the healing hug
One day:
Me:(walking my two daughters in the park) i wonder what your dad's doing
Me:(smiles) yes dada (hears a voice)
Voice:i love you Blaze
Me:(sees from tree to see Silver kissing Blaze) i can't believe it. He's cheating on me. (Runs away crying with my kids in my arms)
Silver:(hears and sees Magic crying) Magic!!!!
Me:(ignores him and teleports to Shadow's house)
At Shadow's house:
Shadow:hey little sister
Me:hey. Shad can you do me a favor?
Me:im going to be gone for a while can you watch Ashley and Megan until i come back
Me:thanks (hands them over to Shadow and walks home)
At my house:
Me:(writes suicide note)
Note:to whoever reads this, i am now gone. I can't live anymore with my broken heart so im leaving. I love you all. Ill see you all soon. Im going to jump off the cliff near the water fall. Goodbye.
Me:(wipes tears and folds note and walks to the waterfall)
Five minutes later:
Angel:i wonder how mags is (notices the lights are turned off) that's weird Maggie would leave at least one light on right now. (Walks inside and turns on light, then sees note and reads it) OMG MAGIC! (Runs to waterfall)
At the waterfall:
Me:(crying and gets ready to swan dive from the cliff when arms wrapped themselves to my waist and stopped me and pulled me into an embrace)
Angel:why are you doing this
Me:because no one loves me
Angel:what do you mean
Me:silver was cheating on me
Angel:(felt anger bubble inside him) that bastder
Me:(tears roll down my cheeks)
Angel:(wipes them away) magic give me your hands
Me:(looks into his eyes) why
Angel:just give me your hands
Me:(gives him my hands) ok what is the use of doin mmmmphhhh!
Angel:(pushes his lips against mine)
Me:(wide eyed but closes them) mmmmmm
Angel:(pulls away from kiss) see someone loves you (pulls me back into a kiss)

Will Magic be with Angel or will she stay with Silver? Found out in Chapter 2!
the healing kiss