"Sonic was walking around in the grassy feilds then suddenly Sonic was pushed,rolled in a ball and was under a black and red hedgehog

Sonic:Ack oww you know that flipin hurts.

Shadow:Why would i care?



"Shadow smiles"

Sonic:Shadow i...you returned.

Shadow:Yes i have.

Sonic:Why did you leave you know it's been hard fight with you?

Shadow:Yes i know.

Sonic:Ohhh my head hurts...can you get off my private area it looks like that your screwing me.

Shadow:Oh that's the best part Sonic i want to screw you.

Sonic:No wait i don't want to be raped...

"Shadow grabs his wrist"

"They was gone"

"On and In Sonic's house and bedroom"

"Sonic was under Shadow still"

Sonic:Shadow please i know we've been alot together but please don't do this.

Shadow:Oh but i want to.

"Shadow's fingers rub onto Sonic's balls"

Sonic:No no no please not there.

"Sonic's hands grab ahold of each other and hangs onto Shadow's back"
Shadow:Ah i see you want more.

Sonic:No Shadow...i didn't...

"Shadow pulled off all of their clothes off"

Sonic:Oh Shadow i didn't know you was so big.

Shadow:Well you'll love it what i will always give you on your bed.

Sonic:Oh please Shadow.

"Shadow desided to shut Sonic up and put a hanker chif on his mouth"

Sonic:MM mm!

Shadow:There even though i want you to hear you scream but it will keep you from screaming.

Sonic:Mm mm.

"Sonic looks at Shadow in fear and failer to himself"

Shadow:Get ready Sonic cause we're going on a big ride.


"Shadow's balls goes to Sonic's hole,it teased his hole by going up and down on the hole then went inside"


Shadow:My my *pant* your so *pant* tight!

Sonic:Mmm mmm.
"Sonic began to cry"

Shadow:*Pant* I love you Sonikku and this is just to get your love and you will love me rather you like it or not.
Sonic:Mm mm.

"Later after 10 minutes of screwing poor Sonic Shadow came out"

"Shadow pulled the hanker chif onto Sonic's eyes"

Shadow:Now Sonic get closer to me.

Sonic:Ohhh am i going to give you...a blow job?

Shadow:That's right your going to.

Sonic:Oh Shadow.

"Shadow grabbed his head rough then pulls his head to his balls"
Shadow:Now do what your suposed to do.

Sonic:O-ok Shadow.

"Shadow smiles while Sonic grabs his balls then sucks on it"

Shadow:Ohhh your so wonderful Sonic.


"Sonic's tongue slid up and down on the side of Shadow's balls"

Shadow:Ohh go harder Sonikku i want you harder.

"Sonic goes harder on Shadow's manhood"

"2o minutes tops Shadow cummed"

Shadow:Oh Sonikku that felt so good"

Sonic:Oh im im glad you liked it.

Shadow:Did you?
Sonic:Um i...

Shadow:Yes you did just admit it.

Sonic:Ok it was...fun.

Shadow:Good boy.


Shadow:Good bye Sonic.

"Shadow got into his pants and shirt and shoes then left"


Sonic:I...i love you.

Shadow:I love you to sexy.

"Shadow left grining and Sonic stayed in his bed"

"The End"