Sonic Fan Characters The Canon Sonic Characters Challenge!

PhoenixRoyale posted on Jan 25, 2012 at 10:07PM
Note: I'm putting this up on this club because I want to see if you guys can fit the official/canon Sonic characters' personalities, if you can RP Sonic fan characters.

Another Note: Cosmo, Chris, Decoe, Bocoe, Emerl, etc. is not included, because they were random characters made in/for Sonic X. However, I will allow Vanilla, because Cream doesn't have a mother.

Oh, and by the way: This challenge will be done again in the future. :3
The land of Mobius--where Sonic roams and...stuff. Oh well, let's get to the point.

Do NOT play out of character just for the lulz. :/

Remember to ask first if you want a character that's available.

Once somebody takes a character, then that character's taken. No begging, or whining.

No godmodding or powerplaying.

Only two characters per person.

Of course, no Fan Characters are allowed in this challenge.

Don't turn the canon characters into annoying Gary-Stus and Mary-Sues.

Literacy is required.

If you're a fangirl/fanboy of a certain character, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT choose them so you can make them your little fangirl/fanboy toy. D:


Espio - PhoenixRoyale
Blaze - Skitty_Love
Tikal - blossom1040
Amy - Ex-Smeralda
Cream & Cheese - PhoenixRoyale
Silver - LunaAcores94
Rouge - blossom1040
Shadow - Al-Capone1
Dr. Eggman - Thetacoman
Metal Sonic - Thetacoman
Tails - Akiko_the_Cagon
Vanilla - Akiko_the_Cagon
Sonic - Dargox
Knuckles - Dargox
Lightning - Evolia-Wulf
Scourge - Evolia-Wulf
Omega - cam98koy
Gamma - cam98koy
Ash - Seuris
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over a year ago Skitty_Love said…
Can I be Blaze?
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
over a year ago blossom1040 said…
Tikal please
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Can Bean be in it? I really want to be Bean
Can Bean be in it?  I really want to be Bean
<br />
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
@Tak ~ I don't think I should add Bean, I don't even know what his personality is.
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
He's insane, he loves shiny things, he's a duck, and his only power is that he can keep throwing short-ranged bombs indefinitly, but they do little damage. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! *puppy dog face*
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
Okay, sure. c:

Also, who will start?
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
*shrug* You could if you want. It was your idea after all. The honor should be yours
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
True. By the way, I may do this challenge once again in the future. XDDD

Espio: *Meditating silently*
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Bean: *jumps out from bushes* HI!
over a year ago blossom1040 said…
Tikal: *pops out of nowwhere* Hello warriors.
over a year ago Ex-Smeralda said…
Amy: -Looks around- Soniiiiiiic! Where are you!? -Huffs and puts her hands on her hips- Darn I wanted to spend some time with him!
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over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Bean: *stands with blank face*
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
Espio: *Still meditating*
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Bean: *gasp* YOU'RE PURPLE!
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
Espio: *Opens one eye* Yes. I'm glad you noticed.
over a year ago blossom1040 said…
Tikal: ?
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Bean: *Gasp* *points at Amy* YOUR'E PINK!
over a year ago Ex-Smeralda said…
Amy: -Stops and raises eyebrow- Yeah I'm pink so what? Is there a problem?!
over a year ago blossom1040 said…
Tikal: *walks away* I guess they dont wanna listen
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Bean: You're PINK! He's PURPLE! TA DAH!
over a year ago PhoenixRoyale said…
Espio: *Closes eye again* ...I don't see how that is exciting.
over a year ago Ex-Smeralda said…
Amy: And? -Her eyebrow twitches- You should look at yourself! You're green!
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Bean: I AM! *mental face* *runs off* (Sorry. Gotta go for a bit. Walking dogs)