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News by NintendoFan364 posted 1 month ago
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Hey paisanos! It's the Super Contest Announcement Super Show!



I have no idea why I said that, but yes: Today is July 5th and the Melvin Reaction contest has received 3 entries for it's deadline.(I was kinda hoping to achieve 5 entries so things wouldn't be as predicable, but oh well I guess.)

Anyways you know the drill:

~The first place winner receives a full request and the melvin reaction thing.

~The second place winner receives a quickie request and a melvin reaction thing.

~And the third place will receive 5 props and a melvin reaction thing.

So with a further ado, here is our winners.

:::::FIRST PLACE:::::
"The Culi Theory by Taylor Rushing" Submitted by FrizTHedgehog

:::::SECOND PLACE:::::
"The Happy Mask Salesman singing the Candy Man song" Submitted by TakTheFox
News by TakTheFox posted 1 month ago
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2 fans

So Summer is halfway over soon and because of that some things are cut short and others left for later. Let’s start with roleplays.


~Still doing the Sequel Roleplay, and I hope to finish two more answers before moving on to future roleplays. I will allow till two weeks from now before starting certain roleplays/forums, and at the end of the month it will be finished if it takes too much time.

~Following that, we again have the following
>Product Line
>Fate-Teller (Current title of the previously untitled roleplay)
>Continuation of the Pheromone roleplay

And then at Halloween we have
>OYO 2014

Now I might have other roleplays in between but as of now that’s it.


~Unfortunately because of some communication errors, and a few other issues, the IAW forum will not be finished for the Summer. The Writer’s for the Forum’s plot have considered working on it on the side, and using it in the future, but as of now it is not...
Article by eeveexox posted 1 month ago
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Me: I am finally done with that pic I hope people like it

Cirstal:he he

Me:oh dear

Cirstal:ties darkness the fox to a fire work

Me:don't do dis

Cirstal:lights firework

darkness's guts go flying every where

Me:well Now I have to make a new slaker for you happy!

cirstal:yes GOD BLESS THE USA

Frost the fox walks in

Frost:nooo he was meh bff

Me:darnit(i do not swear)

Cirstal:Hey look I spelled COWS out of darkness's guts

Forst:and yet your 14