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The fans pick: Explore your FC's world/ attempt to interact with your other characters.
Explore your FC's world/...
Try to use your FC's...
The fans pick: Yes
The fans pick: or Virus in her Second-Mood form
or Virus in her Second- Mood...
Tresser Aguain (Server of...
The fans pick: it all depends
it all depends
The fans pick: Sonica1
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2 fans have answered this question
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Arrivederci said …
Fidus-Achates here.
If you haven't figured it out my accounts have been deleted and I left without a word.
Do I regret it? To be frank, no.
However I made this account to properly say my departure. During the process of registering I accidentally made a club somehow. So if those handful of people decide that another club will be best, let me know. I'll keep this account up for editing reasons.
I apologize for the spam. If you still want to keep in touch, send a PM for my email. Posted 12 hours ago
Arrivederci commented…
Things will be different, I can tell, but good luck to you all. 12 hours ago
TakTheFox said …
Alright so Mysl and Tresser won second place for the next drawings. I'll draw Tresser first. Time to get aquatic up in this... yo... in da hood... fo riz- I'll stop now. Posted 14 hours ago
TakTheFox said …
On a positive note, I am working on a short story. It's not going to be in parts so don't worry about losing track of Loner Days. It has to do with a very specific character.

... Hats Posted 6 days ago
mephiles97 commented…
Looking forward to it. 5 days ago
TakTheFox commented… 4 days ago