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[SONIC SHORTS] Sonic Confesses Love To Amy Rose


[MMD] If You Seek Amy Rose (feat. The Sonic Boys)

If you seek Amy Rose! :DD

Sonamy VS Shadamy Heart Attack

Sonamy or Shadamy?! Obviously Sonamy! :DD

Sonamy Gangnam Style

Sonamy for life!

Why Won't Sonic Say He's In Love

I created this video for my youtube channel! Check it out

SonAmy: Show Me Love

Alright, I need to make something clear here. If you say anything about this video that is rude .etc, you will make me lose my fucking shit. I've gone through enough hell today as is, and I'm on my last nerve. *sighs* OK.. OK.. I'm calm

SonAmy - "I Love You"

Sonic and Amy- Hey Juliet!

LMNT song!!!!

~ a { 1000 } years ~

Such a cute song :3 It sounds like it was meant for this couple

Amy X (Super) Sonic: He Loves Me Not

This isn't anti-Sonamy. It's actually quite Sonamy, but it's Fleetway based so you get the geist. The angsty hate mainly to only Super Sonic/Amy, though some relates to Sonic's tsundere personality and temper. Song: She Loves Me Not by Papa Roach