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Article by rougethebatfan9 posted over a year ago
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candy the hedgehog
ok, so im gonna b making a club called 'the legend of black mirror' it's a place filled with ma newest characters.
1.candy the hedgehog
2.halloween the bat
3.cronos and mattew the echidna (brothers)
4.lovelace the hedgehog
5.october the hedgehog
6.sylvia the cat
7.autumn the hedgebat
8.devil the banshee
9.glitter the hedgehog
10.freak the bat
11.jazz the fox
12.alexander the hedgehog
13.pinky the bat
14.satine the bat
15.roxxanne the bat
16.j.d the hedgehog
17.coby the hedgehog
18.haunting the banshee
19.ryela the batcat (request and combination af a cat and bat)
20.starr the bat
21.mystique the pooka
22.nightmare the unknown
23.mrs. peaches the chef
if anyone would like 2 have the pics, use them, use them in a vid or watever, plz email me at flameromance147@hotmail.com u may join the club if u like (and if u wanna c the pics)also, here's a pic of candy the hedgehog, freak the bat, and lovelace the hedgehog
Fan fiction by hot-mess13 posted over a year ago
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name:Toxic the cat
likes:to be everyones friend,music,black,sonic(as a friend),britney spears music(toxic mostly),3oh!3,and boys
dislikes:amy,violence(when its not needed),celery,being bored,being called "britney kitty",shame,rouge(because she called her disgusting
favorite song:disgusting by Ke$ha
crush:Manic the hedgehog
ex-boyfriend:bitter the hedgehog(not shown yet)
toxic likes to party
she is a flirty girl
which means she loves to flirt
she is not bratty
she likes to text
her fav. food is stuff that is sweet
her fav drink is a milkshake

Review by CosmoLuvsTails posted over a year ago
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Age: 13
species: fox
Family: Miles Prower (Anti-Tails)
Likes: Teasing/beating up Amber, bossing around Kylie and Satara, horror movies.
Dislikes: Meg.A.Coola''Lucie-Lu'', Romance, history.
Mobius X Version?: Yes
Theme: 'What I've Done' by Linkin Park

Gwendoline is pretty much a bully's nightmare, she's that bad. She is Amber's evil counterpart, and she takes it really seriously. She's violence's biggest fan, and always practices being mean on Amber. But...If she gets seriously hurt,(and she always stays conscious) she's pretty nice. But it's pretty hard to get her! She's the most flexible of my fan characters, and can easily dodge out of the way of a bullet...damn... She carries who knows how many guns in her bag, and won't hesitate to use them.

In Mobius X: Years Later, she's settled down with her husband, Jacob, and she has one child, Louise. The first time she saw Amber in 25 years was a real shocker for Gwendoline, because she was terrified she'd want to take revenge on her and her family. She'd lost contact with Miles and anyone else. She'd kinda quit her evil life when she fell in love with Jacob.
Article by cookiemaster posted over a year ago
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A crowd roaring for a song, waiting for her to come out, but Bluebell wasn't to sure on what her song should be... She made far to many over the holidays, now it's her concert today... Her boss walked over to her. "Have you made up a song yet, Bluebell?" He asked. Bluebell shacked her head. "Hurry up! their waiting for a song!!" Then he walked away. Bluebell then had an idea on her song... "I've got it... the one my mother sang to me when i was small.." She said, then got up. She walked out onto the stage, everyone cheered for her. Bluebell to the mic off the stand, and held it. "I'm sorry for your wait, everyone... I had a problem trying to find out what song to use for today... But i found one... This song is called "Forever Young" Also known as "Time flies" .... and i hope it inspires all of you... to think back when you were small... and to realize how much you've changed in your life..." Bluebell said, with a small sad, but pleasant tone in her voice. She put the mic back on it's stand. Music started to play, it sounded like charms... wind charms..many of them. Bluebell waited for the right time to sing.. she opened her mouth, started singing...with a much different voice.
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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A month after:
Zagic:(wakling and thinking) hmm it seems like ill have nobody to love. Ommmppph (bumps into someone)
????????:im so sorry. I should of been watching where i was going
Zagic:it's ok. Can you help me find my glasses?
????????:here (hands her the glasses)
Zagic:thanks (puts on glasses and smiles) hey Zephiles
Zephiles:(blushing) hey Zagic
Zagic:(noticing blush) hey Zephiles you ok
Zephiles:(blushes more) im fine ive never been better. Why you ask
Zagic:because youre a little purple
Zephiles:oh that. I um just came for training
Zephiles:i heard about what happened
Zagic:you did
Zagic:i just feel so stupid. I bet there's no one here who loves me
Zephiles:(thinking) i do (talking) you dont know there maybe someone
Zagic:you really think so?
Zagic:thanks for making me feel better (hugs him)
Zephiles:(hugs her back) youre welcome
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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At The hedgehog's house:
Magic:(reading a magazine)
Shadow:(watching Magic) (thinking) why does my heart beat increase each time i see her? Is it because i love her? I cant be this is so wrong. She's my sister.
Magic:(feeling her brother's confusion, she puts down magazine and looks at him with purple eyes) Shadow are you ok?
Shadow:(blushing) yeah, im ok
Magic:(sees Shadow's blush and puts her hand on Shadow's forehead) your head is a little warm
Shadow:um Magic
Shadow:what does it mean when your heart beats rapidly when you see someone
Magic:(smiles and giggles) it means you love them silly
Shadow:is it weird for that to happen between siblings
Magic:a little but you cant help who you fall in love with
Shadow:yeah you can't
Magic:ill be right back. Im going to get a thermometer. (Gets up and leaves)
Shadow:so it is true i do love her
Magic:im back shadow
Shadow:(turns a deeper red)
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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it was a fine day on mobious:

