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Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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Luna:how did you get your memory back?
Magic:i dont know. I think it was the necklace.
Luna:the necklace?
Magic:yeah. I think it because it's something that symbolizes our friendship.
Luna:yeah. Maybe it is personal objects like the necklace, that jets up your memory.
Silver:(comes into the room) so the doctor said that she might have amnesia.
Magic:(whispers into Luna's ear) who is he
Luna:that's silver. He's another close friend of yours. All 3 of us had been friends since he was 10, and we were 9
Luna:yeah. You had a crush on him ever since we met him.
Magic:(blushes) really?
Luna:(smiles) really. He actually give you your first kiss.
Magic:(eyes widen and turns an even deeper red) really?
Luna:(smiles and nods)
Silver:(tilts head) what are you guys talking about
Luna:(smiles) oh nothing. (Starts to leave) im going to leave, i promised Scourge that i would come back at 10. Bye
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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A month after:
Zagic:(wakling and thinking) hmm it seems like ill have nobody to love. Ommmppph (bumps into someone)
????????:im so sorry. I should of been watching where i was going
Zagic:it's ok. Can you help me find my glasses?
????????:here (hands her the glasses)
Zagic:thanks (puts on glasses and smiles) hey Zephiles
Zephiles:(blushing) hey Zagic
Zagic:(noticing blush) hey Zephiles you ok
Zephiles:(blushes more) im fine ive never been better. Why you ask
Zagic:because youre a little purple
Zephiles:oh that. I um just came for training
Zephiles:i heard about what happened
Zagic:you did
Zagic:i just feel so stupid. I bet there's no one here who loves me
Zephiles:(thinking) i do (talking) you dont know there maybe someone
Zagic:you really think so?
Zagic:thanks for making me feel better (hugs him)
Zephiles:(hugs her back) youre welcome
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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Zagic:i hate you!
Zilver:Zags listen to me!!
An hour earlier:
Zagic:im not sure if i should do this
Zuna:zags you are going to have to do this sooner or later
Zagic:fine only if you, Zelly, Zella, Ziara, Zammy, and Zachel come in case something bad happens
10 minutes later:
Zelly:our little Zags is growing up
Zagic:(blushing) shut up Zelly
Zella:we cant help it. We never thought you would ask
Zagic:i changed my mind
Zuna:but Zags if you said
Zagic:i changed my oopphhh! (Bumps into someone)
??????:im so sorry i should of been watching where i was going
Zagic:no it's my fault. Oh my glasses.
??????:(picks them up) here
Zagic:thanks. I swear if i lost these i would as blind as a bat (puts on glasses, eyes widen, and she blushes)
Zilver:(blushes at how close his face was to Zagic's face) um hi Zagic
Zuna:(smiles) we're going to leave you two alone
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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At The hedgehog's house:
Magic:(reading a magazine)
Shadow:(watching Magic) (thinking) why does my heart beat increase each time i see her? Is it because i love her? I cant be this is so wrong. She's my sister.
Magic:(feeling her brother's confusion, she puts down magazine and looks at him with purple eyes) Shadow are you ok?
Shadow:(blushing) yeah, im ok
Magic:(sees Shadow's blush and puts her hand on Shadow's forehead) your head is a little warm
Shadow:um Magic
Shadow:what does it mean when your heart beats rapidly when you see someone
Magic:(smiles and giggles) it means you love them silly
Shadow:is it weird for that to happen between siblings
Magic:a little but you cant help who you fall in love with
Shadow:yeah you can't
Magic:ill be right back. Im going to get a thermometer. (Gets up and leaves)
Shadow:so it is true i do love her
Magic:im back shadow
Shadow:(turns a deeper red)
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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Silver:funny Mags be serious
Magic:who's mags
Silver:im going to find the doctor (leaves the room)
Luna:mags can you remember anything
Magic:hmm. Oh im mags?
Magic:i remember falling from the sky and landing in the arms of that white hedgehog
Luna:do you remember anything before that
Magic:what's you're name
Luna:it's luna
Magic:luna, how did i know you
Luna:we were best friends
Magic:for how long
Luna:since kindergarten
Luna:yeah and see this (takes out a silver broken heart necklace) you gave me this for my sixth birthday
Magic:i did?
Luna:yeah. You have one too
Magic:i do? (Takes out a similar necklace) i do!
Magic:i wish i could remember.
Luna:i wish you could have your memory back
Magic:yeah ahhhhhhhh (grips head)
Luna:mags are you ok
Magic:(gets memory of luna back) l-l-luna
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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At hospital:
Silver:i hope she's ok
Luna:what happened silver
Silver:ive found Magic
Luna:you did
Luna:where is she
Silver:they seeing if she has any injuries
5 minutes later:
The doctor:you two may see the patient
In the room:
Magic:owww head (rubs my head and sees that she's in a white room, and has bandages on her head)
The door opens
Luna:magic! (Runs in and hugs her)
Luna:are you ok?
Silver:yeah you ok
Luna:how did you get back home
Magic:im ok. Can i ask you guys a question?
Magic:who are you guys
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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5 years later:
Silver:(thinking) it's been five years since Magic has left us. We all have been mourning her death ever since then. I was walking towards the field where Magic had made the decision that changed our lives forever. Everyone has visited her grave in the hero's cemetery. I mean everyone. Eggman came once a week, crying, with lavender roses. Everyone has been affected by Magic's death in different ways. The one who has been affected the most was luna, she once said she was going to commit suicide, but said Magic was stopping her. We ignored that, thinking she'd gone crazy with grief. Ive missed her ever since then. I wear her bracelet to remind me of her. What i would do to hold her, see her smile, see her eyes, and to kiss her once more. (Looks up in the sky and sees a "falling star") i wish she could come back (looks at star) oh my god, that's not a star (flys to where the "star" would of landed) i gotch ya. Ommphhh! Oh my god. (Uses cellphone) luna meet me at the hospital.
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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It started with the ark
The 4th of July:
Sonic/Dad:this is great. Im spending time with my friends and my family
Magic:hey look at that (points to the sky, and there was a redish light heading towards the Earth like planet)
Dad:oh no. Not again.
Magic:ok im ready to help
Dad:magic youre going to stay here
Magic:dad i want to go with you,shadow, and silver
Dad:magic i dont want you to get hurt
Magic:but dad
Dad:no buts. I want you to promise me
Magic:fine (crosses fingers behind her back)
On the Tornado:
Tails:ok we're almost at the ark
Dad:ok do we have the Chaos Emeralds
Tails:yes so you shadow and silver will turn super and stop the ark
Dad:what are you doing here
Magic:i wanted to help. You've always told me that once i have mastered my powers that i would be able to go on missions with you. You have been training me for this day ever since i could even walk
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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on halo:

sonic: run!!

silver: oh crap where is she?

sonic: i dont wanna die!!

tails: mina ..we have to help them?

mina: help who?

tails: the guys, lunas attacking them we have to stop her.

mina: stop luna? oh no..that would never work..we should never bother her when shes fightin in halo.

tails: but she'll kill them!

mina: that would be wonderful!

shadow: we need to keep moving men, double time!

sonic: i think we need to fight..im afraid she'll be picking us off one by- (lunas hand goes through the wall grabbing sonics neck) - one!! (gets pulled in then luna kicks the wall sending sonic with it)

shadow: (shoots)

luna: (grabs him and kicks his jaw)

shadow: (heads towards silver)

luna: (runs super fast and rams both of them into the wall with other walls as well.
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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It was 2 years after leo was killed by luna:
(In dream)
Me:(pinned up against wall) let me go! (Struggling)
???:no way "hero"
Me:(stops struggling) n-n-no i-it c-cant be
???:its me alright
Me:(struggles again) let me go leo
Leo:(smirks evilly) no way. Ive always wanted to do this hero
Me:do what
Leo:(leans forward to my ear and whispered) kiss you
Me:(blushes a deep red) no leo
Leo:(smiles and leans forward until our noses touch) yes leo
Me:(struggles) keep your dirty mouth away from mine
Leo:(smiles) i love when they play hard to get
Me:(feels his breath) leo p-please im begging you dont do this
Leo:sorry (leans forward) I've been waiting to do this ever since we met (brushes his lips against mine)
Me:(shakes and feels tears pool in the corner of my eyes)
Leo:(whispers in my ear) ive always had feelings for you
Me:(shaking) ...
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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leo: (picks up luna) now my princess you and i will be happy!! (evil look)

luna: huh wha??

leo: (teleports)

at leos:

leo: here we are my dear.... (holds luna tighter)

luna: stop!!!

leo:why should i? i know you like this! (kisses her) mmmmm

luna: mmmmph!!!! (blushing)

leo: (teleports to his room)

leo: (puts luna on the bed) are you ready my dear?

luna: ) 0_0 no,no,no,no!!! i dont want this!! (gets out cootie stick) i gonna hit ya!!!

leo: -__-, babe,dont be difficult! (grabs her chin) all i want...is you.....nothing more....(smiles)

luna: meep! 0_0


magic: (goes into lunas house) hey lun!

luna: hey.. (playing sonic heroes) grr!! curse you sonic!! (hits a button on the controller)

magic: wanna play multiplayer?
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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luna: (giggles)

leo: (thinking: i need her back to normal!!)


luna: (espio holding her)

espio: why is she so tiny???


fiona: she looks stupid....

nazo: (glares at fiona)

fiona: what?

