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"Oh Please"
Alric Faust 1.5
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TakTheFox said …
You know why it's tricky to make an attractive character? Because so many people write that their characters are always perfect and gorgeous for Mary-Su/Gary-Stu purposes, so when those of us with details try to describe a character as attractive its treated as the same. Posted 20 hours ago
mephiles97 commented…
I do agree though that it seems hard to make a nicely attractive character without people screaming Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu since a lot of people who make them DO make their characters pefect and absolutely gorgeous. 7 hours ago
mephiles97 commented…
I'm not the best with making attractive characters... So I don't usually make them that often, though there's a few that are attractive. ...Though I usually try not to describe them as attractive because of the reasons above. I try to let the pictures, descriptions, or the character's attitude speak for itself... 7 hours ago
TakTheFox commented…
Well OBVIOUSLY MY Characters are the MOST beautiful of course! *nose in air* 1 hour ago
NintendoFan364 said …
So... I've been noticing quite a few glitches lately and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered any of these issues or not.

~Whenever I refresh the page, Occasionally for some reason is displays it in the old site's format.
~Images and comments occasionally vanish but reappear when I refresh the page.
~The "Top Contributor" section has also bugged out since it's showing older and inactive users.
~A few other cosmetic such as the site not loading the widgets. Posted 1 day ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
(Cont.) there are a few other issues I noticed, but I was just curious if it's just my computer or not. 1 day ago
FrizTHedgehog commented…
I thought I was the one because my laptop is crappy XD 1 day ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
Glitches with old man Snitchez.XD 14 hours ago
FrizTHedgehog said …
Fun Fact About This Club: The character in the banner's name is Metric Posted 2 days ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
Interesting. 2 days ago
LorMel commented…
Huh... 2 days ago