of recklessness. "Oh yes. I know that. You didn't leave any of the girls' any chances, now did you? Poor Rouge thought she could command you with thinking you had a crush on her. She can be quite seductive. Or, maybe even Blaze wanted you. I don't know." She said in another snobby tone. After this, Shadow's top was about to be blown off. He placed his hands on the sides of Cream's hips, making her squeal in disapproval. Before she could throw his off, she felt his hot breath on her right ear,"Listen," he growled."I know what you're doing you little brat. I will guard my Sonikku until this little raid of selfless comes out. Understand, meat?" His whispered breath came out, and Cream shivered. Her eyes grew wide.
Tails in the field was laughing hard, not even paying attention to what his wife and Shadow were up to. He had his back facing them, and so called out Cream,"Baaaabe! Come here!"
Shadow gripped Cream's sides uncomfortably,"Remember." He whispered again, and released her.

Dulce's House (2:54 p.m.)

A very bored, purple body was laying on a couch, ears draped over her face. Dulce wore a white tank top, and white shorts. Boring.
By now, she had cleaned her entire house, which was huge, and she had also watched a movie. In under two hours. She sighed heavily.
She could feel something off though. She didn't care at all that she had been put off of the mission.
She didn't care if she lost her job. Nope. Nope, she could care less if she were here the rest of her life. Not at all. Didn't give a damn about how the mission went for the other agent. Nu-uh. Ha! Didn't care even if the world died. Ha!
Dulce got off of the couch, and smiled, heading to her wine cellar. She'd get drunk. That was always fun.
Something in her mind clicked. What was she doing? She wasn't like this at all! felt so...evil, so right. She reached the cellar, and pulled out her most potent wine.
Uncorking it, she laughed, and chugged it down. Good. She grabbed another. So good.
She was so unkempt, she hadn't noticed the pink person in black approaching her. The person placed a hand on Dulce's waist.
The lavender bunny groggily looked up at Amy. The effects of the alcohol took effect quickly, so that she didn't really care what this person did.
Amy smiled lovingly. She took the bottle away from Dulce, and placed her lips upon the others. Dulce kissed back, and pressed her body upon the others, feeling incredibly horny. Her hands went to the hem of the other's black dress. Their breasts locked each other, and friction took over.
In Kurai's mind, she was laughing. If anything, this would seal to keep that agent to be her property. She'd own the bunny, and use her body whenever she wanted.
The kissed deepened, Dulce licking the other's lips for entrance. Kurai denied by breaking the heat between them. She backed away and tilted her head to the side sweetly, hooking a finger on the top of Dulce's tank top, above her large breasts. Her other hand went behind her back, and her ankles crossed, giving a sweet angelic look, only with a more demonic appearance.
Dulce whimpered. With all the wine she has ingested, gave her the label of drunk.

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