......more later:

luna: (asleep)

leo: ( luna is on his lap) ........(smiles)

a light forms around luna.


luna: (grows bigger) huh wha...where am i??......leo?!??!

leo: (smiling) hey babe. (kisses her cheek)

luna: (punches him) ew!!

leo: (chuckles)

Opinion by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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magic:(sees luna) lun?!

luna:maggy! (gets picked up by magic)

magic: (teleports)

at nazos:

nazo: hey bud...wheres mom?


magic: (runs into the house) nazo,weve got a problem!!

nazo: (sees luna) 0-0 luna?!?!

luna: (smiles)


everyone: lunas a what?!?!

magic: a baby... maybe tails could help....

luna: ( ontop of shadows head) wadow!!!

shadow: can i ask why shes so freakin adorable??

knuckles: ( picks up luna) aaw shes so adorable!

luna: wuckles!!


jet: (picks up luna) wanna fly?!


jet: okay!! (gets on hover board and flys)

shadow: careful!!

jet: shut it- oop!! (drops luna)


???: (quickly catches luna) gotcha.. are you alright my dear?
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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luna:(runs to eggmans base) (opens door) hey doc! i came for-(gets trapped in a capsule) what?!?

eggman: hello... magic was my first test...now its your turn! (machine beeps and smoke comes through)

luna:( cough) (everything gets bigger) w-what the??


bokkun: aaw shes so cute!!


metal scourge:.....

bokkun:(holds up two dresses) which one, red or green?



luna:(mashes a button) boom boom!!

base: self destruct in 50 seconds!!!

robots:(running) wheres our little flower?!?!
(picks up luna)

base: (explodes)


magic:(hears crying) huh??

till next time
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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In the past:
Sonic:(knocks on Amy's door)
Amy:(opens door angrily) what
Sonic:Ames im sorry why do you keep ignoring me
Amy:i have moved on. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? I thought that you wanted this
Amy:i dont want to hear it. Just leave me alone. (Closes door)
In the future:
Me:ugh... my head (touches face and hears a clank) what the... (gets up and looks into the mirror) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Dad:magic what's the matter?! (Eyes grow wide) omfg
Mom:sonic is Magic ok i heard her screaming (eyes grow wide)
Dad:ill call Tails
Me:what's happening to me. Im part robot again!
At Future Tails house:
Tails:im not sure how this is possible.
Dad:then how did this happened
Tails:well there's one explanation
Mom&dad:well what is it
Tails:you guys remember Silver
Tails:remember how he came back because of something affecting the timeline
Opinion by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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nazo: (teleports with me)

at nazos house:

nazo:(smiles) here we are my dear.... ( takes me to his room, and puts me on the bed)

luna:(blushing) nazo..

nazo: (licks my neck)


nazo: ( bites my neck)

luna:nazo.. w-why are we doing this?

nazo: (smiles) so we can feel our powers unite,luna. (kisses me)

5 hours later:

luna: (asleep)

nazo:(hugging luna)

luna: (opens eyes)

nazo: hello my princess... (kisses me)



scourge: screw luna.,,i have fiona!!!

the end????
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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it was a fine day on mobious:

luna:*walking* huh?!?! *sees scourge kissing fiona*
luna*crys and runs*

scourge:*sees luna* LUNA!!


luna:*crying under a tree* im such an idiot!!!

????: hello my love.

luna: oh god please dont let it be him!!

nazo: it is *piicks up luna* are you alright-mmmmph!!!

luna:*kisses nazo*

nazo:*pulls luna closer* mmm luna...

scourge:*from a distance*.... that son of a bitch!!!

wats with luna?? are luna and scourge over?? will i ever shut up??? till next time. :3
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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It's been 3 years since the Metarexs had attacked and almost destroyed the universe.
Let's see how everyone's life is now.
Sonic:i wonder how Tails is doing
Amy:(walks by not looking at Sonic)
Sonic:that's weird (runs after Amy) hey Ames!
Amy:(looks at him angrily) what!?
Sonic:Ames why are you mad at me
Amy:Maybe because we had a date yesterday, and you never showed up
Sonic:Amy im sorry
Amy:i finally get it now. You hate me that's why you run away from and keep ditching me on our dates
Sonic:no Amy i do like you
Amy:as a friend heck im probably a little sister to you. Im finally going to do what you want. Im going to stop chasing after you, and move on! (She turns and walks away)
Sonic:what have i done
20 years into the future:
Magic:Alexia! Call mom and dad then the hospital.
Alexia:ok (runs out off the room)
Magic:please don't die Shadow
Shadow:(moans in pain)
Fan fiction by crazyasfred posted over a year ago
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1 fan
Name:Nicolette but she prefers Nikki
Likes:Music,Harry Potter,Hunger Games,Writing,Hanging out with friends,Playing video games,Singing,Dancing,Playing guitar
Dislikes:Peas,Racisim,Homophobics,Fake people,Bulling,PDA,Mephiles
Best friends:Amy,Sonic,Blaze,Sliver,Tikal,Scourge
Fave Food:Pizza
Fave Drink: D.r Pepper
How u can tell she likes a boy: blushes,doesn't keep eye contact,smiles,ears twitch
Ill write a story a bit later maybe try to draw her more......tell me what you think
Fan fiction by tailsfan8987 posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Kayla and Tails ran around in search for the Emeralds. “There they are!” Kayla cried, pointing. Tails flew and picked them up. Kayla picked up the Green Chaos Emerald and ran away. “Come on!” she called over her shoulder. Her sister, Cinyella, was sitting around, listening to her iPod. “This mine of loss that you’re making, your love is mine for the taking. My love is just waiting to turn your tears to roses. I will be the one that’s going to hold you. I will be the one that you’re onto. My love is a-burning considering fire. No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes, a-right, the night will start in the whispers in the dark. No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes, you know I’ll never fall in the whispers in the dark.” Then she looked up and saw Shadow. When Kayla looked where her sister had been, Cinyella was knocked out. “Cinyella!” she cried. “Chaos Control!” Shadow said, picking up Cinyella. They left, except Kayla. She ran to Tails, who was barely catching up. “Shadow took my sister!” Cinyella woke up in a glass container. “Where am I?” Eggman laughed. “Welcome to the Robotiser!” Cinyella gasped. “My sister told me...
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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At Tails's workshop:
Luna:ok before i say why i gathered you all here, i want Sonic and Amy to sit down please
Both:um ok (sit down)
Luna:ok remember that 5 days ago Magic went to save her two beloved childern, and she hasn't come back
Luna:well we found her but
Amy/mom:(frantically) but what
Luna:(turns to Silver) Silver?
Silver:ok (walks out of the room and comes back with me in his arms)
Mom&Dad:magic! (Ran to Silver)
Mom:what happened to her
Luna:eggman hit her with Goo-Goo Gas and now she's a baby
Dad:(clenched his hand into a fist) eggman went to far this time
After a big debate on how to get back at Eggman:
Mom:(holds me in her arms and brush my bangs back a bit and smiles)
Cream:can i hold her
Mom:sure cream (hands me to Cream)
Cream:awww she's so cute. Look cheese!
Cheese:chao chao
Ms. Vanilla:cream be careful with her darling
Cream:i will. Do you want to hold her
Fan fiction by CaseyMiller101 posted over a year ago
fan of it?

Casey: -flies super duper fast away from robots that are shooting lazers at her-
Bloom: -is in a plane with Jenny and has a British accent all through these episodes- There she it, mate!
Jenny: What should we do?
Bloom: What all mates do; Save her.
Bloom: -makes the plane fly upside-down and jets to the robots- >:D
Jenny: AHH!!!!!!!!!!
Bloom: -gets close to one robot and throws magic powder at it-
Robot1: -explodes-
Bloom: Lovely. T_T
Jenny: IKR!!!! -tries to wipe the parts off of the plane and her- This looks like a JUNKYARD!!
Bloom: No, I mean the other robot has captured Casey. It has to be taking her to..-
Jenny and Bloom: Bliss. >: .