luna:*walking* huh?!?! *sees scourge kissing fiona*
luna*crys and runs*

scourge:*sees luna* LUNA!!


luna:*crying under a tree* im such an idiot!!!

????: hello my love.

luna: oh god please dont let it be him!!

nazo: it is *piicks up luna* are you alright-mmmmph!!!

luna:*kisses nazo*

nazo:*pulls luna closer* mmm luna...

scourge:*from a distance*.... that son of a bitch!!!

wats with luna?? are luna and scourge over?? will i ever shut up??? till next time. :3
Fan fiction by crazyasfred posted over a year ago
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Name:Nicolette but she prefers Nikki
Likes:Music,Harry Potter,Hunger Games,Writing,Hanging out with friends,Playing video games,Singing,Dancing,Playing guitar
Dislikes:Peas,Racisim,Homophobics,Fake people,Bulling,PDA,Mephiles
Best friends:Amy,Sonic,Blaze,Sliver,Tikal,Scourge
Fave Food:Pizza
Fave Drink: D.r Pepper
How u can tell she likes a boy: blushes,doesn't keep eye contact,smiles,ears twitch
Ill write a story a bit later maybe try to draw her more......tell me what you think
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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me as a baby
At Eggman's base:
Me:(turns dark and breaks down the door) Eggman!
Eggman:(smiles evilly) look it who it is
Me:where are they
Eggman:i dont know who youre talking about
Me:(grabs him by the neck and pinned him to the wall) you son of a bitch you know what im talking about. Now where's Ashley and Megan
Eggman:(choking) in that glass container (points to glass container)
Me:(drops him and flys to container and picked them up)
Silver:(flys into room) are they ok
Me:yes (hands them to Silver) take them home . I have some unfinished business to take care of (looks at Eggman and cracks knuckles)
Silver:(smiles) ok see you at home (flys away)
Me:(turns around) now where were we?
Eggman:(smiles evilly and pushes a button)
Me:why are you smiling egghead (gets sprayed by baby blue spray) cough* what is that
Eggman:you'll see soon enough
Me:(sees everything blurry and everything gets bigger) what's happening
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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As a child my life wasnt good. First with a bully, an abusive boyfriend, and even more. This was I was 4.
I felt hated useless and not a hedgehog
On many accounts I ran away but alway got caught. I felt unloved. My brother wasnt there at that time so i had a bad life. It all changed when my mom took me to kindergarten. This is what happened:
Luna's mom:Amy!(hugs her)
Amy/mom: hey look at you!
Luna's mom:maybe we should introduce our daughter to each other?
Mom:sure. Magic!
Luna's mom: Luna!
(Both of us run to our moms)
Mom:magic this is luna. Say hi
Luna's mom:say hi luna
(Moms talking)
Me:(looks at luna) hmmm there's something familiar about her but i can't put my finger on it.
Luna:(grabs my hand) hey magic lets go to the swings
Me:(smiles) sure
6 years later:
Me:hey luna
Luna:hi magic. What happened!?
Me:(hides bruises) nothing
Luna:magic tell me please
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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Me: luna!!!
Five hours earlier:
Me: happy 16th b-day luna
Luna:magic (hugs me) you remembered
Me: not only that i got us tickets to Twinkle Park (pulls out tickets)
Luna: OMFG I can't believe you got tickets
Me: i got these one for you and the other for me.
Luna:well lets go ill race ya
Me:(smirked) you're on
Luna:(smirked) ready set go!!!!
Both:(race off)
????????: ill soon have you magic rose and get revenge on luna
At Twinkle Park:
Luna: lets go on that roller coaster
Me: sure
Both:( rides the roller coaster 29 times)
Luna:woah up for round 30 magic
Me:(turns green and runs to nearest trash can)
Luna:(sweatdropped) ok no more roller coasters what about having our fortunes told
Me:(shakes head but turns green again and runs back to trash can)
5 minutes later:
Luna: ok magic were going to ( trys to hold in laughter)
Me: what (sees what luna saw and does the same) silver?
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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it was on friday afternoon after school:

