Sonic Fan Characters Hidden-Beast Study (Cryptozoology)

thetacoman posted on May 06, 2012 at 02:02AM
*another fail-forum*

Remember when your mum told you that there are no monsters under your bed, or in your closet, and that your history teacher did not count as a monster?
Well, except for the history teacher (homework does not a monster make), she was... rather wrong. Even if it was an imaginary monster, it was pretty scary.
But the real monsters are much worse.
You can't scare them away with a nightlight.
Imaginary monsters are made of shadows, but real monsters are flesh and blood and big, scary teeth, and 'GWARRR! IMMA EAT YOU!'.
Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss.
Chances are, you'll be throwing pillows very powerfully at the things you used to be ignorant of.


This forum works like a book. Rather than, Character X: You goin' down, Robotnik!, it should go more like, "You're going down, Robotnik," said Character X.
It should be noted that this forum will not require a character sheet so long as the character is dynamic, and will be unraveled as the forum progresses. If you plan on making a static character, or do not plan on developing your character, or simply want to remember the vital statistics of a character in progress, feel free to use the sheet provided, or import your own.

Best Friend:
Person/Idea/Other Trusted Most:
Greatest Joy:
Greatest Fear:

Keep in mind, this is my forum. I reserve the right to ask trolls to leave. And I will also control the monsters (and a few of the heroes). If you have a particularly good idea for a monster, submit it (like this), and I'll let you use it.

Trolling and goshawking (my word for, 'use of Stu-lier characters') are stricly verboten. Be respectful, and remember, roleplaying a monster does not mean forfeiting your humanity.
Have fun!
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over a year ago thetacoman said…
Name: Medusae AGX-118
Age: 78
Best Friend: Yeti Thompson
Parents?: Medusae AGX-113 and Medusae BGX-230
Hero: Master Diabo
Person/Idea/Other Trusted Most: Friendship (and mild pranks)
Greatest Joy: Scaring someone, then giving them candy
Greatest Fear: Being trapped

Ever since she was a free-swimming larvae, Medusae AGX-118 loved people. She loved how their faces did that weird thing when other things jumped out at them and how they looked when she 'revealed' herself as a kindly (if not strange) old lady, and gave them tiny cubes of hard candy.
That day was the day before Halloween 2013, the biggest party of all the little beasties on and off Ujeime.
Medusae AGX-118 was decorating her mansion for the party she had planned. All the people in her small neighborhood were invited (she expected a large turnout; all the children loved the hard candy she got straight from Nimea, and, admittedly, they were rather convincing when they threw tantrums), and besides, who wouldn't want to go to a Halloween party in 2013?
She hissed a bright tune, for at that time, she did not have any of her disguise on. Because that was what allowed her to talk, and she was too busy to bother putting on her stuffy old woman's outfit, she hissed as she threw up cobwebs and put plastic weapons covered in ketchup on her walls.

She never saw that first visitor. That first, unwanted visitor.
The visitor that would steal her Haloween.
over a year ago thetacoman said…
Name(s): Abitha Strongtide and Arthatch Noah
Age(s): 5 and 183
Best Friend(s): They are mutual best friends
Parents: Don Strongtide and Pam Strongtide
Heroes: They are each other's heroes
Person/Idea/Other Trusted Most: Each other
Greatest Joy: Playing Poly-opoly
Greatest Fear: Losing each other

Arthatch Noah had only a little time. He felt badly taking his lady's will, but he had to do it to avenge her dignity.
The Arthatch was pretty sure that this was the place. An old lady who jumped out of the bushes and scared poor Abitha had run up here.
Noah saw her, a Medusae, hissing a strange ditty. He also saw that her Bifrost door (the door that let her go from Earth to Ujeime) was open.
Noah ran at the Medusae, knocked her into the door, and closed it before Abitha beacame concious again.
Noah was a good Arthatch.
And Abitha was the best lady in existence.