Casey: -is in a bearhug with one of the robots and tries to get out of it- LET ME GO!!
Bliss: Great, you got that bitch that keeps trying to ruin my plans.
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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baby magic
Five days earlier:
Day 1:
Eggman:why I
s she crying?
Metal Amy:(sighs) thank you for giving me a female brain and other things woman need to have, do, or know (picks me up and starts to change my diaper)
Day 2:
Me:(plays with the other robots)
Bokkun:it's funny how she can be so destructive and it's hard to stay mad at her
Decone:that's very true
Becone:will you guys help me?! So which is better the purple dress or the blue?
Day 3:
Decone:(hiding his face with his hands) where's the baby? Where's baby
Decone:(uncovers his face) there she is!
The others do the same
Day 4:
Me:(crawling around the button disc) bah! (Hits a button with my hand)
Computer:selfdestruct ready
Becone and Decone:(running around frantically) where's our little acorn? Where is she
Me:(crawls to them) bah!
Both:found her now lets get out of here
Fan fiction by CaseyMiller101 posted over a year ago
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Chrismas Casey. :D
Full name: Cassandra Lynn Miller
Nickname: Casey
Age: 14
Species: Hedgehog
Gender: [obviously] Female
Guardian(s): Mr. and Mrs. Bruce (aunt and uncle)
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Miller (exploring Feegee)
Sibling(s): Grace (5, fox, sister) and Blake Miller (2, squirrel, brother)
Likes: Dancing, green, flying, having fun, cooking, coffee
Dislikes: water, swimming, Bliss the Fox (her arch enemy), Bingo, old stuff
Theme Song (even though I don't really care for them): Wild Ones

Casey was born in Towns Square of Mobius on March 2nd, 1998. At age of 11, with her siblings already born, her parents were sent to Feegee to find new species. (Her parents were biologists!) Before they left, though, they left 11-year-old Casey, 2-year-old Grace, and 0-year-old Blake with Mrs. Miller's sister and brother-in-law, with their daugter, Jojo (6, fox). Casey and her siblings have not seen their parents since, but they keep a steady relationship on Skype.
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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1 fan
me as a baby
At Eggman's base:
Me:(turns dark and breaks down the door) Eggman!
Eggman:(smiles evilly) look it who it is
Me:where are they
Eggman:i dont know who youre talking about
Me:(grabs him by the neck and pinned him to the wall) you son of a bitch you know what im talking about. Now where's Ashley and Megan
Eggman:(choking) in that glass container (points to glass container)
Me:(drops him and flys to container and picked them up)
Silver:(flys into room) are they ok
Me:yes (hands them to Silver) take them home . I have some unfinished business to take care of (looks at Eggman and cracks knuckles)
Silver:(smiles) ok see you at home (flys away)
Me:(turns around) now where were we?
Eggman:(smiles evilly and pushes a button)
Me:why are you smiling egghead (gets sprayed by baby blue spray) cough* what is that
Eggman:you'll see soon enough
Me:(sees everything blurry and everything gets bigger) what's happening
Opinion by shadowluvgirl posted over a year ago
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sour the hedgehog
age:14 female

likes:shadow,silver,amy,candy bars,rouge,sonic *sometimes*tails,knuckles,cream and cheese.

dilikes:dr.eggman,robots,evil,when shadow gets mad at her,amy when she gets mad,sonic*4 reason*,when some one hurt shadow,not 2 watch TV,

theme songs:omg by ucher and will.i.am,dangerously in love 2 by beyonce',walking by mary mary,angei in disguise and have u ever? by brandy

sour is from the future.
she loves candy.
bffs shadow and lune the hedgehogs.

"I luv u guys!"~sour 2 lune and shadow
"what do u want sonic?"~sour mad at sonic
"I am sour the hedgehog and I am awesome!"~sour going 2 super sour
"hey,U can not leave me here!"~sour screaming 2 rouge and shadow
"team dark meet team future"~sour showing team dark team future (her friends water the cat and nightfall the hedgehog
"I hate u shadow!"
"damn it,shadow."~sour in shadow the hedeghog
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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my sister and her boyfriend cute
Me:what's the matter
Alexia:im just sad
Alexia:because i have no valnetine for the festival
Me:it's ok i bet bunches of boys want to be your valnetine but are too shy to ask
Alexia:ya think so
Me:i know so
Alexia:thanks sis (hugs)
Me:(hugs) i gotta get going. I promised silver i was going to meet him at sunset hill
Alexia:ok ill be here
Me:why dont you walk your dog
Alex: fine i haven't walked with num num in a long time
Me:(smiles) ill see you at the festival (teleports)
Manic's dad:come on son when are you going to ask her
Manic's dad: i hope so because your brother Michael is going after her as well
Manic:thanks for telling me dad (picks up red rose and runs out door)
Manic's dad: my sons becoming a man
Alexia:i wonder what manic's doing (blushes)
Michael:hey, hey it's the beautiful rose of John F ken street
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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Me in the robotizser
At Eggman's base:
Me:(wakes up and sees that im in a glass container) hmmmm where im i? Where's luna and (blushes) silver
Eggman:(evil Santa laugh) you're in my base and in the robotizer
Eggman:your dad never told you about the robotizer
Eggman:it's a magnificent machine. And with a push of a button i could turn you into a robot
Me:oh. Eggman please let me go.
Eggman:no way not until your father comes and rescues you
Me:(see a familiar outline) Dad!
(Steps out of shadows)
Eggman:(laughing) that's not your father that's Metal Sonic. He's like your father but better
Me:you look a lot like my dad metal
Metal Sonic:(blushes) um the doctor made me to destroy your father.
Me:oh. If you're like my father then you're kind. Please metal help me escape
Metal Sonic: i cannot must obey doctor (runs out of room)
Me:i hope someones coming
Silver:(flys faster and grips bracelet tighter)
Fan fiction by silverstruelove posted over a year ago
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mistletoe kiss and first kiss
Christmas Eve (in my parent's car):
Sonic/dad:i want to tell you guys to behave (looks at shadow)
Shadow:why are you looking at me for
Amy/mom:this isn't the first time you got into a fight at a party
Me:(smirks) yeah shadow
At Luna's party/house:
Luna:hey magic (hugs me)
Me:(hugs back) hey
Shadow:i wonder if he's here (looks for his boyfriend)
William:i wonder if he's here.
Both bump into each other. Shadow's on top.
Shadow:will im so sorry
William:no im sorry i wasnt paying attention (blushes)
Shadow:youre so cute when you blush
William:(blushes even more)
Shadow:(comes closer until their lips met)
Mina:so Ash and i aren't together anymore
Me:im so sorry (hugs her)
Mina:it's ok
Ash:(comes walking to us) hi magic hey mina
Mina:hey ash
Me:(thinking) ok im going now because it just got akward. (Normal) bye im going to look for luna (turns around and walks away and sees shadow and will making out) ewww
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me & silver on our wedding day <3
At Angel island:
Me:omg im so nervous
Rouge:it's ok hon just take a deep breath
Amy/mom:yeah honey take a deep breath
Cream:has anyone seen Miss. Blaze
Mina:yeah she isnt here
Silver:im so nervous what if she leaves me at the alter
Shadow:im sure she wont (thinking) not
Sonic/dad:come on silver this is my daughter were talking about. Im sure she wont leave you here. She loves you too much.
Silver:i hope youre right
Dad:have i ever steer you wrong
Silver:ok ill be right back im going to get my gameboy from the car k
Dad:(smiling and shaking his head) ok silver
Silver: thanks (smiles and waves)
?????:hey silver
Silver:hey blaze
Blaze:what are you doing
Silver:nothing you
Silver:so hows magic
Blaze:she's ok (steps closer to silver)
Silver:good (notices blaze moving closer to him) um blaze
Blaze:(gets closer)
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Half a month later:
Me:(crying) i have to find a way out
Luna:ok were have only three more bases to look through but
Luna:their in Japan, London, and Paris
The other half of the month later:
Me:(hears music and walks down the hall to see metal sonic and metal amy dancing with each other and smiles)
Mephiles:hi magic it's good to see you smiling again
Mephiles:would you like to dance (holds out hand)
Me:(looks at it and takes it) sure
Both:(starts dancing the waltz)
Mephiles:youre a good dancer
Me:thank you
Mephiles:magic (stops dancing) will you marry me
Me:um mephiles i can't i dont love you
Mephiles:you will (injects me with shot) oh you will
Me:(vision get blurry and i act like a drunk person) you crazy son of a b mmppphh
Mephiles:(pulls me into a kiss)
Me:(faints from shot and kiss)
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me in my wedding dress
At 3:00 AM:
Me:(wakes up at noises and get really nervous)
Doors open:
My bridesmaids except blaze jump into the room
Me:(yells but feels relief) omg what is you guys problem it's 3:00 in the morning.
Bridesmaids: it's time to get ready for your wedding
Rouge: i call makeup
Luna:i call dress
Amy:i call hair
Cream:i call train and crown
Mina:i call veil
Me:(thinking) oh god it's going to be a long night
An hour later:
Me:are you guys done yet
Amy/mom:almost (takes the last curler out)
Rouge:almost (puts on the last bit of eyeliner)
Luna:almost (fluffs up the dress)
Cream:almost (straightened the crown and train then pulls out the train and opens it up)
Mina:almost ( straightened the veil and opens it up)
Mom:turn around so we could see you
Me:(turns around)
All:OMG! You look beautiful.
Mom: (takes picture)
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i told scourge that i was going out to buy some stuff.

scourge: be careful...and get your gun and phone if anything comes up..got that?

luna:yeah..lova ya. *leaves*

as soon as i left the store..i felt eyes watching me......horrible eyes that only appear in my nightmares:

????:why hello my dear.

luna:...fuck off nazo....

nazo: come on...dont be like that... come here.

luna: leaving......

