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Ayatonic said …
decided to snoop around here on my cringe quests... seems dead here. but i expected that, ahhh Posted 4 months ago
ThePrototypical commented…
An actual ghost town tbh 4 months ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
Hello. Remember me? 2 months ago
ThePrototypical said …
Yo, I dunno if anyone remembers lil ol' me, I was MephilesTheDark years ago back when this place was still running. Long time ago now.
If anyone wants to catch up again, well... I'm on facebook under the name Alex Coppinger. Posted 5 months ago
Sableye21 commented…
Oh man. I remember you. Well, we haven't really talked but I used to lurk this club heh. You used to be one of the big dogs here with Tak. 5 months ago
SiriusAmory commented…
Well, aren't we one big happy family :0 this is FrizTHedgehog 1 month ago
ThePrototypical commented…
Long time, no see! 1 month ago
Rachel_Savaya said …
Man, I wish it was possible to revamp this club, but I feel like the people who do come on here aren't on often or long enough for there to really be anything happening..
I kind of miss the old days, i guess, where everyone could just get along and there weren't people trying to run the club and force others to follow their rules. I miss the mutual respect. Posted 5 months ago
ben15delas commented…
Greeting from the A&O club! :) I feel your pain. Many clubs have died these days. And ended up as ghost towns. Due to pointless drama. All we can do is move on. 5 months ago