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Article by CrescentHedgie posted 1 month ago
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Name: Crescent

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 17

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5'0

Hair color: Blonde

Alignment: Good

Powers: N/A

Martial Status: Single

Likes: Reading, video games, music, traveling

Dislikes: Evil, being alone

Personality: Often very shy, once she gets to know someone, she's very open.

Love interest: Secret

Parents: Father: Jordan T.H. (deceased)

Mother: Isabelle T.H.

Occupation: Works a part-time (now full-time) job as a nurse

Backstory: Because of the murder of her dad, her mother could no longer afford to take care of her. She was promptly moved to an orphanage two weeks later. After a month of staying there, Crescent ran away when she was just nine years old. Determined to find her mother, she looked everywhere. She even returned to the house where she lived. It turned out to be empty. Everything her mom owned was gone. She gave up looking and she spent her night in the streets. She was then found by a female fox widow. She immediately...
Opinion by CrescentHedgie posted 1 month ago
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Hey guys! Long time no post! Anyway... here, I'm gonna talk about a particular subject that has been bothering me for the longest time. And that would be... mary-sues. Note: If you yourself have a mary-sue/gary stu character, make sure you read this please. Maybe you can learn something. Let's do this!

So... if anyone here doesn't know already, a mary-sue is, and I quote directly from Urban Dictionary, A mary-sue "is usually written by a beginning author. Often, the Mary Sue is a self-insert with a few "improvements" (ex. better body, more popular, etc). The Mary Sue character is almost always beautiful, smart, etc... In short, she is the "perfect" girl. The Mary Sue usually falls in love with the author's favorite character(s) and winds up upstaging all of the other characters in the book/series/universe." Now that you know, let's talk about where mary-sues generally are in such fandoms.

I've mostly seen characters from the Naruto fanbase than the Sonic fanbase. Which, in my opinion, is really strange. Though, I have seen a few overpowered characters in the Sonic fandom. Right now, let's...
Opinion by Light-Of-Days posted 1 month ago
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Time passes quickly, the hazey figures from the past fade like sand. Your born, you grow and learn. Then you die.


Donny laid his bed, letting the minutes pass on by. His dark brown hair scrabbled across his face, looking at the ceiling. He hated it. Life. What he had done with himself.

Sure, he had a job, a house, a pet and an adopted kid. But he hated almost everything else. Sometimes he wished he could go back, restart the clock, and remake himself. But he couldn't. Life was stupid. Life was unfair. Granted, if he wasn't so shy he might have had fun in high school. Maybe if he wasn't shy, they wouldn't call him a freak, a nobody, gay.

He covered his eyes with his hands. Gay. That hurt the most. He never got a girl. And he sure didn't get a guy.
Diomedes was a year younger than him. He was 19, tall, black-and-red haired.

Donny wished he could lie like him. Fake emotions like that fool. Fake a smile when everything hurt like a stab from a knife.