nazo: *grabs me and kisses me*

luna: *deadpan look*

nazo:..*breaks kiss* you arent going to run away?

luna:...are you serious?

nazo: so you love me? *tails wags*

luna:..no....i hate you see ya later jackass. *he then grabbed me and pinned up against a wall....i was still giving him a blank stare*

nazo: i know you want me..i know it very well *kisses me and knees my crotch and his tail wags*

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it was on monday..my life was gonna change for the better:

luna:..*sigh* i dont know if i can do this..

magic: if you love him that much then you'll be fine...trust me. :3

luna:thank you...*goes into a room to put on the dress*

luna:*from the room* why does the dress have to be white?

magic: im not sure.

luna: well i wish it were either grey or black.


luna: er can ya help me..i cant zip the damn thing up!!

magic: im coming.


scourge:uuugh.....why do i have to be in this?

silver: i have no idea,

scourge:....well this sucks.


scourge: i dont know if i can do this...god...

silver: *sigh*

scourge: how the hell do you put on this fucking bowtie???

silver: *sighs again* let me help.


magic:well look at you..your as beautiful as a magnolia in may..
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it was on sunday..when magics life was gonna change:

magic:oh ......im just so worried!!!

luna: hmph...i dont blame ya...

magic: what do you mean?

luna: first he loves..ya then breaks ya heart..the loves ya again..and all what...just for megan?...*sigh* its just like jake *stares out window*

magic: ......i feel bad for you....its just frustrating....man..

luna: *turns to you and walks over to you* in this room...what we say..means nothing..and othersuch..kay? now put this dress on *hands her wedding dress*

silver: oh jeez!!...what do do??? gaaah!!!!

sonic: silver....chill...i acted this way on my wedding day as well.....*sigh* now i need you to focus.....okay?

silver: got it...*breathes in then out * thanks man.

sonic: no problem.

backwards :

luna: *sees magic...and smiles* you look beautiful..
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Me:OMG silver im sorry i accidentally mmph!!
Silver:(pulls me into a another kiss but breaks kiss) it's ok magic i actually liked it.
Me:(mega super blush)
Silver:(notices that im not wearing my engagement ring) magic (takes my hand) where's your ring
Me:remember you said the wedding was off so i uninvited the guest, and canceled everything. So i saw no reason to wear the ring.
Silver:(kisses me) im sorry. I was just shocked that you gave birth to the ibiles's triggers kid. I mean Megan.
Me:it's ok. Ohh and luna's super pissed off.
Silver:yeah i know. Hey magic ill be right back im going to check on our kids.
In the girl's room:
Silver:(looks at ashley) my sweet little angel. (Strokes her head) and there's my adorable little sweetheart (strokes Megan's face) ill see you two later. (Walks out of room but feels something on the bottom of his sock) what's this ( picks up a ring) i gotta make it up to her
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it was the last day of school and i couldnt think about anything else...all i could think of was:will i tell him?......i stared blankly at the ceiling....my mom was in the living room watching saturday night live....i daydreamed about what it would be like if scourge liked me...i blushed and turned over on my bed as i thought of the most perviest things.....i then opened my eyes and i said:

luna: its time i told him!!!

i then got out of bed and got ready....i went out and went to scourges house......i told him i would be coming there anyways.... so when i got there i told him i needed him to come with me somewhere.....he followed me and i told him to wait... i then said:you can come now.

scourge: okay luna ..what is i-...woah!!

he saw all of this high tech equipment....and i said:sit back and engoy the show.

luna:..... go!!!

luna:*sings lady gaga bad romance*

scourge: *looking pleased cause i was sorta jumping and i was wearing a skirt* *tail wags happilly*
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name:luna the hedgehog. {middle name:michelle}


powers:death stare,atomic blast,time control,supper speed,strength.

weapons:piko hammer:looks like rosys hammer but its purple and black..she can also use guns...

likes:magic:bff. silver:*cough*nerd*cough*.shadow,amy,sonic,scourge:
hottie!!} scar{my kid}, bean the dynamite.

hates:egghead,fang the sniper,mephiles:he pissed me off,nazo the hedgehog:he tried to rape me!!!} sally acorn,elise:both annoying bitches!!}jake the hedgehog:my x boyfriend}

clothes:black and grey pants that sorta look like amys clothes..instead of white at the bottem they are black. black and grey shoes.grey and gold power rings. :3

storylife: i was supposed to be a hedgehog ..but god had other plans...im 16 and i am the controller of time... scourge the hedgehog is my boyfriend soon to be husband!! X3. and i was a fox until now..i like my look better than the fox look...rofl...thats all im saying :3
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when i turned 16 i was so happy!!!heres what happened:

luna:oh my god!!!*looks at hammer that rosy gave me*

luna:thanks!!! now i wack people! *evil look*

rosy:glad ya liked it :3

amy:heres my gift: *gets a giant box:

luna:daaang! *opens box*

*silver gets out*

silver: *sigh*..i am the amazing silver..mm blah blah...can i go now?

amy:you have to see her future.

silver:sigh* fiiine!!! *sees into lunas future*

silver:0_0 HOLY SHIT!!!!!


silver: you rule all of the dimensions....and you have black clothing!!!


magic:me next! *hands me a box*

luna:thanks! *opens it*....wheres the gift?

magic: up there...*points to a stage with a pole*

luna:er,....wjats going on he-*scourge pole dances* 0_0 holy shit!!!hoooooot!!!!!

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i was outside wathcing scar run..hes gotten pretty fast...then someone came up behind me and hugged me:

luna: *nuzzles up to person behind me* hey scourge.

????:im not scourge.

luna: 0_0 wha!! n-nazo why are you here?

nazo: i came here to give you something.

luna: ...and what is it? i need to get back to- mmmmpph!!!

nazo: *he pulled me into a kiss!!!*mmmmmm..

luna: *wacks him with piko hammer* the hell is wrong with you??

nazo: i think you didnt understand what that kiss meant....

luna: oh i know what it meant!!! this!! *wacks him with the hammer again*

nazo: *gets up* if you wont listen to me...then..ill have to show you!!! *grabs me and kisses me*

luna" mmmmmmpppphhh!!!! *breaks free* scar ...get daddy!!!!

scar:okay!! *runs inside*

nazo:*keeps kissing me*

scourge then came outside
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me and silver kiss
Silver:(kissing me)
Me:mph mmmm (closes eyes)
Babies:(covers eyes) eww
Silver:(pulls away and starts kissing and sucking my neck)
Me:oh god silver. Stop. Not in front of the kids.
Silver:fine. Let's put them in their room.
Me:fine. I get Megan and you get Ashley.
Silver:no ill get Megan and you get Ashley.
Both:(take them to their room and puts them down for a nap)
Silver:(kisses Megan on the forehead)
Silver:(picks me up and carries me to our bedroom)
Silver:(kisses and sucks on my neck)
Me:oh god silver
Silver:(moves to jawline then to my mouth) magic
Two hours later:
Me:(wakes up) hmm (turns around and ended up in a liplock with Silver and smiles)
Silver:(smiles and pulls me closer) mmmm magic
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forced kiss
The next morning:
Me:(wakes up with a note in front of me)
Note:if you need me just call me see you soon baby ;)
Me:(gets up and gets ready)
Five hours later:
Me:(puts the kids down for a nap and feels arms wrap around my waist, i smile and nuzzle the person behind me) hi mephiles
??????:im not mephiles
Silver:magic im sorry
Me:(pulls away from him) i dont care. I loved you and give birth to your child but because of the other you hate me. I love the old silver the one who wouldn't judge people until he meets them. You automatically hated her.
Silver:(pulls me towards him again)
Me:get away from you crazy son of b-mmpphhhh!!!
Silver:(pulls me into a kiss) mmmmm
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i went home with scar in my hands..i could have been the happiest hedgehog in the world then..now lets get started:

luna: *burst through the door* oh scourge!!! look who i found!!

scourge: *looks* .....0_o y-you found him...h-how did you find him??

luna: magic saw him in a school for orphan children.

scourge: wow *holds scar* hey buddy..

scar:..*burps* :3

scourge: -w-.....eh...funny *scar then crawled ontop of scourges head and sat there*

luna:...and you know what i have to do now scourge? *cracks knuckles*

scourge: meep 0_o

luna: put him on the couch....and dont let him see this..

scourge: *puts scar on the couch*

luna: this is gonna be fun *punches scourge in the head but misses and scourge grabbed me and kissed me*

luna:mmmmm*hugs scourge*

scourge: ....breaks kiss*..*smiles*better?

