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dargox posted on Apr 23, 2012 at 04:14AM
Just like the other one but at step one, so just post your chara and their room.

[prologe: dear partends or guardians, your child has been accepted to the high learnings of mobius academy, a wonderful landscape far way from detractions but close enough to a good size town for him/her to relax on weekends as well as state of the dorm room which he/she has the ablity to chose roommates or not. so please fill out the sign up sheet on the next page and send it back for your child to come and learn at mobius academy. Thank you, from the dean of mobius academy.]

Sign up sheet:
Race: (exsample: hedghog, bat, lion, and so on...)
Type: (speed, power, or flying)
Gardes from the last school:
Eye color:
Fur&hair color:
Other info:

dorm rooms go by:
• Floors:10-50
•Letter: A-Z

Floors 10-50: co-ed dorm rooms
Floor 9: metal&wood shop, home ect, and other shop base class.
Floor 8: Computers & tect class.
Floor 7: Eng & other languge base class
Floor 6: History base class
Floor 5: Sci base class
Floor 4: math base class
Floor 3: Student's mail room, Teacher's lunch room, arts&music, and hall way lockers.
Floor 2: Student's lunch room, Teacher's mail room, and fighting base class
Floor 1: front desk office, ap office, main office, main gym, gym 2, gym base class, and boy&girls gym locker rooms.

Dorms rooms:
45P: Denice
41Z: Sleak, blood, grace, annie
30M: Mac, moonlight, chuck
25L: Lazer, lace, gyro
22C: Trinity, night
19B: Giesel
17G: Rati, jessy, pomu
17H: Rapage, spyro, rynk, meoko
17I: Sara, thunder, slicer
15A: Destinee, blake, kitty, carmeron
10A: Alice, melissna
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over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Rita:*waves at Rapage*
over a year ago LunaAcores94 said…
Moonlight: This gym is great for training!
Mac: I'll say
Moonlight: Why do u have to be here?! T_T
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Spyro: Hi Sleak,Ryk ( Grew an inch taller)
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Rynk: Hey Spyro. So... has there been any floods, nautre attacks, hospital bills, ect. yet?
over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
(everyone what rooms are your characters in. chec all the ither peoples rooms at the top)
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago LunaAcores94 said…
( I already did the rooms.)
over a year ago dargox said…
(um..tak and spyro this is restart, so sleak dose not know you two.).
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
(um... F1R?)
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
over a year ago sonicgmance221 said…
Fine Spyro: Hey i'm Spyro. *Grins*
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago LunaAcores94 said…
(Alice is 10A, Mac is 10A, Moonlight is 41M And Melissa 41M)
over a year ago SaraTheDog said…
Sara:*cheaks her day plane*F*uck.*thinking-I'm supposed to be in gym.I knew I should have checked-* *heads to girls locker room*
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Rynk: Um... *Sees climbing rope* 8D! *runs over to climbing rope*
over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Lace: *listening to her ipod in science* thinking <god when is this lesson going to end >
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Rynk: *climbs to top of rope and notices a strange green liquid on the top* *jerks back in surprise and falls*
over a year ago LunaAcores94 said…
Moonlight: Ok my turn *runs toward the rope and grabs on the rope and climbs up all the way and slides back down* that was fun
Mac: I do better then u hon.
Moonlight: Shut it Mac, ur suppose to be with the boys
over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Rynk: *crashes down onto ground and is knocked unconcious*
over a year ago LunaAcores94 said…
Mac:...whoa, someone needs to go to the nurse. *Shakes rynk* Hey u ok ?
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Rynk: *wakes up* Sparta... Ow...
over a year ago LunaAcores94 said…
Mac: no but u might want to see a nurse
over a year ago 123KittyCat said…
Lace, Jessie and Rita: *walk doen to locker rooms to chanve for gym*
over a year ago TakTheFox said…
Rynk: No *back cracks back into place* er- Kidding... *slowly stands up. A bunch of acid got on my hands from the top of the rope. ... and my hand isn't harmed... okay...
over a year ago SaraTheDog said…
Sara:*heads to sci base class*Ugh!