luna: come on magic.. itll be fun.

magic: {on the phone} i dont know... what would i bring?

luna: anything..if ya froget anything... i have extras...right mom?

sarabi: yes luna.

luna: is it okay if magic sleeps over?

sarabi: i dont have a reason to decline... lets just think about her parents descision.

magic: mom.. dad can i have a sleepover at lunas?

sonic: sure .

amy: as long as you come home safe.

magic: r-really? thank you i love you both!!

* magic gets back on the phone*


magic: im in..

luna:awsome... bring whatever you need.

* after magic got her things ready.. she walked over to lunas house*

at lunas house:

*magic knocks at the door*

luna: coming... *opens door* hey.

magic: hello.
Fan fiction by CosmoLuvsTails posted over a year ago
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Amber was cooking in the kitchen. She was trying to make cookies for Elizabeth, her older sister, but she burnt them. She had covered the burnt biscuits with sugar.
'There!' she said to herself. 'Lizzy won't mind if they're a bit burnt, will she?'
She took them through to her older sister, who was arguing with Alex about what they watched on TV.
'Elizabeth.' Amber shyly said.
'What do you want, you little brat?!' Elizabeth snapped.
'Um...I made some cookies for you...' Amber replied.
Elizabeth bit into one of the cookies.
'EWW!!!' she spat, ungratefully. 'YOU'VE BURNED THEM, YOU STUPID LITTLE LOSER!!!'
'I...I didn't mean to, Elizabeth!' she whispered with tears in her eyes.
Amber ran upstairs to her bedroom. She lay on her bed. Her pillow was getting soggier by the minute, but she didn't care.
'Why?' wept Amber 'Why does everyone make fun of me? Why does it matter how many tails I've got?'
Review by CosmoLuvsTails posted over a year ago
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Kylie the Hedgehog was Amber's best friend until about a year ago. She swore an alligence to the Evil side, and kept it a secret until two weeks later.

She works as a 'henchman' to Gwendoline (Dark Amber)
and is a double act with Satara. She hasn't told him yet, but she is secretly in love with Shadow.

Although Kylie is a bad guy, she decided ages ago that she really actually prefered being good and having fun, but she knew it was too late to do anything about it. She hates picking on her former best friend, but she's got too much peer pressure to do anything about it.

She loathes working for Gwendoline and who can blame her? She's having to work for a bossy, bad tempered 11 year old. Satara hates it too.

Opinion by Kandy-Kay posted over a year ago
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i couldnt find anywere else to post this but plz enjoy! *be mature plz*

ok so my mom and i were in a store wich was kinda dark inside but not really. it looked like a mix of ralps and costco (lol) we were looking around and passed by some wierdo in a brown fedora and brown trentch coat. we were passing the fruits and vegetables and we saw him again. my mom told me to be careful of strangers and i held onto the cart. we went to checkout and for some reason i bought a smothie?? (lol) some how my mom left without me... i was worried so i went outside and looked around outside. i didnt see her. (wtf) i was feeling kind of curious so i looked up "child molester male brown fedora trentchcoat" on my phone and a website popped up. i clicked the link and ended up on an article about a child molester who wears a light brown fedora and light brown trentchcoat who steals kids near around or even in movie theaters. i haddnt realized the store was right next to one! i was scared by then and started running and for some reason i ended up at rancho pico junior high school??? which looked like the mountain terrace appartments???? (LOL) So i was there and inside it looked like an...
Opinion by darktheheghog posted over a year ago
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name: Dark

age: 14

Speices: Hedgehog

fave food: ham burgers cheese burgers and hotdogs and chilledogs

Fave colour: Black Red and green and blue

hates: the colour pink and Amy cause she's to girly

likes: dancing singing and reading

(now to Elizabeth)