luna: better... *looks at scar*
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mephiles making me feel better
One week later:
Me:im sorry Ms. Vanilla and tell Cream that im sorry
Ms. Vanilla:im so sorry sweetie. You can come over if you want to. Me cream and cheese want to meet the little girls.
Me:yes ill come in the afternoon see you at 5:00 (hangs up)
Phone:(i wont say im in love ringtone)
Me:(picks up) hello
Luna:how are the girls
Me:their fine and they have a new friend
Luna: who
Me:say hi
????:hi mama
Luna:omg is that
Me:yes it is
Luna:scar is that you
Luna:im coming over
Two minutes later:
Luna:where is he
Me:(walk into room carrying scar) here he is
Luna:my baby boy
Scar: mama
Luna:how did you
Me:im a school teacher and they brought kids that were orphans and he was in my class
Luna:i love ya sis
Me:me too
Luna:bye ill see you later
Two hours later:
Me:(notices im still wearing my engagement ring takes it off and flicks it away)
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Megan: my special little angel
Silver:she looks like mephiles
Luna:(turns dark)
Silver:im going now see you home magic (leaves quickly)
Luna:tell me what happened when he kidnapped you
The babies:(cry)
Me:luna can you tone the dark mode down a bit please
Me:it's ok (looks at the babies and smiles)
Babies:(asleep and sucking their thumbs)
Me:hey. Come her and meet your nieces
Shadow:my nieces?
Me:(nods and smiles) yes there's two of them
Me:(smiles) here meet Ashley (hands him the first born girl)
Shadow:aww she looks like you and mom
Me:and this is Megan (hands him the second born child)
Shadow:wow she's wow
Me:(frowns) you dont like her do you
Shadow:no i do it's just she looks like mephiles (smiles showing fangs)
Me:(takes Megan from him) you scared her
Shadow:im sorry
Me:it's ok
Mom and dad come in:
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My Little Angel Ashley
At Luna's house
Phone:(luna's theme plays)
Silver:luna! Come to the hospital
Luna:what's the matter
Silver:(me screaming in the background) magic's giving birth
Luna:OMG ok im coming (hangs up and runs to hospital)
At hospital:
Me:OH MY GOD IT HURTS (yells and screams)
Silver:it's ok
Silver:she's coming
Silver:(leaves room and bumps into luna)
Luna:silver! Is magic ok
Silver:yeah she's been screaming your name for a long time now
Luna:where's magic
Silver:oh shit i forgot about magic
Both:(runs into the room and hears crying)
Me:(smiles) luna and silver i had the baby
Nurse:(comes into room holding a small pink blanket) it's a girl (hands her to me)
Me:oh my gosh. Hi my little angel
Luna:(walks to me) you're right she looks like an angel
Silver:she's so cute
Me:(hands baby to silver) oh a father and daughter together at the first breath of the baby ahhhhh
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me with Ashley and Megan
An hour earlier:
Me:(sitting on the couch at my house) i should tell(picks up cellphone and dials a familiar number
Luna:oh hey magic whats up
Me: nothing hey can you meet me at the park
Luna:sure see you in five minutes
Me:me too (hangs up and grabs sweater) hey silv im going to the park
Silver:(hugs me and kisses my cheek) just be careful
Me:i will see you later
At the park:
Luna: hey
Luna:(eyes widen) woah
Luna: your stomach
Me:(looks my bloated stomach and smiles) yep
Luna:are you pregnant
Luna:did silver do this
Me: yes
Luna:(turns dark) he'll face my wrath
Me: lun its ok i want to have ashley
Me:(points at stomach)
Luna:ohh so its a girl
Me: i dont know it's just when i think about her i see a girl
Luna: well that's a little strange
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silver apologizes
After we left scourge and luna at Gamestop:
Silver:(holds my hand)
Me:(blushes and smiles)
Silver:umm magic?
Me:yes silver
Silver:magic we have known each other for a long time
Silver:i cant do this
Silver:i don't want us dating anymore
Me: fine. Silver the hedgehog we are through. I never wanna see you again. I hate you. I was stupid to fall in love with you (runs with tears in my eyes)
Silver:(thinking) i didnt mean for it to turn out like this (flys after me) Magic!
Me:(keeps running)
It starts to rain
Me:(runs to a tree and sits underneath it) im so stupid i knew that someone like him wouldn't love me. I should of listen to the others. (Puts hands in face and crys)
Me:(doesn't look at him and cries even harder) ...
Silver: please look at me
Silver:(puts his hand under my chin and tilts it up) magic let me see those gorgeous eyes of yours
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As a child my life wasnt good. First with a bully, an abusive boyfriend, and even more. This was I was 4.
I felt hated useless and not a hedgehog
On many accounts I ran away but alway got caught. I felt unloved. My brother wasnt there at that time so i had a bad life. It all changed when my mom took me to kindergarten. This is what happened:
Luna's mom:Amy!(hugs her)
Amy/mom: hey look at you!
Luna's mom:maybe we should introduce our daughter to each other?
Mom:sure. Magic!
Luna's mom: Luna!
(Both of us run to our moms)
Mom:magic this is luna. Say hi
Luna's mom:say hi luna
(Moms talking)
Me:(looks at luna) hmmm there's something familiar about her but i can't put my finger on it.
Luna:(grabs my hand) hey magic lets go to the swings
Me:(smiles) sure
6 years later:
Me:hey luna
Luna:hi magic. What happened!?
Me:(hides bruises) nothing
Luna:magic tell me please
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luna:what shall be the price?

dr f:...you need to kill a certain person..


dr f:.....sonic the hedgehog.

luna: *eyes widen*no...i- i wont do it!!!

dr f:...dont you want to get better?

luna:*stares at the ground* y-yes...but not like this......

dr f:....you need to kill him...that damn hedgehog...i wish that he were dead....


dr f: *turns to me and smiles*


dr finitevus then grabbed a knife and got behind me and put it up to my eye....i felt his breath...so close to my neck...

luna:*starts to cry but hides it*

dr f:...are you crying? *he said it so coldly...that i couldnt believe if he really was there to help me*

luna:n-no.....*but it wasnt long till i felt the tip of the knife on my pupil....so close....*

.....but instead of being in pain...i felt something warm.....something...different then death......love...
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one day i actually killed my best friend...i went berserk in my werefox form....so me and magic are going over to tails place to give me the shot:

magic: were almost there...*looks at me* luna?

luna: why...why was i ever turned into that fucking monster?

magic: itll be okay..as soon as you get that shot... youll be back to normal... ^w^

luna:....i hope your right.

we got to tails's house:

magic: *knocks on the door*

tails: coming. *opens door to see us* oh hey magic.. *blushes* h-hi luna. why are you here?

magic: luna turned into a werefox...can you help her?

tails: *still staring at luna* huh? oh..sure.


tails:okay..this might hurt a little...1....2....

luna: *hurry up alreadeeeyeyeyeyeyeyeye!!!!

luna: *falls to the ground from the pain*

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i was born on moebious....when i was born... i was blessed as the time goddess...and protector of the sire emeralds......the sire emeralds hold as much as power as the master emeralds........when i was 5 i tried to murder my parents.....but i stopped my self....i had a vision of me and my mother sarabi at the mobian kindergarden...meeting a pink hedgehog...and a little purple and lavender hedgehog.......... i never harmed my parents at all....... that vision became true ....heres how it went:

at the mobian kinder garden:

sarbai: hello amy...

amy: hello.... thank you for this chance for our daughters to meet each other.

sarabi:im glad...luna... go on and say hello....

luna:i-its nice to meet you. *stares at mrs rose....and the child behind her*

amy: its a pleasure to meet you...this is my daughter magic....go on magic..say hello.

*the hedgehog stepped forward*

magic: h-hello...its nice t-to meet you.
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it was a horrid thing.....death....was this the last time to see magic?.....what about jake?.....what would god think?.........ill tell you of my death.

luna: we were fighting and i-...lets just get on with the story:

magic: *looks up and sees scourge with a sword*

magic: *screams*

luna:*hears scream and turns around and sees whats going on.....she then turns super and dashes towards them: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SCOURGE: DIE YOU BRAT!!!!!


magic: *looks up......horrified*

luna: *grunt* turns to magic* r-run.....go n-now....

magic: l-luna!!!


magic: luna- *silver grabs her and flys away*

magic: no!! luna!! silver..let me go..we have to go back for her!!!!!

silver: NO!!!1 I DONT WANT YOU TO DIE!!!!
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Me: luna!!!
Five hours earlier:
Me: happy 16th b-day luna
Luna:magic (hugs me) you remembered
Me: not only that i got us tickets to Twinkle Park (pulls out tickets)
Luna: OMFG I can't believe you got tickets
Me: i got these one for you and the other for me.
Luna:well lets go ill race ya
Me:(smirked) you're on
Luna:(smirked) ready set go!!!!
Both:(race off)
????????: ill soon have you magic rose and get revenge on luna
At Twinkle Park:
Luna: lets go on that roller coaster
Me: sure
Both:( rides the roller coaster 29 times)
Luna:woah up for round 30 magic
Me:(turns green and runs to nearest trash can)
Luna:(sweatdropped) ok no more roller coasters what about having our fortunes told
Me:(shakes head but turns green again and runs back to trash can)
5 minutes later:
Luna: ok magic were going to ( trys to hold in laughter)
Me: what (sees what luna saw and does the same) silver?
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7 years ago
Me:hey lun did you hear about the new kid
Luna: yeah i hope he's cute or she will be our friend
Me:yeah me too
(Just then we see a white hedgehog)
Luna:cool lets go and talk to him (pulls me to him)
Me:(blushes and shakes head) umm i can i hear my mom calling me (turns around)
Luna:(grabs my arm) ohh no you dont you're coming to say hi
Both: (walks towards the hedgehog, but i stand behind luna)
Hedgehog: hi
Luna:come on magic say hi
Hedgehog: ohh is she your sister?
Luna:i wish but no she's my friend ( pulls me in front of her) here she is
Me:(looks down and blushes) hi
Hedgehog: hi
Luna: im luna and this is magic what's your name
Hedgehog: it's Silver T. Hedgehog
Luna:let me guess the T stands for the
Luna:(looks at me and raises eyebrow) magic are you ok you have been quiet.
Me: yeah (fails to notice eggman behind a tree )
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it was on friday afternoon after school:

luna: come on magic.. itll be fun.

magic: {on the phone} i dont know... what would i bring?

luna: anything..if ya froget anything... i have extras...right mom?

sarabi: yes luna.

luna: is it okay if magic sleeps over?

sarabi: i dont have a reason to decline... lets just think about her parents descision.

magic: mom.. dad can i have a sleepover at lunas?

sonic: sure .

amy: as long as you come home safe.

magic: r-really? thank you i love you both!!

