Sonic's P.O.V

I am just so injured and depressed I may have loved Shadow but she doesn't like me and instead attacks me and then just throws me aside like I'm just an old toy that isn't interesting at all. I was heartbroken because my best friend is now dead, I buried Slash and whisper, "I hope you're safe now Slash the snow wolf."

I went back into my room. I remembered when I looked back and saw she killed another of our team another friend of mine, Josh the hedgehog. But I am also devastated that our leader is now gone. He was like a father to me, And I was also scared that Shadow managed to kill him without a scratch, bruise, or anything not even any blood was on her.

I say, "I'm so sick of these emotions. *sigh* I never told you this but I love you Zonic, please be safe, I thought of you as a father. and now your gone. I hope all of you dad, Slash, and Josh, I hope you're all happy now." I then fell asleep. When I woke up, I looked awful, I smelled bacon, eggs, hash browns, donuts, pancakes, toast, and waffles. I went down and saw Amy Rose making them all.

I complement, "That smells delicious Amy!" Amy says, "Thanks, I just love making food and the rest love my cooking. I think you'd like my cooking too. Since it's your first time trying my cooking I will give you my special ice cream Sunday later." I smile and say, "That sounds great. I love Ice cream!!!! But you don't have to do that." Amy laughs and says, "it's my hobby to make food and desserts, and a lot of sweets, so it's no problem."

I ate my bacon then ask, "Does anyone else know how to make food?" Amy says, "Oh yeah Cream knows how and Vanilla of coarse." I nod. I then frown at a thought. While I ate my eggs. Amy asks, "What's wrong?" I then ate my donuts ask, "You won't tell anyone else will you?" Amy says, "No not unless you want me too." I ate my toast and explain, "Oh no, I don't want you telling anyone, So uh I am kinda in love with.......The enemy's leader." After I said that, I ate my waffles.

Amy was drinking coffee, then her eyes widened after she heard that and spit out her coffee. Amy asks, "Have you lost your mind? You can't fall for the enemy especially the leader!!" I eat my hash brown then say, "I know, I know It's just that I couldn't help it. I can't control who I love. no one can."

Amy sighs and states, "Look Sonic I don't really approve this but if you can get her to love you and stop the war I'm perfectly fine with that. But you just can't fall for them enemy. Just ignore the feeling for now. I care about you to much to see you get depressed and heartbroken again. I love you as a brother and I refuse to see you like that a third time. Okay?"

I nod and say, "Yeah okay I understand what you're trying to say. I just don't know what to do. Still I secretly heard some other boys say that Shadow was cute, beautiful, sexy, hot, and/or bad@ss. They are on our side. So I'm not the only one." Amy nods and says, "Yeah I've heard it too. But I ignored that fact. I don't care that much about them, but I care a lot about you. And I know Shadow has a lot of boys drooling over her. But she's always to oblivious to realize it."

I ask, "Do you know the names of the boys who have a crush on her?" Amy shook her head and said, "No, well except one, Silver the hedgehog." I ask, "Isn't he the one you fell in love with?" Amy nods her head and says very sad, "Yeah I spied on him and I heard him complain to himself about how lame he was on trying to impress her or something."

I sigh and say, "She would never love an enemy and even if she did she wouldn't go for such a weak, and the least most important one in the war." I ate the rest of my pancakes. Amy says, "Don't worry you'll get someone someday." I thought about it and kissed her cheek and said, "Thanks Amy. I even decided to make a song called someday. Oh and I feel a lot better see you later." I ran off while leaving Amy in the kitchen confused. I wrote my song in the music room. {The one that they have so when they want to have fun, they can play music.} I went off to find my real brother and sister, Sonia and Manic.