sonic was having a long race from green hill zone to the ocean beach and back to tails work shop poor sonic for the 6th time this morning to get a way from his pink STORKER non other then AMY ROSE she add first found sonic with tails in his work shop next she found him in a tree in his backyard having a nap 3 she found him on angel I land with KNUX 4 she found him at cream house helping VANLLA 5 she found him in his room 6 will AMY found him with shadow sigh AMY can you places LEVE me alone I have tell you many times before I just like been friends with you nothing more yet you same not to take the hint AMY said sonic NOOO I know you love me sonic shout a ANGRY AMY ROSE look rose what don't you get faker does not like you in the way you like him said shadow with his arm round a blushing sonic say MR EMO said AMY ROSE ah what you doing to my sonic shout AMY I am not yours AMY and I never be said sonic angry as he put his arm round shadow and kiss shadow cheek end of part 1