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Sonic Colors [ Wii™ ] Music - "Reach For The Stars" [ Extended ]

Sonic Colors™ Reach For The Stars (C) SEGA From My YouTube Channel for more Sonic music coming summer 2011 !!!

Sonic Colors [ Wii™ ] Music - "Speak With Your Heart" [ Extended ]

Sonic Colors™ Speak With Your Heart (C) SEGA

Sonic Colors - Reach For The Stars (MIDI Version)

Here's the MIDI version of the "Reach For The Stars" song in the game "Sonic Colors" Enjoy! Credit- Shadrow0 on YouTube ~MagicTheBunny35

Sonic Colors [ Wii ] Music - Title Screen

Sonic Colors Music from my Youtube Channel !!!

Sonic Colors [ NINTENDO DS ] Unboxing

**THIS IS MY 1ST UNBOXING BTW SO PLZ BE NICE **Yes I'm the 1st one to unbox this on ( Youtube USA ). I got Sonic Colors today so i decided to unbox it =D Playthrough Videos of SONIC COLORS Coming Soon ! LyokoTravels™ (C) Copyright 2010

Reach for the Stars- Full Trailer

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Unofficial music video for reach for the stars

This is a fan made video from youtube using clips from various sonic games and shows.
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Sonic Colors Gameplay Trailer

Sega put out a game play trailer for Sonic Colors. I saw it on their website, and I thought I should put it here for all of you to see.
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