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silveranime122 posted on May 10, 2012 at 06:22AM
This is where you can roleplay with other peoples fan character(s) while on their adventures.You may add as many as you like.Your fan character(s) can do whatever they want like battle eggman/any other villan(Mephiles counts),battle other peoples fan character(s),time travel,go on adventures with other's fan character(s),hang out,etc.YES,you may add Sonic characters but ONE ONLY,I will put the ones that are taken and who did.I will put all of the fan character(s) and creators(same thing with actuall Sonic characters)so people know who's roleplaying.Every fan character you put in has to look like this:
And thats it.So,enjoy!!

Fan Characters:
James Ace Skyjack~Seuris
Layla Crimson Light~sakuraandsasuke
Lightning the Fox~sparkyhedgehog
Vesper the Grey Tabby~numnumyellow67
Li Ming Chun~Mrs_Romano
Evolia Marie Wulf~Evolia-Wulf
Ember the Cat~silverstream101
Paisley Katt~Scourge4EVA
Bayley Chaos~Scourgea
Nebula the Hedgehog~silverstream101
Flame the Hedgehog~Alvin2442
Ray the Dog~silverstream101
Gardnia Flora~PastaChick

Sonic Characters Taken:
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over a year ago seuris said…
Name: James Ace Skyjack
Age: 17
Animal: Coyote
Gender: Male
Powers: He hides his wings, but he is able to fly. He can heal others peoples, but he have to feel them pain, after healing~
Name: James Ace Skyjack<br />
Age: 17<br />
Animal: Coyote<br />
Gender: Male <br />
Powers: He hides
over a year ago sakuraandsasuke said…
Name:Layla Crimson Light
Age: 18
Powers: she can generate any weapon from her hand she can fly but in her dark form and she know's martial arts as well * tomboy~*
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Name:Layla Crimson Light<br />
Age: 18<br />
Animal:fox<br />
Gender:female<br />
Powers: she can gen
over a year ago sparkyhedgehog said…
name: lightning the fox (AKA the red baron)
age: i.......don't realy give my characters ages.........
animal: fox
gender: male
powers: he wears rings on his wrists that let him levitate and shoot lightning

(i don't use lightning often, so i thought i would use him)
over a year ago silveranime122 said…

Powers:Psychokinesis,fire,and has a her own chaos emerald.
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*Walking around*
over a year ago sparkyhedgehog said…
lightning: *ignoring dom*
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*ignores him and walks.Then notices his braclets*Hm...
over a year ago sparkyhedgehog said…
lightning: it's not polite to stare, miss......*continues walking*
over a year ago numnumyellow67 said…
Name: Vesper the Gray Tabby (AKA The Gray Lighting)
Age: 14
Animal: Tabby
Gender: female
Powers: SUPER NINJA CAT, really hard punching
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over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:I'm not stareing at you,its your bracelets,I think there cool.
over a year ago seuris said…
Skyjack: *looks around confused* .....Oh, god. ._. I'm losted once again...¨~
over a year ago FantaDapikachu said…
Name: Minni
Age: 9
Animal: Fox
Gender: Gurl
Powers: none
over a year ago Shade2145 said…
Animal: Chaos Beast
Powers: Darkness
over a year ago sparkyhedgehog said…
lightning:'s nothining...................
over a year ago Shade2145 said…
Shade:*Falls through portal* woohao ouch...
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*sees Shade*Woah.You ok?
over a year ago gyrothehedgehog said…
Name: Nitro
Age: 12
Animal: Fox-Demon
Gender: Male
Powers: Can go into peoples' heads
over a year ago gyrothehedgehog said…
Name: Gyro
Age: 15
Animal: Hedgehog
Gender: Female
Powers: Gyrokinesis (obviously)
over a year ago gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: Great. Another one. Hi.
Nitro: Hi...*walks over and puts his face to Shades'* I am Nitro.....You taste good...
Gyro: Dude, you have so many problems I'm not even gonna list them.
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
over a year ago sparkyhedgehog said…
lightning: *walks away because he simply doesn't care*
over a year ago gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: *kills lightning... like a baws*
Nitro: What? *looks at Dominique* I wanted to taste....*creepy grin*
Wildfire_ZX commented…
HEY! Nitro was MY fan character. Nitro the Echidna is (C) 2014 Wildfire_ZX!!! over a year ago
over a year ago silveranime122 said…
over a year ago Evolia-Wulf said…
((*Tip toes in* This still accepting?))
over a year ago silveranime122 said…