name: Elizabeth

age: 24

speices: hedgehog

fave food: salad fruite salad and well anythin that has vedgies and fruit

fave colour: black and green and purple

hates: flowers and nature and and justice and the sun

likes: evil and darkness and the moon

(about Dark and elizabeth)
Elizabeth met Dark when she was in the streets and saw that she was alone and had no family so she adopted her and raised her to be evil like her after a few years Elizabeth found out that Shadow was Dark's brother along with Nick but she didnt want Dark to know cause she was like a daughter to Elizabeth.
Fan fiction by Higirl1 posted over a year ago
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The cool Rainbow the fox (better than cosmo)
It was a stormy day at Mobius and Tails stared out the window glumly he sighed 'great' he thought 'just when i finally turn 17 i cant go out' but an hour later there was a RAINBOW and it was sunny. 'YES ok im off out see u Cosmo honey' he called 'ok Tails dear be careful' it was warm and beautiful. he walked closer to the rainbow it was leading towards the forest and he saw a figure rainbow coloured 'probably just the rainbow' he thought to himself but this figure looked....like something was there NO some ONE...he thought of turning back and telling Cosmo after all she WAS his girlfriend but he decided not to. 'er hello?' he called uncertainly 'oh dont be ridiclous Tails ogf course thats not a person i mean who could have rainbow fur'just as he was going to turn back the figure called out 'hi could u tell me where i am?' he stood still she was coming closer....then when she was facing him she was...she was...BEAUTIFUL she DID have rainbow fur 'god she's hot' Tails thought but then he was mad with himself 'DONT MAN YOU HAVE GOT COSMO' he thought to himself. 'I'm Rainbow the fox i see that your a fox too with....WOW u have 2 tails!' 'yes i have and im Miles but you can call...
Opinion by sierradawn9 posted over a year ago
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Shadow set me down.
"Sorry bout that but you..."Shadow began.I raised an eyebrow.
"But what?"I asked.He told me that I have 'superpowers',explaining the incident in the classroom.
"Oh!"I say.Zero ran up to Shadow.And he said,huffing,
"What...have you...done to...Blade?!*huff huff*"
I said;"Dont worry,Zero!He didnt hurt me!"
"Yeah,Z,we were just hanging out!"Shadow said.He scanned me.
"I SAID DON'T CALL ME Z!!"Zero goes freakin PURPLE and tries to get at Shadow.I jumped in front of them.He stops.
"Don't!You!DARE!"I said.Shadow and Zeros eyebrows raise.My eyes narrowed.
"Im just trying to be friends here!"Shadow said.
"Grrr!"He powers down and walks up to Shadow.
"Sorry,Shadow..."Zero said.
"No problem!Its ok to be jelous!"
"Dont push it,Shadow!"
"Zero!"I said.He sighed.
"Wait,Shadow,you mean to tell me that you went through all of that just to talk to me?"I asked.Then Zero looked at the clock.
Fan fiction by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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Diva then fell asleep, she stayed asleep for about an hour before waking up because of her conciouns. 'What am I doing?! I have to leave! And luckualy, the planet is right next to Creeps planet!' so then Diva wrote him a thank you note, and used teleport, she can teleport to closer planets. When Diva was ingolfed in a bright light, she then found her self in a deferent bed. "Miss, are you alright?" A soft female voice said, Diva looked to her left and saw a seedrian that looked like some kind of candy. "My name is Evercrafter, Evercrafter the bubblegum candyian!" She greeted. "Hello, my name is Madison, but please just call me Diva!" Diva replied with a smile, "Shure thing! Do you remember where you came from?" Evercrafter asked. "Yes, but I would rather if I didn't tell you!" "Oh! So you have a boyfriend there and you want to protect him!" Evercrafter replied. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? ME AND CREEP ARN'T IN LOVE!!" "Oh, so thats his name!" "No! I-I mean... *sighs*"