* magic gets back on the phone*


magic: im in..

luna:awsome... bring whatever you need.

* after magic got her things ready.. she walked over to lunas house*

at lunas house:

*magic knocks at the door*

luna: coming... *opens door* hey.

magic: hello.
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magic rose or mags to silver
Name:Magic Ameila Rose
Fur color:purple and lavender
Eyes:multi-color changes based on mood
Likes:Silver, Shadow (my bro), Amy (my mom), Sonic (my dad),luna,to write, to sing, my friends, being with silver or luna or both, mastering my powers, hanging out with my "sister" cream
Dislikes:mean people, bullies, leo, people who hurt my friends, my ex mephiles and my uncle
Powers: too many to list
Wepons: guns, and piko piko hammer my mom gave me( looks like her's but purple and lavender with an M on the side
Abilities: like powers too many to count
Love: Silver (boyfriend), shadow, luna, mom, dad, cream, tails, and the others
Clothes:the same dress as Amy (my mom) but it's lavender with dark purple stripes at the ends instead of white. A lavender headband with blue polkadots. A broken heart necklace and gold ring bracelets just like her brothers.
Family:(before marriage) Amy, Sonic, Shadow, Alexia, Alexandria, Grandfather Jules+, Grandmother Aleena, Granduncle Chuck, Uncle Rob'o, Aunt Sonia, and uncle manic (to not be confused manic had a kid who looked like him and acts...
Fan fiction by sexyluna34 posted over a year ago
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name: luna the fox

age: 16

likes: scourge, amy,sonic, shadow,silver. magic. pizza, soda,beating up people, being badass, hanging out with scourge.bean the dynamite.

hates: mephiles, eggman, fiona, when people call her names. when pervs try to hit on her. nack the weasel.

powers: hammer{ looks like rosys hammer... but its purple and pink.

clothes: brown jumpsuit.

fur/eye color/ pupil: pupils: black. eyes: red. fur: purple.

fave song: sexyback.. justin timberlake.

backstory: luna was born in moebious.... she never knew much about herself..... ... all she ever did was beat the shit out of people who got in her way.... or annoyed the hell outta her... she left moebiuos to destroy mobius.... she tagged with scourge and his destructix.... she hates fiona.... but luna is scourges boyfriend......... for more info...... there will be none...

catchprase: come on babe..... ill leave you choking on my dust.
Review by CosmoLuvsTails posted over a year ago
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3 fans

Age: 13
species: fox
Family: Miles Prower (Anti-Tails)
Likes: Teasing/beating up Amber, bossing around Kylie and Satara, horror movies.
Dislikes: Meg.A.Coola''Lucie-Lu'', Romance, history.
Mobius X Version?: Yes
Theme: 'What I've Done' by Linkin Park

Gwendoline is pretty much a bully's nightmare, she's that bad. She is Amber's evil counterpart, and she takes it really seriously. She's violence's biggest fan, and always practices being mean on Amber. But...If she gets seriously hurt,(and she always stays conscious) she's pretty nice. But it's pretty hard to get her! She's the most flexible of my fan characters, and can easily dodge out of the way of a bullet...damn... She carries who knows how many guns in her bag, and won't hesitate to use them.

In Mobius X: Years Later, she's settled down with her husband, Jacob, and she has one child, Louise. The first time she saw Amber in 25 years was a real shocker for Gwendoline, because she was terrified she'd want to take revenge on her and her family. She'd lost contact with Miles and anyone else. She'd kinda quit her evil life when she fell in love with Jacob.
Fan fiction by CosmoLuvsTails posted over a year ago
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Amber was cooking in the kitchen. She was trying to make cookies for Elizabeth, her older sister, but she burnt them. She had covered the burnt biscuits with sugar.
'There!' she said to herself. 'Lizzy won't mind if they're a bit burnt, will she?'
She took them through to her older sister, who was arguing with Alex about what they watched on TV.
'Elizabeth.' Amber shyly said.
'What do you want, you little brat?!' Elizabeth snapped.
'Um...I made some cookies for you...' Amber replied.
Elizabeth bit into one of the cookies.
'EWW!!!' she spat, ungratefully. 'YOU'VE BURNED THEM, YOU STUPID LITTLE LOSER!!!'
'I...I didn't mean to, Elizabeth!' she whispered with tears in her eyes.
Amber ran upstairs to her bedroom. She lay on her bed. Her pillow was getting soggier by the minute, but she didn't care.
'Why?' wept Amber 'Why does everyone make fun of me? Why does it matter how many tails I've got?'
Review by CosmoLuvsTails posted over a year ago
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1 fan
Kylie the Hedgehog was Amber's best friend until about a year ago. She swore an alligence to the Evil side, and kept it a secret until two weeks later.

She works as a 'henchman' to Gwendoline (Dark Amber)
and is a double act with Satara. She hasn't told him yet, but she is secretly in love with Shadow.

Although Kylie is a bad guy, she decided ages ago that she really actually prefered being good and having fun, but she knew it was too late to do anything about it. She hates picking on her former best friend, but she's got too much peer pressure to do anything about it.

She loathes working for Gwendoline and who can blame her? She's having to work for a bossy, bad tempered 11 year old. Satara hates it too.

Article by cookiemaster posted over a year ago
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2 fans
A crowd roaring for a song, waiting for her to come out, but Bluebell wasn't to sure on what her song should be... She made far to many over the holidays, now it's her concert today... Her boss walked over to her. "Have you made up a song yet, Bluebell?" He asked. Bluebell shacked her head. "Hurry up! their waiting for a song!!" Then he walked away. Bluebell then had an idea on her song... "I've got it... the one my mother sang to me when i was small.." She said, then got up. She walked out onto the stage, everyone cheered for her. Bluebell to the mic off the stand, and held it. "I'm sorry for your wait, everyone... I had a problem trying to find out what song to use for today... But i found one... This song is called "Forever Young" Also known as "Time flies" .... and i hope it inspires all of you... to think back when you were small... and to realize how much you've changed in your life..." Bluebell said, with a small sad, but pleasant tone in her voice. She put the mic back on it's stand. Music started to play, it sounded like charms... wind charms..many of them. Bluebell waited for the right time to sing.. she opened her mouth, started singing...with a much different voice.
Opinion by Kandy-Kay posted over a year ago
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i couldnt find anywere else to post this but plz enjoy! *be mature plz*

ok so my mom and i were in a store wich was kinda dark inside but not really. it looked like a mix of ralps and costco (lol) we were looking around and passed by some wierdo in a brown fedora and brown trentch coat. we were passing the fruits and vegetables and we saw him again. my mom told me to be careful of strangers and i held onto the cart. we went to checkout and for some reason i bought a smothie?? (lol) some how my mom left without me... i was worried so i went outside and looked around outside. i didnt see her. (wtf) i was feeling kind of curious so i looked up "child molester male brown fedora trentchcoat" on my phone and a website popped up. i clicked the link and ended up on an article about a child molester who wears a light brown fedora and light brown trentchcoat who steals kids near around or even in movie theaters. i haddnt realized the store was right next to one! i was scared by then and started running and for some reason i ended up at rancho pico junior high school??? which looked like the mountain terrace appartments???? (LOL) So i was there and inside it looked like an...
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talsha:mom i don't wan't to go to school nobody well like me or dutchie
talsha's mom: hunny you'll be fine dutchie well be fine just keep her outside the school ok hunny?
talsha:ok mom love you *kisses and hugs mom*
talsha's mom: bye hunny*waves* good luck!
talsha: thanks mom *goes outside with dutchie walking to a bus stop*
some random kid: oh hi
talsha: hi you the only one here?
random kid: no the rest well be here in a moment i sugjest not talking to jenny shes a popular girl she doesn't take to kindly to new girls who look up her tree if you know what i mean
talsh: ok?
random kid: oh my names alex
taslsha: hi i'm talsha
alex: oh we have heard of you i knew you were new i just didn't know you were the new girl.... is that your dog?
alex:cool oh great her she comes
anther random kid:move freak oh is ths a new girl?ha her outfit is todaly last year
Fan fiction by Vivi-the-Hedgie posted over a year ago
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Full Name:: Princess Victoria Elizabeth Blackheart
Nicknames:: Vicky, Princess Purple, The Purple Princess, PP, Princess Poopy (by Shadow)
Birthday:: 15th April
Homeworld:: Unknown
Age:: 14
Powers:: Shape-Shifting, Mind Control, Runs 10 times faster than Sonic
Favourite Book:: Harry Potter
Favourite Drink:: Chocolate Milkshake
Favourite Colour:: Purple
Favourite Food:: Ice Cream with Milo, Chocolate Cake
Favourite Song:: World is Mine by Hatsune Miku
Friends:: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chris, Chip
Rivals:: Shadow, Blaze, Jet
Enimies:: Eggman, Sally, Amy, Rouge
Crush:: Sonic the Hedgehog
Likes:: Sonic, Drawing, Running, Adventure, Watching TV, Sleeping, Racing Sonic, Shape-Shifts into Sonic and tells Amy that Shadow is going to kill himself
Dislikes:: Violence, Pizza, Tigers
Worst Nightmare:: Having sex with Eggman :(
Opinion by tailslover9 posted over a year ago
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Is was new years eve a special day forpeople to have a good time and celebrate the new year!

