Shadow's P.O.V

I accidentally heard a conversation with Mephiles and Tails Doll and I wanted to know what it was about so I eavesdropped. I heard Mephiles say, "I love Shadow too. It's just that she's is to oblivious to realize that a lot of us bad guys and some of the good guys are crushing on her." My eyes widened, me. Well I do sorta like Mephiles but Dark the hedgehog loves him {Dark is a girl.} So i thought it would be best to let them be a couple. But for some reason I have a feeling that one of the good guys is my soulmate but I ignored it since I never fell for a good guy, I fell for other bad guys. I heard Tails Doll say, "Yeah, but I doubt she likes us that way." Mephiles says, "Lets just give her clues that we like her, okay?" Tails Doll nods. I smile and say, "It's nice to know they like me." I left to my room and fell asleep.

{In the morning.}

I walked by Mephiles, and I say, "Hi Mephiles." Mephiles smiles and asks, "Hello Shadow, I was wondering do you like like anyone?" I think and say, "uh well I do like two hedgehogs." Mephiles asks, "And who are they?" I say, "Well Scourge, and." Mephiles thinks, "She likes Scourge, aw man. Scourge is such a womenizer I won't stand a chance." I finish, "You Mephiles the dark." Mephiles looked at me with happiness in his eyes. We kiss, but I knew that if it's true love their would be a spark but I didn't feel it, maybe it's because this is just the first kiss I hope. We walked into the kitchen, and Scourge was making food, Scourge asks, "Are you two together as in a couple?" I was shocked that he asked that, but I answered anyways, "Sort of we just told each other, so it's not official." Scourge says, "Eh I'd say you guys are great together, at least you got someone in your life, unlike me. I accidentally heard Fiona lecturing herself about being in love with the enemy." I ask, "WHAT!?!?!" Scourge explains, "i know right, Fiona said that she was in love with Tails the fox." I ask, "BS!!!!" I shrug and say, "eh I love 2 other people, so it's no big deal." i ask, "Who are those two people?" Scourge says, "well it is wrong to be in love with this girl but she's a good girl named....Amanda?" I say, "You have the same problem as Fiona, But anyways who is the other one?" Scourge gulps, and says, 'Uh, well.....It's"I just froze. I think, "Why does my body not want to be with him maybe I like someone I'm not suppose to as well but I haven't realized it. Oh well I should just ignore it and be with my friends and my love Mephiles and maybe even Scourge since he never comes to hang outs maybe he will except today."