~ To be continued! ;3
Opinion by sierradawn9 posted over a year ago
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My eyes had turned a soft purple as I powered down.But that wasnt the only thing that was in the mirror.Shadow was the one who put his hand on my shoulder.I turned my head.
"Sshhaaaaaaa d-d-dow?!"I stammered.He smiled.
"You'd better leave her alone,Shadow!"said Zero,acting brave.
"Calm down Z!Im just trying to be helpful!"Shadow replied.
"DONT EVER CALL ME Z!"he yelled.He lunged at the place where Shadow was standing.He had taken my hand and ran off with me.Zero had got up and followed us.When Shadow apparently saw that, he scooped me up and headed outside,thats when he shoes lit up.We were going so fast I felt like I was flying.It fascinated me deeply.Shadow looked at me.
"Sorry about before..."he said sincerely.I looked at him.We were slowing to a stop....
Opinion by sierradawn9 posted over a year ago
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Mary goes back to normal before anyone notices.Mary and Zero stared at me with real terror in their eyes.Their gasps are so loud that the bunnies turn around and stop laughing.Rouge turns around and she gasps.While this is happening,my nails grow like Mary's.Anger runs down my back.A smile spreads across my face...
"Chaos..."I said in an ultra-sweet voice.I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"You need to calm down,Blade..."on that note,I went back to normal...or almost...normal...I take out a mirror from my desk and...my eyes...
Fan fiction by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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Diva then looked up and slaped Scourge accross the fac, "HOW DARE YOU!!!!???" Diva yelled. "What's your problem?!?!" Scourge yelled back, "I... in love... with---" "WHAT?!" Scourge interupted, "With who?!?!" "... Creep...!" Diva answered. "But... there is someone else who loves you...!" "Realy? It can't be Fiona (same comic as Scourge!)!" "No it's Lily (shadowlily)!" Diva replied. "She is cute....!" "By the way, we can still be friends!" Diva said with a smile. Then Creep walked into the scene, "Hey Diva!" Creep said with a smile, he then kissed her on her lips. "Hi Creep! Nice to see you made it!" Diva replied with a smile. "Well, we better get going!" Creep said, "Right! Bye Scourge!" "Bye...!" Scourge replied. "I thought Lily didn't care much for me.... huh... well her and Diva are good friends.... maybe she already knew.... But... I've secrectly loved her back...!" Scourge thought.

End! ^^
Opinion by sierradawn9 posted over a year ago
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My eyes widened.I had an idea...

"ZERO!"I yelled.Zero is my best friend since I was 8,along with Mary."HELP!"
He appeared out of no where and kicked Shadow off of me.
"You ok?"he asked me, holding out his hand.
"Yeah,"I said taking it.I sensed Shadow coming back.
"Chaos bubble,"I whispered to myself.A red force field surrounded me and Zero. Shadow hit it and slowly slid down it.Me and Zero laughed real hard. When we stopped laughing, we went inside for lunch.I was feeling much better. Mary was sitting at our normal table so Zero and I sat there too. We had our normal lunches. But we had ... not so normal drinks. Most people here have water or juice. Mary has coke. Zero has red bull(just an energy drink so the teachers let it slide). I have my O(can you imagine what it is?).
"Why so longk?"Mary asked. We decided to keep it to ourselves.
"I dunno,"we said at the same time, shrugging. Mary, Zero and I started laughing.
Article by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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Hey guys! I have an anouncment to make! I'm putting some of my recolors up for adoption! I still like recoloring, but some of my pics are kinda... gathering dust! So I will be giving them away, but you just have to tell people you adopted them from me if you down load them somewhere! Well here's the list:

Jennifer the cat
Natlie the Grape fruitrian
Karima the daisy
star the galixrian
Rainbow the squril
Poker the cat
Fytra the witchrian
Zero the echidna
Julia the bat
Kallie the butterfly bugrian
and Zaynon the demon

If you want any of them tell me please! And you can only have one, you can't adopt two sorry, any one who wants one, will only get one, sorry!
Fan fiction by rougethebatfan9 posted over a year ago
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"i wouldnt open that if i were you crazy..." - flame abby the bat
(crazy and flame were at a restaurant when aqua and mirage showed up) crazy: "*annoyed*what are you two doing here?" mirage: "we just thought since you and cronos are takin your relationship up a notch we wanted to give you a present *hands the gift over to crazy*" flame: "... *angry at them* (in her mind:i wouldnt open that if i were you crazy...)" crazy: "*opens the gift and finds a pillow*" aqua: "your back must be hurting like heck after "all that hard work" you and cronos did" flame: "*gets up and heats up*" thats it!! *fire blasts aqua* aqua: "i dont think so... *counters it with water and puts ut the fire*" flame: "youre really pushin your luck now, aqua..." crazy: "*gets up, gets her hammer calmly and yells out a battle cry* RRAAAAAAA!!!!!! TAKE THIS YOU B**** *hits mirage with the hammer hard*" flame: "nicely done, crazy. *smiles*" crazy: "hehe..." mirage: "*passed out*" aqua: "mirage?! get up!!! theyre gonna do the "crazy flame windmill" on us!!! get... UP!!! *splahes mirage with cold water*" mirage: "*waking up slowly* huh? what?" aqua: "oh, no... too late!" flame and crazy: "take this!!! *does a special attack callled "crazy flame windmill"* aqua and mirage: *flying...