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Article by BlueberrySeal posted 1 month ago
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So I better do this.

Name: Blueberry

Species: Seal

Age: 16-18

Sex: Female

Likes: The Ocean, Exploring and Finding New Things

Dislikes: Deserts (She has to keep damp-ish)

Fave Colour: Surprisingly Yellow or Red

Abilties: Other than her amazing swimming skills, Elemental Water Attacks and Blueberry's tail comes in handy in combat.

Personality: Blueberry is very new to the "Dry world" and is fanscinated by everything on land. I mean everything! She loves learning and discovering new things, and she is very clumsy and bubbly. Her innocence leads to her getting into a lot of trouble however.

Backstory: Blueberry grew up in the sea, but she was always fanscinated by the world above. One day, whilst she was swimming she saw a fox struggling out in the water. She bolted towards him and placed the fox on the beach. He told Blueberry his name was Tails and asked if there was anything he could do for her.
Fan fiction by Wildfire_ZX posted 1 month ago
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Look, alright? I have NO idea why I'm admitting this, but the end of the world begins with me, practicing to use the different Color Powers.

I let the little, purplish... thingies... phase through my shirt and into my body. "OK, that just made me nauseous. Nobody mention food, I will puke," I announce.
"Hey, Wyldfyre," my older sister, Dakota, says while holding up a can of Dr. Pepper, "you thirsty?"
Now I'm stuck in the toilet. For about twenty minutes.
As I exit the bathroom, I see Darkfyre, a pair of white hedgehogs, and Tytanium in a large drill vehicle, Rhiannon and Tails tied to the machine.
Darkfyre looks at me. "Surprise."
"Nobody messes with my friends!" I say, running towards the vehicle.
Suddenly, they're... gone.
"Oh, fan-f**king-tastic. We lost a strategist AND a mechanic," Radioactive says.
"Now what?" I ask.
"We go find a couple people for team members."
Opinion by TakTheFox posted 1 month ago
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Time passed quickly, very quickly. Soon Rin was letting Nick inside and Kal was munching on some cereal, looking less tired-out than one would think. Her eyes weren’t half-closed or sagging, and her hair was not filled with cowlicks. She looked awake. This was normal for Kal though so it did not surprise Nick, or Rin for that matter.

“Morning.” He greeted while walking towards his friend’s dining room. Kal smiled while raising her head in greeting since she was eating. “Morning.” She replied after gulping down her chewed food quickly.

“How’s the headache?”

“Gone.” The Tan-colored feline replied. “And thank goodness too… Is that why you came over here?”

“Well… yeah.” Talon replied sheepishly, realizing what the context of his actions could of meant.

“He had a dream where you tried to kill ‘im.” Rin informed bluntly. Talon cringed, sinking his face between his shoulders.

Kal jolted a bit but also bursted into a small laugh. “Wait, really? Did I catch you looking at my baby pictures or something?”