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News by katkat57 posted 3 months ago
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Hello! I am back!! Hopefully I can be active again and finally earn a medal here.. Who knows? :D
If you know who I am from back in 2011-12, please tell me~! I really want to re-meet you guys!!
While I was away, I was experiencing other places and also dealing with not being allowed to use my laptop. -.-' As a result of it, however, I'm pretty sure that I've improved my art! :D
Seriously though, Connie the Cat is 4 years old now, and she wants to see her friends again!
Article by TakTheFox posted 3 months ago
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Hidden deep in the jungle reserves of Supreta live the only beasts still living on the planet Mobocan. However what do these beasts look like? That’s up to you.

All you have to do is make a small, medium, or large non-anthroporphic creature, and post it. I’ve got one design already in mind so I need five more. If I like the idea I’ll use it but if I don’t I won’t. Know that you can always use it yourself if I don’t.

You can draw a picture, describe it, or do both. Abilities can be included if you want or even a name, but if I feel I need to I WILL be making changes to the design. However with each creature I accept, unless you want it to have a specific name I will name the species after your username.

This contest is going to last a week only so you have till the 17th of October

Good Luck, God Bless

Eat Pie and Prosper

Fan fiction by neosparky posted 3 months ago
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???:bring in number 1758
minion: okay pleasedonthurtme..
*walks out and a few moments later walks in holding a young knocked out 12 year old wolf*
???: perfect he will become my best one yet *holds up a small red crystal* and this will help me do it
* as the purple echidna finishes she shoves the sharp red crystal into the boy's arm where it sinks in*
weeks later....
*the huge metal jagged crown shaped fortress is gleaming in the sun as a blue hedgehog is running through hordes of cyborg mutants*
Rush(the hedgehog):Queen!!! I know you're in there free them unharmed
Queen((the purple echidna) hologram)): hah you flawed tool you think I'd just release my future weapons just because a failed experiment asked nicely.... NO
Rush: well then I'm just going to get them myself *Spinblades through the fortress wall*

after rush spinblades through the wall he runs through the fortress at supersonic speeds until he slows at a small series of rooms that are the queens holding quarters to find...