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Article by CyberEchidna posted 1 month ago
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Kao the Kangaroo
Name: Kao the Kangaroo
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Abilities: Strength, Jumping, hitting things with his tail, and Boomerang throwing.
Weaknesses: Bullets, Explosions, Spikes, Fire, and Water.
Backstory: N/A (Meaning I don't want to reveal anything yet.)
Fun Fact #1: This character is inspired by Kao The Kangaroo: Round 2 for the PS2.
Fun Fact #2: This character is a secret Easter Egg for Sonic'Mon: Quest for Chaos, and is only attainable through trade.
Fun Fact #3: He has a slight distrust in Pelicans.
Fun Fact #4: If you bring a gun to a fistfight, expect him to bring a Boomerang.
Fun Fact #5: He calls money "ducats"
Fun Fact #6: He likes to snowboard and jumprope in his spare time.
News by TakTheFox posted 1 month ago
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So originally I was going to do something with all of them but some were too detailed for me to draw scenes out of. There’s a FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD place.

First place gets the scene drawn and a request
Second gets a scene drawn
Third gets a picture of Rin’s face reacting.

Now there were a few that I WANTED to draw, but they were just too complex to fit into one picture, so that’s mainly the reason not all of them could make it.

But anyway here’s the winners.

“Potato Knishes” by Matt (NintendoFan364)

“Clown-killing-cherub” by Magnere
“Flirtatious Ferron” by Rachel_Savaya
(I couldn’t decide between these two so you’re both getting pictures)

“Pie Thief” by FrizTHedgehog

Matt, pick what you want drawn for your request and your full drawing

Magnere and Rachel you will receive full drawings (possibly mini-comics depending on how the pics turn out)
Fan fiction by TakTheFox posted 1 month ago
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Nick was becoming increasingly irritated that Rin hadn’t responded to his calls. He wished she had a cellphone but until now she never needed one. He was running out of places to look at, and his mind would not think to look to the school for quite a while yet.

Nick’s cellphone rang. When he pulled it out he noticed the time. 3:50 P.M. He had Two hours and ten minutes left. Where was Rin? “Rin!” He called out. “Answer!” He had to find her, explain, convince, and… He didn’t even know what he would convince her of. Nick did not want to make that call, and he had no control over Rin’s actions. No matter what though, he had to try.

Talon was near the area where he talked to Kal earlier that day. It was near enough to the school. Perhaps she was there for some reason. Normally Nick wouldn’t look there as an option but he had no idea where else she would be unless she went back to one of their houses. ‘I’ll call Jesse.’

Before Talon could grab the phone it rang in his pocket. Hoping that this was news about Rin he yanked it out, nearly ripping his pocket-sack, and flung open the screen. “Hello,...