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Fan fiction by TakTheFox posted 2 months ago
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I’ve had my run-ins with the cold before. There was a pretty big transition when going from moving aircraft, complete with artificial you-name-it, to above-mountain thin-air climate. Sore throats became the norm for a long time. I’d have to say sore throats would be my greatest fear. Can’t stand them, and they make it impossible to sing in the shower.

If you’d rather stay in bed, I could always find out if they can do something about the temperature. I’d find out from Big-Ears when she’d be ready for you to sleepover, because we both know she would, but as things would have it her room is pretty cold too; something about her city being wintery most of the year.

In the terms of movies… oh just read me, turning this into some kind of list. I never had much experience writing letters.

Well anyway, that night under the tree, I’d say you had a bit of a reason to snap at me, not a lot but a bit. I actually spent most of the rest of the night feeling like I was some kind of entitled kid, expecting button-pushing to translate into some kind of friendly banter. I didn’t feel right either about being so casual and...
Guide by Chuggarotex posted 2 months ago
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She is the one on the right!
Name: Kitriane Firius
Nickname: Kit
Gender: Female
Physical Age: 16 3/4
Actual Age: 183
Species: Kitsune
Powers: Pyrokinesis
Forms: Normal, Kit the Nine-Tails, "The Nine-Tails"
Family: 8 siblings, Parents (Dead), Littlest Brother (Dead)
Home Dimension: Sonic Boom Dimension
Backstory: Kit lived a happy life, though she had to take care of her siblings herself since their parents died! And one day upon hunting she finds some strangers (Sonic and friends) and invited them to her den! She then found out that her littlest brother was kidnapped by a bald man with a bushy mustache (Eggman)! The man kidnapped the young Kitsune to use his uncontrollable power to power up another one of his inventions! Unknowingly he was slowly killing the young Kitsune, and he even ignored the warning Kit gave him! And the bald man ended up killing the young Kitsune! So Kit moved to Mobius, because her dimension still held the memories of her littlest brother, and left the care of their siblings to her twin sis Sune!
Opinion by Fidus-Achates posted 3 months ago
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Just an excerpt of an idea I had. Kind of embarassing. Haha. I wish I could edit it a bit more. Too tired and ran out of fluff. Guess who's poetic? Also no names just because even if it's obvious.

You don't know this now but
There's somethings that need to be said
And it's all that I can hear
It's more than I can bear

I've written letters before, but how do these start out?

3:26 a.m.

I've been sick since last night. My cold won't let me sleep. Once classes come around, and I'm not there, I'm half-expecting she'll skip and come visit, and half-hoping that you would be right behind her. I plan on sticking a warning outside that I might be contagious and grumpier than usual, but I highly doubt that would stop you guys, and it's obvious that I don't want to be alone through this. So, I expect my favorite movies/games/food/medicine/whatever you think helps and smiling faces when I open that door.