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dargox posted on Apr 23, 2012 at 04:14AM
Just like the other one but at step one, so just post your chara and their room.

[prologe: dear partends or guardians, your child has been accepted to the high learnings of mobius academy, a wonderful landscape far way from detractions but close enough to a good size town for him/her to relax on weekends as well as state of the dorm room which he/she has the ablity to chose roommates or not. so please fill out the sign up sheet on the next page and send it back for your child to come and learn at mobius academy. Thank you, from the dean of mobius academy.]

Sign up sheet:
Race: (exsample: hedghog, bat, lion, and so on...)
Type: (speed, power, or flying)
Gardes from the last school:
Eye color:
Fur&hair color:
Other info:

dorm rooms go by:
• Floors:10-50
•Letter: A-Z

Floors 10-50: co-ed dorm rooms
Floor 9: metal&wood shop, home ect, and other shop base class.
Floor 8: Computers & tect class.
Floor 7: Eng & other languge base class
Floor 6: History base class
Floor 5: Sci base class
Floor 4: math base class
Floor 3: Student's mail room, Teacher's lunch room, arts&music, and hall way lockers.
Floor 2: Student's lunch room, Teacher's mail room, and fighting base class
Floor 1: front desk office, ap office, main office, main gym, gym 2, gym base class, and boy&girls gym locker rooms.

Dorms rooms:
45P: Denice
41Z: Sleak, blood, grace, annie
30M: Mac, moonlight, chuck
25L: Lazer, lace, gyro
22C: Trinity, night
19B: Giesel
17G: Rati, jessy, pomu
17H: Rapage, spyro, rynk, meoko
17I: Sara, thunder, slicer
15A: Destinee, blake, kitty, carmeron
10A: Alice, melissna
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over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Spyro: Wanna go for some Ice Cream?
(he loves ice cream)
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…

Trinity: Sure! *smiles*
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Spyro: Yay! *walks toward ice cream shop*
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: *giggles and grips his hand, walking with him*
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Spyro: So, whats your favorite ice cream?
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
HAI PEOPLEZ!!!! Sorry for inactivity. I was grounded and ungrounded so many times I wonder if I was actually grounded in the first place... Anyways, to the roleplaying!

Reef- (Eats a bag of dried banana slices)

Reuben- (Looks over in disgust) What the hell is that?

Reef- (Talks with food in his mouth) Banana chips. (Holds the bag out) Want one?

Reuben- (Frowns) No thank you...

Reef- (Shrugs and takes another bite)

Reuben- (Spots Trinity and sighs)
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
is he sadz :(
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Shadowed-figure: *starts laughing and smiling* Your such a dork. I said I trust you and look at ya! Your sneaking off like a convict and holding a gun. *flicks his nose and smirks at him* I mean come on. This mask only covers like everything but my mouth and eyes. Think. It starts with S and ends with hade. *pulls of her mask* What the hell are you doing anyways?
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
Ya know, I dunno... (Shrugs)

Reef- (Looks in Tri's direction) You still like her, don't you?

Reuben- Eh, sort of, but it will never happen... (Sits back, looking down)
over a year ago Terrathecat said…
Jasmine:* playing the violin quickly on her dorm balcony * ...

Prince Derek: Okay a little slower i cant keep up. * playing some notes correctly *

Jasmine:* slows down and now playing classical music * Happy? * smiles *

Prince derek : Yesh * plays better now *

Princess mandy:* sleeping on a bush * PICKLE!!!!!


Prince Castiel:* on phone * No im not gonna do it .... WHY!?!?!?.......Oh........What does that mean?..... YOUR CRAZY!!!!!!......* hangs up phone *

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over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: I like Mint chocolate chip. *smiles* What do you like?
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over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
TERRA!!! Wazzup, buddeh? And Raven, high-five!
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over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Spyro: You too! *smiles*
(my fav in real life)
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
I like chocolate. With chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup.
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Mine too, but I barely get to buy it. D:
Trinity: *smiles* I always have loved it.
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
yay! ice cream lovas!
Spyro; *opens door* I'll pay for it. *smiles*
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
Hey, Raven, wanna RP Angie and Night? :P

Angie- (Walks around the fountain, bored)
over a year ago Terrathecat said…
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: You sure? *looks at him and walks in*

Shade: Great!! Then I'll help! *jumps in the front* Oh ya, that's pay back for kidnapping me. *smirks at him*
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
I LOVE PANCAKES!!! Especially chocolate chip ones and peanut butter on top. And syrup, of course.
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Night: *sits down at the fountain* Sup?
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
i like to make mine with sprinkles inside :)
Spyro: *pulls out money* Yeah, I've been saving up.
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
Angie- Howdy! (Plops down beside him) How are ya doing?
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: Alright then. *sits down at a seat*

Night: Fine. You?
over a year ago smartone123 said…
(bak was watching the last house with Hugh Laurie god he's hot XD srry but to me is)
over a year ago Terrathecat said…
YUM!!!!!! Wait that reminds me of yumi....

