Part 1: Amy rose was dreameing one of her fantasy that Sonic the hedgehog finally kissed her!!!! *Sonic* then Cream the rabbit her best friend said Amy what her you doing? Huh? Cream!!!!! Nothing!!! (Amy started to Blush) Were you dreaming about Sonic? Yes!!!! I just can't stop thinking about him!!!! Have you and Sonic started to be boyfriend and girlfriend? No. I wish Sonic could ask me out or show me that he likes me then a friend. I tried every thing to win Sonic's heart but everytime i did he just runs away or something. *sigh* I will never be his girl. (Amy started to cry) Don't cry Amy. please don't cry!!! (then Cream started to cry) that's okay cream I am not sad anymore. I am gald you are my friend cause you really care about me. Your welcome Amy (then Amy and cream huged each other) Sonic and Tails camed in the room. Sonic!!!!!!! ( Amy rushed to Sonic arms) Amy!!!!!! you are huging me so tight let me go!!!! ( Amy let go of Sonic) Where were you? I was hanging out with Tails and Kunx. Why can't you ever take me out and have fun? Uhhhhhhhhh!!! (Sonic strated to run and Amy was chaseing him) Sonic!!!!!!!!!! Come back here!!!!!! Wait for me!!! Please!!!!! Part 2:(Amy saw sonic right by the garden) Amy we need to talk. About what my sweet sonic? I am sorry but you are to young and carzy for me. Sonic!!!! Please!!!! I will changed my behavior. Sorry Amy. You are three years younger then me. Sonic... (Amy started to cry) (Amy rushed Home and started to cry in her bed) I wished.... Sonic.... will be.... my.... my.... BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!! (Amy has been cring for an 1 hour.) Then the phone ring. (ring) *sigh* Hello who is it? Amy it's me Cream. What's the matter? Sonic.... say's.... he.... he.... *sigh* is.... not my BOYFRIEND!!!!!!! I am so sorry for you Amy. Hey I just want to know if you want to come over to my house and have some tea with me and my mother? Okay. I am comeing. Okay, bye see you there in a few minutes. ( Amy went over to see Cream and her mom) Hi Amy. Cream I am so gald you invited me!!! Come on Amy let's go to the kitchen. (Amy, Cream and cream's mom were chating and haveing tea and cream's mother most famous starwberry cream short cake. While sonic,tails and kunx were hanging out and talking. Sonic how come you made Amy cry? Because she was going nut's and nut's about me. About what Say's Kunx. I don't know!!!! Hey Sonic are you bulshing? said Tails Uhhhhhhh!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!! You are!!! You are!!! Okay I kinda sorta like her. But why did you made her cry? Said Tails. Because I am shy enough to show her my ture feelings. Just show her how you feel she won't laugh at you Sonic she loves you!!! Said Tails. Thanx Tails. You to Kunx. What are you going to do Sonic? This is what I am going to do.... Part3:It was 2:00 at night at Mobius and Amy was going home but suddley she saw Sonic right by her home. Sonic? What are you doing here? Amy i wanted to say sorry for hurting your feeling's. But why did you do that in the first place? *Sigh* Because I don't want to show you my real feeling's. Huh? (Amy wondering what was Sonic ture feelings) *Sigh* I LOVE YOU AMY ROSE!!!!! IS this a Dream Sonic? NO Amy I am serious!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! OH Sonic!!!!!! (Sonic had a pocket knif and went over to the tree right by Amy's garden.) Sonic what are you doing? (Sonic was writing something in the tree and said: SONIC + AMY ROSE = SONAMY SONIC HEARTS AMY ROSE, SONIC AND AMY FOREVER AND EVER!!!!! OH SONIC!!!!! I always loved you AMY!!!! Then Sonic looked Shy but great about it. Part4: Sonic and Amy looked into each other's eyes. (INSIDE OF SONIC"S INNER THOUGHT'S) (Come on Sonic. I could do it just get closer to Amy and start kissing her.) (INSIDE OF AMY ROSE INNER THOUGHT'S.) I am so gald that this is not A dream this is it!!!!! Wait Sonic can I refresh my self for a minute? Yeah I will do the same. (Amy checked anything between her teeth, Put on some of her candy falvored lip gloss.) (While Sonic was checking anything between his teeth, put on some mouth spary... squirt Sonic sparyed his mouth and he was ready.) (Sonic and Amy leaned in and their lip's pressed down to each other,they close their eye's and Sonic started to touch Amy's face,And they started to kiss some more,Sonic and Amy were thinking about each other over the year's when they were kid's, their teenage life's,and also on SonicX,They have sad,cute,funny memiories about each other.) (hen they stopped they looked at each other and strated to Blush.) I love you a lot Amy I am sorry what I did. Thats okay. Okay bye Sonic. Hey Amy wait a second. What is it Sonic!!!!! I forgot about something. Close your eye's. Okay. (Sonic started to give Amy her present and he opened it for her and put it around her neck.) Okay opened them. OH SONIC IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! I AM GALD YOU LIKED IT AMY!!!!!! It was a necklice and IT's heart shaped and it was a half necklice, IT say's BEST COUPLE. (AMY had the BEST AND SONIC had the COUPLE. I love you Sonic!!!! SO DO I AMY!!!!!! Part5:Dear Diary last night Me and Sonic finally kissed each other at the mouth and it wasn't a dream it was real!!!!!!! I am so gald he had feeling's for me I just know he did. Guess what Sonic is takeing me on a date, and he finally said I was his girlfriend!!!! Talked to you later I just heard Sonic!!!! Bye. April 2 2010. THE END