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News by TakTheFox posted 2 months ago
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So nothing really to say except that I’d like to start up a birthday system. People don’t usually tell others when they’re birthday is for varying reasons but I’d like to make it so that everyone knows when the birthdays of club-members are.

I’ll be adding each birthday to a file and try to make so there’s a notification each time the birthday is near. This way I can announce the birthday to everyone if they want to draw something for that person.

Normally this would be considered spam but unlike most unrelated posts this actually helps strengthen the community. I feel it will show involvement, curtesy, and general compassion from the members of the group if everyone feels like people care about them at least once a year if not more.

You don’t have to give your age or anything, I’m fine with just the month and day, doesn’t need to be year. And of course if you don’t want people to know your birthday that’s perfectly fine too.
Guide by Rachel_Savaya posted 2 months ago
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Dis Him. Right dere. See?
(Okay! here we go! Finally got done with Jetsket's backstory. ^^ I'mma have a picture for him here too, hope y'all enjoy learning about my protagonist for my newest series of fancharacters!)

Name: Jetsket "Sket" Blaston

Age: 17

Birthday: August 18th

Species: porcupine/tiger hybrid.

Height: 3'6"

Weight: 112lbs

Powers/Abilities: Chaos powers. Jetsket's powers are different from the abilities bestowed on an individual by the chaos emeralds. His relate more closely to Chaos, the god of destruction's powers. While they're far from being anywhere near close to Chaos' power level, Jetsket can cast similar attacks and defense, and for a regular Mobian, his powers are pretty strong. His most notable abilities are his miniature tornados made out of a water-like substance, causing a lot of destruction, shooting off a bullet-like ball of energy that is either red or pinky purple in color and deals a great amount of damage, and perhaps his strongest ability, a constant stream of energy that also varies between pinky purple and red in color. Other variations of his powers are randomized,...
Opinion by scougesgirl posted 2 months ago
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"Not much. Oh, I'm silver the hedgehog." The white hedgehog said to me.
"Sorry." I said quietly.
"It's okay. I'm shard." The robot said. He had a MOUTH a real mouth. My eyes became as big as dish plates." Never seen a robot!"
"I've never seen one with a mouth." I said as a hazel dog with dark brown hair walked in.
"Whose the girl?" He asked Silver.
"We really don't know. She can't remember much." Silver said to the dog.
"Hi." I said moving my left arm. I looked at it. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I had a robotic arm. "OMG!!!!!! What happened?!?!?!?!?!"
"Like I said we found you almost dead. You lost you right eye and left leg too." Silver said.
"You'll be fine." The dog said.
"Who are you to tell me I'm fine when I'm clearly now?!? I'm a cyborg, now." I stared to cry. No, don't you dare cry Ashton." Ashton. That's it."
"How is Ashton it?" The cat asked. "And by the way I'm Larry."
"Ashton's my name." I said.