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Opinion by Light-Of-Days posted 1 month ago
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Time passes quickly, the hazey figures from the past fade like sand. Your born, you grow and learn. Then you die.


Donny laid his bed, letting the minutes pass on by. His dark brown hair scrabbled across his face, looking at the ceiling. He hated it. Life. What he had done with himself.

Sure, he had a job, a house, a pet and an adopted kid. But he hated almost everything else. Sometimes he wished he could go back, restart the clock, and remake himself. But he couldn't. Life was stupid. Life was unfair. Granted, if he wasn't so shy he might have had fun in high school. Maybe if he wasn't shy, they wouldn't call him a freak, a nobody, gay.

He covered his eyes with his hands. Gay. That hurt the most. He never got a girl. And he sure didn't get a guy.
Diomedes was a year younger than him. He was 19, tall, black-and-red haired.

Donny wished he could lie like him. Fake emotions like that fool. Fake a smile when everything hurt like a stab from a knife.
Fan fiction by AceRider posted 1 month ago
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Drakero Almaldo Bonsachei Senior is a 542 (42) year old dragon from Central Dragon Raw. He has 4 kids with his wife, Drei, and is the descendant of Hercules. Almaldo was a commander of the Dragon Raw army, but retired and became a family man.

He taught his second son, Drakero how to use melee attacks and helped him find out that he had the strength of Hercules.

He married Drei at the age of 22, and had 4 children: Draco, Drakero, Ku, and Drapy. He spent more time with Draco and Drakero, making them stronger and ready to take on the world. He gave both of them one of his earring as a charm for luck when they went out to explore the world of Mobius.

Almaldo is a very proud dragon, and feared warrior. He might have the qualms of a stereotyped father, and a tad obsession, but he's still a good person by heart. He love to make things challenging for himself, but he dislikes people who show no care for the unfortunate.

Almaldo mainly fights through brute force. Every plow he makes stuns the opponent. He's even able to lift up to 10 elephants with only one arm.
Opinion by scougesgirl posted 1 month ago
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Author's note: Ashton is a neon blue wolf with brown hair. She contrails fire and ice. She has a robotic arm, leg, and eye. Let's begin.
I woke up in a daze I was confused. I couldn't feel my right eye or my left arm and leg. I tried to open my eyes but the were already open. "Sir, she's up." Said a male voice to my right.
"Great. Are you alright? We found you almost dead." Said another male voice in front of me.
"Where am I?" I asked scared.
"You're in the secret freedom base." Another male said.
"Who are y'all?" I asked.
"Shard, take the bandages off her eyes." Said the one in front of me.
"Yes sir silver." Said a robot sounding dude to my right.
He took off what was the bloody bandages from my eyes. I saw a white hedgehog wearing a blue and black jumpsuit with a hand on his forehead. Then I turned my head to the left, I saw a short chubby cut in a orange and black jumpsuit with black stripes. I turn to my right to see a black and orange robot with a green crystal in his chest. They stared at me, "What? Never seen a wolf before?" I...