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IMP Episode 11-15 (2004)

IMP episode 6-10 (2004)

IMP episode 5

IMP episode 4

IMP episode3

IMP mini collection

IMP episode2

IMP episode 1

IMP Mini 22

[Pixel] - Sam vs Joey -Continued-

IMP pilot

IMP Kart Let's play

IMP mini 21

Sonic Forces The Resistance Shorts: Not listening

Venom preview

Order Combat Theme #1

Cyrus's Growth Powers!

Super Smash Fans Deception: Survival 10

Imp episode 46

A petal tails-amy rose story part 4

IMP episode 44

IMP episode Q

My Stupeflix Video

Dawn sings: Monster (nightcore)

Juliet The Bat Animation

IMP Sketchbook adventure

Genie 'Monette' Hedgehog's Theme

Up in the Club RP (Coming Soon) Main Theme


Drakero's Theme

Emerald Dawn Rose and Raven Blue Rose: Dirty Angel

Emerald Dawn 2015 Sad Romance/Break-Up Song (Dancing With Tears in My Eyes-Ke$ha-Nightcore)

Sonic drawing tutorial (Lucy/Fonex Faye)

Emerald Dawn and Cupid- Take a Hint

Emerald Dawn 2015 New Theme

How to make Five Night's at Sharpie's Not Scary (READ DESC BEFORE WATCHING!)

Vemon Castle

Fake Sonic X Screenshot Speedpaint 1

IMP episode 43

Ashton Jade Speed Draw

In the spirit of OWLS Month

Edwin (Haze

Emerald Dawn, Frost, Cupid & Scar sing Nightcore Breakthrough

Quick Virus Theme

Classic Emerald Dawn olds theme

Theme for Melvin Vs. Jason?

Drake's theme

Emerald Dawns True Heartbreak Theme

we all could learn something from this

Frost (Male)s Main Theme

Frosts Beautiful Dying Theme~♥

Frost the fox theme song

Sapphire the Hedgehogs Main Theme

Spiderwick's theme.

Sonic Boom: Blast to the Past visual update

Sonic Boom: Blast to the Past alpha footage

World is Mine - Milk The Cat ~【ミルク猫】ワールド

Prince Ash Storm [Ash Hedgewolf] Main Theme

The song in Ashes Head

Emerald Dawns Beautiful Voice

Frost Storm [Married to Helix Storm] Main Theme

Friz Game Pre-Alpha OST- Closing Theme

Various Updates

Ash the Hedgewolfs Theme

Emerald Dawns Battle Theme 2014 ♥♡♥

ForstxHelixs theme song~Glad you came Nightcore

Nebula the Hedgefox's theme - Diamond Eyes by Shinedown

Dawn & Emerald Dawn ft. Ace Charles Hedgehog

Sorrows Main Theme Christina Perri - Human Lyrics

DJ's Theme~Caramell - Caramelltanzen German version (Official)

DJ's Theme~ Caramell - Caramelldansen (English Version) Official

Friz ACTUALLY sings Blood Red Summer

Desaray WolfFairys Theme~ Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid Lyrics

Cupid sings Never Say Never

Team Flame's (Dakota, Wyldfyre, & Radioactive) theme: Sonic Boom

Emerald Dawn sings: What Hurts the most - Played by DJ

Emerald Dawn sings Angel of Darkness ft. Dawn form of anger

Wyldfyre Sings Escape From The City

Wildfire shows the Sonic CD subliminal message

Sorrow & Jasens Theme- Castle Walls

cirstals new theme song

Frost sings Let it Go

Pomu's new theme

Jason's new theme

Melvin's new theme

Emerald Dawn Sings with Autiotune-Nightcore - Fuck U Betta

Emerald Dawn & Edwin "Haze" Mycen-Love Theme

Emeralds Battle Theme- Attack on Titan English

Emeralds Battle Theme- Attack on Titan 2hr edit

Neon's theme - Neon Lights

Turn up your volume for this video...

The Derpiest Hack In the World, as Presented by Me

Aadi and Aali's theme song

Matrix's theme

Buster's Theme

Snowy's Theme Song

starlight kissed a girl

Best parody ever

IMP episode N

My top 15 favorite sonic songs