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Opinion by Evolia-Wulf posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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Tailslover9's style of Bases are good for begginers and of course, easy to use. Like her style and many other's, these are more than likely used.
Okay, so I’ve started to notice while I’m browsing the old Base club that there’s a lot of small chop ups going on. Not many are being used as they’re being created and handed out, and those that are tend to be the simple fra-la ones than the more exquisite and detailed. I’m slightly concerned those making the bases aren’t doing their research or homework, so here’s just me giving small hints and details that might improve the work around here. And this is an opinion- so no thinking I’m blowing smoke up your arse. ^^

So… First ideas for a base…

1.    If you’re making a Base, one of the most basic and simple idea to keep in mind is variety. You don’t really want to put a base surrounding one species or gender. Giving it different varieties and such are a good idea if you want more people to use. If it’s meant for one gender or species, however, try giving different feature choices at the side or styles the user can work with.

2.    Never, EVER EV-AH make a base that’s basically all made up and given everything. Like…you claim it’s a base, but it looks like line art...