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silveranime122 posted on May 01, 2012 at 06:05PM
Freedom City is a place where your fan character(s) can live along with the other Sonic fan characters,Sonic characters and humans while fighting the bad.The city includes:a city(of cource),a beach,mountains,a forest,and a country side.Put your character(s) information below.(creator of city:shadowfan100)










Eye color:

Fur color:


Other information:
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over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…
Name: Shock the Dog

Age: 11 and a half

Hight: 3ft

Powers: Electricity/Legendary Power

Skills: Fast reflexes and...IDK what else

Personality: He's nice, kind and a really good friend if u were to get to know him

Eye color: Green

Fur color: Black

Altire: IDK what that is

Other information: ?

Shock: *walks around* Hmm...
Dark Shock: Hola, amigo...sup?
Shock: Greta YOU'RE here...*about to fight*

(And don't forget to put in the description that I came up with the city's name. It's where Shock lives, so...)
over a year ago silveranime122 said…





Powers:Psychokinesis(advanced and the color is lavender),fire,heal herself quickly,and has a chaos emerald(a clear one)

Skills:psychokinesis,fire,hand combat,flying combat,drawing,sports,chaos control,chaos spear,chaos blast,can fly at super-sonic speeds,psychic knife,fire ball,able to lift anything she wants to,psychic force-field,and flys for as long as she wants to.

Personality:Nice and caring,and somtimes shy,but when she gets mad or gets into a fight,she shows no mercey.


Eye color:Yellow

Fur color:Brown and peach, a short brown tail,brown arms,long brown hair,brown frillies above the eyes(like amy and tails),and brown ears.

Altire:A black head band,a black sweat-shirt,a purple shirt,blue pants(she keeps the emerald in her pocket),a gold belt,gloves with a gold braclet,shoes are purple with a white stripe in the middle.

Other info:She can get mad by people lying to her,called weak,made fun of,people hurting inncont students,someone stealing her emerald and playing around with it,and so on.Also,she belives her powers are stronger than the others,is a verginterian,hates soda,and hates rude and bad people.She can levitate things or play with her powers from time-to-time.Loves art.Likes hanging out with her friends.She will support or protect her friends in any situation.Plays her MP3 with her headphones on in class,but can still hear.Loves outdoors.Very alethlic.And hates talking about her past.
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*sees them* oh not again...*walks over there*
over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…
Shock: *punches Dark Shock* GET OUTTA MY CITY!
Dark Shock: *ow! You lil...! *electrocutes him* *evil laugh*
Shock: *screams and sees Dom* Ow...hey...Dom....*weak but stands back up*
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*helps him up**looks at dark shock* you'll have to go through us!
over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…
Shock: Thank u Dom. or would u prefer Dominique? Pretty name btw
Dark Shock: Yeah i think it sucks *evil laughs he attacks*
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*Chaos contorls behind dark shock and kicks him to the ground*I recomend you don't say that,or you want to go on another flight...*looks at shock*Eather way is fine,and thanks...
over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…
Shock: Ur welcome, Dom
Dark Shock: OW...*gets up and throws dark electrical bomb at her* DIE!
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*grabs shocks arm and flies in the air*
over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…
Shock: hey where are we going, Dom?
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:Some where else than here!
over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…
Shock: We should go to my house...maybe u'd like to meet my parents. They're really nice *smiles*
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*Smiles*Ok*goes to Shocks house*
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over a year ago ShadowFan100 said…

Shock: Mom! Dad! I'm back....
John: hey son...who's this? Does Aqua know ur cheating on--*interrupted*
Shock: DAD! She's a FRIEND! *face turns red*
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:Its alright Shock,it happends to all of us.