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Cupid x Static
Emerald Dawn~Human Form x Cry!!
the mysterious menace
Ashton Jade moon the wolf
Dalton for CyberEchidna
Melvin headshot(Fixed)
Simple Interests
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NintendoFan364 said …
So after getting over the loss of the TotE document, a idea for a new RP hit me... but I was wondering what you guys thought of it at first. So what if there was a RP were one individual member controls the FC of another individual in the RP(Assuming that doesn't make any sense, basically a "Switcheroo".) Basically the goal would be to try to stay in character to the other persons FC as much as possible for the majority of the story. Posted 1 hour ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
(Cont.) I'm not sure if anyone else has already done this idea or not, but what do you guys think? 1 hour ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
(Also apologies for being late with the Daily 3-5 questions, I've Been rather preoccupied with the Super Smash Bros. 4 demo... ) 1 hour ago
Rachel_Savaya said …
*Taps on the microphone once onstage* this thing on? XD


I'm gonna get to posting things right away! Boy, you guys are in for an overload of new things! I'm talking characters, artwork a plenty, and roleplays!!!
I can't wait to see what everyone's been up to! ^^ Posted 3 days ago
Fidus-Achates commented…
--welcome back 3 days ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
Welcome Back. 3 days ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
{Antasma intensifies} 1 hour ago
NintendoFan364 said …
So after many failed attempts to back-up my documents in search of the TotE file, I come the conclusion that the file is simply gone. One of the deepest and most story driven RPs that I've ever written and it's completely gone... Wonderful, Just wonderful. Well, I guess this leaves a slot open for a new RP... Posted 4 days ago
AmadeusRhapsody commented…
That's a shame. Sorry 'bout that. I'm sure it was great with all the work put into it. You still have the motivation to make another Rp? 3 days ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
I guess... 3 days ago
TakTheFox commented…
Can you remember how it went some? 1 day ago
NintendoFan364 commented…
Vaguely. 1 day ago