lady-dont you just love the new years dear?
man-yea i love it(while still reading the news paper)

10 more seconds
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonic and friends were dancing and shoting guns... well only shadow was shooting the guns


knuckles-HEY WATCH IT--

shadow-I'LL SHOOT YOU!

knuckles-on second thought..go on ahead

shadow-thats what i thought

tails-everybody perpare yourselfs for the best fireworks specktecular youve ever seen in your life!
as you watch you will see images of your selfves your will be so amazed that youll pee your pants!!

silver-nun of us or even wearing pants

tails-o it was just a saying!
Fan fiction by Soniccharfan911 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 1
Oh god I have a brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “Okay sonic whatever you say” I said. That was very rude of him ‘Home free isn’t exactly how I would put it’ I mean, what nerve. Then, all of a sudden, I felt like walking in the woods for no apparent reason. “I’ll catch up with ya guys later, I’m gonna take a walk in the woods.” Scourge and Silver just looked at each other for a brief moment, shrugged, and said goodbye. All sonic did was throw a rock at my head, called me a sucker, and ran off.
    When I got in the woods I kept walking till I found a stump with my characters hammer… or should I say my hammer because I was my character! Hala! I didn’t hesitate to pick it up at all, I actually grabbed it pretty fast. I started to swing it around and around thinking about how some popular girls that aren’t snotty about everything. The first person that popped into my head was Lailayah Rota, a nice confident girl who was very friendly.
Fan fiction by Soniccharfan911 posted over a year ago
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It gose with the story... kinda. XD
Chapter 1
Beginning of a new life

    This is a story about well…me! I know I know it’s fiction but hey! It’s one awesome story! It all starts one day when I was watching youtube and I saw millions of recolor’s and decided to make my own. So I took a picture of Amy Rose and changed it up to make my character witch I made up all by my self… AND MY BEST FRIEND DOESN’T LIKE IT!
    Can you believe that she Doesn’t like it, it’s so aggravating! But that was about to change. When I woke up this morning I felt kind of sick…not throw up sick but fever type sick. I went in the kitchen and bellowed “Mom, I feel like I have a fever.” She replied “I’m sure it’s nothing dear.” I thought she was right but apparently I was wrong…and so was she!
    I got on the bus and Emily- the girl I sit next to -Asked ”Are you ok Vevia? You don’t look so good.” I replied “I’m fine” Well I wasn’t going to tell her I felt like puking in her face!…that would be rude. When I got to school my face was…BLUE!! Eli sung ”BLUE FACE BLUE FACE VEVIA HAS A BLUE FACE!!!!!”...
Fan fiction by Supersonicfan posted over a year ago
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Age: 16
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female (DUH)
Height: 2' 7" (thats actually tiny in hedgehog matters)
Weight: unknown
Full Name: Mini Setie Hedgehog
Father: King Setie of Dark Forest
Mother: Queen Julia
Sister: Gina Seite Hedaghog
Likes: Chocolate, Alisa (friends), her powers
Dislikes: Gina, Blueberries
Crush: Fang Hedgehog, Sonic Hedgehog
Powers: Portals, telekinesis, telepathy, some unknown, speed haha
Sworn Protector: Fang Hedghehog
Dream: to be taller
Mini, believed to be born an orphan, addcidatally (imma bad speller) opened a portal to Mobius then couldn't get back through, along with her Fang and Alisa we're trapped as well. Alisa splits away from Mini and Fang discovering that Mini is gradually creating a never-ending desert and a never-ending forest. TO BE CONTINUED
Opinion by darktheheghog posted over a year ago
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1 fan
name: Dark

age: 14

Speices: Hedgehog

fave food: ham burgers cheese burgers and hotdogs and chilledogs

Fave colour: Black Red and green and blue

hates: the colour pink and Amy cause she's to girly

likes: dancing singing and reading

(now to Elizabeth)

name: Elizabeth

age: 24

speices: hedgehog

fave food: salad fruite salad and well anythin that has vedgies and fruit

fave colour: black and green and purple

hates: flowers and nature and and justice and the sun

likes: evil and darkness and the moon

(about Dark and elizabeth)
Elizabeth met Dark when she was in the streets and saw that she was alone and had no family so she adopted her and raised her to be evil like her after a few years Elizabeth found out that Shadow was Dark's brother along with Nick but she didnt want Dark to know cause she was like a daughter to Elizabeth.
List by BlackRoseLove posted over a year ago
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(Inbox me for description of the character you want)

Jinx the Cat (TAKEN)
Sphinx the cat (TAKEN)
Theodor the Cat (boy)
Grenades the Cat (TAKEN)
Dexter the Cat (boy)
Glacier the Cat (girl)

Fog the Bat (girl)
Apple the Bat (TAKEN)
Reagan the Bat (girl)
Thomas the Bat (boy)
Glitch the Bat (boy)
Tunnels the Bat (boy)

Bagel the Rabbit (gay boy)
Cream-Cheese the Rabbit (Bagel's soul mate)
Toaster the Rabbit (boy)
Meghan the Rabbit (TAKEN)

Russia the Wolf (TAKEN)
Siobhan the Wolf (girl, pronounced Sha-vonn)
Freak-Sake the Wolf (TAKEN)
Keep-Sake the Wolf (girl)

Georgia the Fox(girl)
Gizmo the Fox (TAKEN)
Gadget the Fox (girl)
Yoko the Fox (TAKEN)