Jasmine: Im bored.......* walks out leaving violin * Do you know where castiel is?

Prince Derek: I think he is outside..

Jasmine: Thank you oh and see ya later!!!* walks out of the academy *

Prince Castiel:* walks to a tree and sits down *

Vira:* pokes head out of tree * Castiel arent you supposed to be in Sub-zero?

Prince Castiel: Hi vira...* looks up *

Jasmine: * sees them * Eh must be busy...* sits on the front stairs of the school *

over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! My favorite character was Wilson...Too bad he's dying. WOOH FOR GREGORY HOUSE!!!

Angie- Heck yeah! I'm better than a barrel full of monkey! (Smiles and sits back)
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over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Shade: Awesome. *opens the window a little, and gets close to the door* I was born for shooting.

over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Spyro: 2 Mint Chocolate Chips please. *hands him money*
Ice Cream guy: *gets ice cream ready and gives it to him*
Spyro; Thanks. *leaves tip and walks to Tri* There you go.
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: Thanks. *gently takes it from him showing a sweet smile and begins to eat her icecream*
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
God, now I want ice-cream...

Reef- (Chows down on the banana chips)

Bai, sonicgmance!!!
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over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Night: *gives her an uneasy thumbs up* Ya....*Thinks: Whatever the hell that even means* *shakes head and chuckles* Hey, do you know where Brenden is?

BRING BRENDEN IN! He's such a little sweetheart. 8D
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over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Bai! :D
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
Okay... :D

Angie- I have no clue! But, I did see his uncle around... Beef, right? (Looks over at him)

Heh-heh. Beef. :D
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: *sits next to Reef and Reuben* Hey guys! *smiles and licks her icecream*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
(I like Wilson too)
over a year ago Terrathecat said…

Vira;* stops conversation * Well happy wedding!!! * flies out of tree to school *

Jasmine:* sketching a rose * ....

Prince Derek:* practicing the guitar *

Prince castiel;* sleeping *
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over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Night: Reef. It's Reef. *chuckles*

Ugh. That is so annoying. D:
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Shade: *narrows eyes and turns to the window and sees the car. Then shoots the back tires, to keep it from going and shoots at the windsheild multiple times* One more bullet. *shoots the engine* We need to get a distance away. *eyes still on the car*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"hey jassy"-blake
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
Name: Brenden Katt
Age: 12
Race: (example: hedghog, bat, lion, and so on...) Hedge-cat
Gender: Male
Type: (speed, power, or flying) Speed
Powers: He has small visions of the future, shown in different pictures.
Skills: He can figure out insane puzzles, which explains why he's in Mobius Academy.
Personality: He is a little sweetheart, as TriTheHedgehog has mentioned! He loves people and is a great friend-maker. True to his nature, he likes to help people out and is nothing like his father Brad. (It's complicated...)
Grades from the last school: A+ Student
Height: 5"1'
Weight: 97 lbs.
Eye color: Lavendar
Fur&hair color: Red and white
Attire: He wears a tan coat and red boots. He has black finger gloves and mainly white headphones (has small red stripes).
Roommates?: Brad, sadly.
Bio: ?
Other info: He has seizures if he is overly excited.

Brenden- (Walks up to Angie and Night) Hello, Angelica and Night. (Smiles)

Angie- (Frowns) I hate that name... (Growls)
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over a year ago Terrathecat said…
Jasmine:* looks up from drawing and smiles at blake * Hi blake...
over a year ago Scourge4EVA said…
Awe... Bai, Grace!
over a year ago smartone123 said…
"nice sketch"-blake
over a year ago TriTheHedgehog said…
Alright. Seeya!
Night: Hey Brenden! How ya been?

Hey Emma, did you read what Trinity said? lol
over a year ago Terrathecat said…
Jasmine: Thanks...Oh and that job i talked about... I got fired so YAY!!!!! Oh and Ya know Yessica....Yeah she was dead but now she is alive...* looks at sketch * <thinking : I talk alot....>