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Opinion by TakTheFox posted 1 month ago
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Sara at least considered committing suicide. There is a very likely chance she is now dead. A person, not a character, dead. Why?

One of the problems with when Sara was around was that she didn’t think people wanted to hear about her problems, and she didn’t want to talk to others about it. So did she feel alone? I would.

Whenever you feel like that, whenever there is a huge problem in your life, talk to someone about it. It doesn’t matter if you think it will bother them, your life is more important than convenience. People care, I care, even people that might hate you can care.

And always be willing to go out and reach out to people, WHENEVER there’s a chance. If we don’t put aside our comfort to help people in their time of need, each of us takes the blame of their passing.

I’m waiting at the moment to hear about any news if Sara is still with us. If anyone has ANYTHING, any information, that can lead to her, to find out anything about her, so that we can find out what happened, please show it.
Article by FeraligatrGuy posted 2 months ago
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(So I tried posting a RP a little bit ago... However when I tried writing the plot, The text got cut off... so I'm going to post the plot in the form of a article and link it to the RP...)

So your FC is causally strolling through the woods for whatever reason(Fill in the blank, it's YOUR FC after all...) when they walked towards a rather foggy section of the woods, he/she saw the trees that were made of solid diamond. He/she pressed on despite it getting harder and harder to see his/her surroundings. they followed the trail of diamond trees because they shined brightly through the fog. it felt like he/she has been walking for hours until he/she saw a faint light in the distance. As He/She approached it, it was revealed to be a strange jewel quietly levitating over small pedestal... He/she attempted to approach it, However it reacted strangely, shined a red color, and began to spark! Your FC suddenly fell through the ground for unknown reason!

Shocked and confused, your FC fell into a black void and landed into a strange utopia-like location. The buildings were HUGE and seemingly reached the heavens, they glistened with beautiful neon lights!...
Opinion by TakTheFox posted 2 months ago
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Teleporting is great. It’s fun. You can zip around to different locations and it’s enjoyable for getaways. It can be done through millions of scientific theories, and can save someone’s life in an instant.

Teleporting is so cheap. It makes everything too easy and causes all drama and suspense to evaporate with how quickly someone can just zip to and from locations. It doesn’t make any logical sense and is the replacement of thinking through a problem.

Both of these statements are 100% FALSE! … No just kidding they’re true.

Teleporting has been both the best friend, and issue, to many people in the Roleplaying world. I would also include Fanfiction world as well, but those people control the entire story so it doesn’t really count if one person decides everything.

I myself don’t have anything against teleporting, and use it often. But those who do dislike it I completely understand why they do, and quite frankly I would too had the things that happened to them happen to me.