Alexus the Dragon-Wolf (TAKEN)
Leonard the Hedge-Bat (boy)
Indigo the Boxer-Bat (boy)
Fan fiction by Noulin123 posted over a year ago
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Madison is sleeping in her room and then her alarm gose off.
Madison gets her clothing on and runs down stairs as fast as she can then grabs a poptart and runs out the door.Madison see's the bus at her stop and runs almost as fast as Sonic and rams into the bus and gets in.
Madison:Uuuwww I made.
She looks for a seat and see's an open seat next to Mighty(Mighty and Madison have been best friends since kindergarden)
Mighty:Ha Madison.
Madison:Hi Mighty.
Mighty just lay's back and puts his arms behind his head.
Mighty:I see you almost missed the bus.....agen.
Madison:Ya...it's just that
Amy comes running in and wams into Madison's seat witch makes Madison sqwish Mighty.
Amy:Hiya Madison!!!
Madison looking very sqwished aswell.
Madison:Hhhhuuuu....hi Amy.
Amy:Hay Madison did you meat the new kid yet?
Madison:No why?
Amy:I don't know I was just whandering because you know you don't have a boyfriend so I was wandering if you're intrested in you know.
Fan fiction by zelda4559 posted over a year ago
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“Okay, you’re free to go” The police officer said.
Yes! Finally. I race back to the agentcy. “EMMA” everyone yelled.
“Welcome back Emma” Misty says as she walked up to me. Misty, my best friend, was a white mouse with green hair.
“So… what happen to Ruby” I ask. Everyone and I mean everyone looked at me. There was an awkward silence.
“She left” A blue echidna answered.
“Sidney.” I turn to look at Ruby’s former partner. “What?” I managed to say.
“She quit because you because you betrayed her!” She broke out in a yell.
“She was accepted to another agentcy in the city” Misty interrupted so Sidney could calm down.
“You don’t know what it’s like to lose a friend.” She turns and stomps away.
They didn’t understand. I had to work for Dr. Eggman. I NEVER wanted to fight or betray Ruby.
Ruby’s POV
Being back home was comforting. In the forest that long makes me sick. Of course I got to understand Peter better. I blush as I remember my first kiss with him.
Fan fiction by Tailsxrouge posted over a year ago
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'What do you mean there's nothing going on between you two' said Cosmo shouting at Tails. 'Look i mean it Cosmo I dont even know her...not really i just dont know why she called me cutie' said Tails 'Oh sure' she replied and went to sleep on the couch. 'great' Tails thinks but he cant help but...fancy this mysterious girl Rainbow 'she's not just mysterious shes a flirt too' he thought when suddenly there was a tap on the window he ran too see what it was and it was....RAINBOW he opend the window 'Rainbow you shouldent be here' he said 'why?' she whisperd he sighed he then said 'wait i will secretly let you in' he whisperd 'WAIT i can fly in dont worry' she said and then she flew in gracefully through the window. 'there' she said 'now WHY shouldent I be here?' she aked 'well my girlfriend is annoyed with me when you called me...cutie' he said embarrassed 'Oh miss ugly dont worry Tails' she laughed 'dont call her that' he said 'come on Tails...you could do better' she said 'w..what do you mean?' he said worridly 'shh' she said and put her finger to his lips 'I want sex...with YOU Tails I love you I know that you love me' she said 'B.but I' Tails stammerd just then everything hurried...
Fan fiction by Higirl1 posted over a year ago
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The cool Rainbow the fox (better than cosmo)
It was a stormy day at Mobius and Tails stared out the window glumly he sighed 'great' he thought 'just when i finally turn 17 i cant go out' but an hour later there was a RAINBOW and it was sunny. 'YES ok im off out see u Cosmo honey' he called 'ok Tails dear be careful' it was warm and beautiful. he walked closer to the rainbow it was leading towards the forest and he saw a figure rainbow coloured 'probably just the rainbow' he thought to himself but this figure looked....like something was there NO some ONE...he thought of turning back and telling Cosmo after all she WAS his girlfriend but he decided not to. 'er hello?' he called uncertainly 'oh dont be ridiclous Tails ogf course thats not a person i mean who could have rainbow fur'just as he was going to turn back the figure called out 'hi could u tell me where i am?' he stood still she was coming closer....then when she was facing him she was...she was...BEAUTIFUL she DID have rainbow fur 'god she's hot' Tails thought but then he was mad with himself 'DONT MAN YOU HAVE GOT COSMO' he thought to himself. 'I'm Rainbow the fox i see that your a fox too with....WOW u have 2 tails!' 'yes i have and im Miles but you can call...
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I woke up in the infermary."ohhhhh my head"I rubbed my head.*did I have a vision?*I wondered.My head hurt too much to think.My teacher opened the door."Oh yur awake!Ok Mary you furst"Mary came in."You feewin otay Awice?"I smiled"My head hurts real bad"Mary smiled and took a needle off a tray that was beside me.I just realized I had an IV in my hand.Mary stuck the needle in the IV.My head felt better."Morphine?"I asked.Mary nodded."Well I better go.The boys want to be in here so bad they were bouncing in their chairs""ok Mary see you later"Mary left and Zero came in."You ok?""Mary gave me morphine""ohhhhhh"Zero sat on the edge of my bed."You hit your head hard--against a glass bottle...you've been out for hours"*oh*"So that's why I have searing pain in the back of my head"I said.Zero started to laugh."Hey guess who's here!The BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!"(GASP)"Why?They friggin hate me!"Zero shook his head.They thought you were gonna die and Gina started to cry"I smiled."Were you the shoulder she cried on?"Zero smiled all sneaky"Maybe"...
Fan fiction by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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Inabikari and Kaminari
I slowly got up, I had a head splitting head ache. But I got over it.
"Say, Diva, I have to go to the market real quik, mind staying here alone?"
"Not at all." I replied.
So with that, Evercrafter left me in the room.
I looked around for my boot's and jaket. I found them on a chair next to the nightstand.
So I grabbed both boots and slipped them back on. Same with my jaket.
I sat on the bed and looked out the window behind it. The clouds didn't look to nice, it was going to rain!
I honestly liked the rain personally. But right now, I was worried about Evercrafter! She just had a bike to get back and forth.
When the ran began with a HUGE bolt of lightning, and a just as big roar of thunder, I worried even more!
It's in a shadow cat's nature to be over worried about a friend or fellow shadow cat!
I desided to sprout my wings and use 'the dove of water wings'.
I then opened the window and flew out.
I serched for Evercrafter every were, then I found her on the side of a biker's path with a tick mark on her head. She was yelling at something... or someone.
Opinion by Sonamyclub1 posted over a year ago
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Hey guys, SC1 here with some news...

I'm leaving Fanpop...
But I won't leave YT or dA, I'll still be on those :) But I'm leaving FP because I am tired of uploading pics of ONLY Lila the Strawberry. I'm now uploading my pictures elsewhere. But only my trusted friends can ask me where it is.

Thank you guys for making me feel comfortable here on FP. If you really liked my profile, then I'm sorry for dissapointing you guys :(
But if you hated my profile, then I'm gonna assume that you're happy I'm leaving FP <.< -shot- Oh well


.....That is all..


btw I'll still be in the FP public chatroom if I ever get bored.

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6:Parents are killed

8:Escapes from juvie and meets Justin and Zero jr.

12:finds and kills parent's murderer and meets older sister Storm

13:gets flame markings around eyes,gets kissed by Zero jr.

14:joins a warrior clan that travels across the globe

15:gets same assassin training her mom got

16:gets motorcycle,meets twin,Sage

17:Rescues Zero jr. from Alcatraz
18:Dies and is reborn by the power of the Phoenix
19:sees her mom (Alice) in her dreams
She's only 19

Article by rougethebatfan9 posted over a year ago
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i'm making a club for sonic fan characters recolors are allowed and so are drawings.here are the rules: DO NOT post ANYTHING that is negative to recolors AT ALL or you'll get reported
NO racisum of any kind! or disgsting drawings such as poosycats art... -_-
bases are fine just as long as you give the creator CREDIT its ok if you dont just make sure people know that you didnt draw it.
DO NOT recolor any of peoples fan art on here UNLESS they give you permission to.
NO nudity AT ALL or you'll be reported
you are free to post vids of your characters like themes and such AND THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL.............. have fun! C:
Fan fiction by Gir35 posted over a year ago
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The Story begins When Pella is sitting on her bed alone with Tails.
Pella:I wish I could go on a Quest...A big one too!
Tails:Well you can!
Tails:Well Where do you wanna go?
Pella:Anywhere! I just want to impress Knux!
Tails:Why dont you just tell him that?
Pella:It's kinda...personal...
Tails:You can tell me! Your like a sis to me!
Pella:Ok...I think he's stronger than me...but...but...
Tails:But what?
Pella:*CRIES* I'm the weakest person he knows!!!!
Tails:-.- I'm pretty sure Charmy is...
Tails:You Want me to train you?
Pella:You would do that for me?
Tails:Yeah,I would!
Pella:I'm free tomaro!Untill then I'll try to train myself!
Tails:Ok!Well...I gotta go now,I prommesed Sonic that We'd try to go kill Eggman...
Tails:*Almost leaves*
Pella:Can I go with you?
Fan fiction by AmuletSaharo2 posted over a year ago
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Have you ever created a spooky picture in at Haunt Party before. If you have then it's was nothing like mine. "SOME PEOPLE THINK SPOOKY ARTWORKS ARE JUST A MYTH." "SOME SAY SPOOKYNESS APPEARS OVER CARPET." "MOST SAY THE ONLY THING THAT'S GOING TO HURT YOU IS THE PICTURE OF VALAIRIA THE VAMPIRE." Maybe none of that is a myth. Because I painted a picture that same vampire. I hung it on the wall of my "FRIENDS" and the only one that thought it was spooky was me. I slep over at "SARINA"'s house. And my picture passed a smoky gas in the bath room that night. I opened the door, and in the bathtub I saw "BLOOD" I screamed and all the other guests came in. One of them screamed. as a gost apeared in the room. The gost spooked one guest. On the first night of the accident. The next night the "SECOND" accident an other guest nearly died. The gost nearly killed everyone that was at the party. Everyone except me. I woke up in the middle of the night. I heard a noise coming from "SHADOW"'s house. I rushed over to his room but there was no-one there. "Hello?" I said. "I LOVE YOU AMULET AND I WISH YOU COULD JUST LIE WITH ME AND DIE!" I heard some one in the bathroom say that. "Hi Amulet I didn't...
Opinion by sierradawn9 posted over a year ago
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1 fan
Shadow set me down.
"Sorry bout that but you..."Shadow began.I raised an eyebrow.
"But what?"I asked.He told me that I have 'superpowers',explaining the incident in the classroom.
"Oh!"I say.Zero ran up to Shadow.And he said,huffing,
"What...have you...done to...Blade?!*huff huff*"
I said;"Dont worry,Zero!He didnt hurt me!"
"Yeah,Z,we were just hanging out!"Shadow said.He scanned me.
"I SAID DON'T CALL ME Z!!"Zero goes freakin PURPLE and tries to get at Shadow.I jumped in front of them.He stops.
"Don't!You!DARE!"I said.Shadow and Zeros eyebrows raise.My eyes narrowed.
"Im just trying to be friends here!"Shadow said.
"Grrr!"He powers down and walks up to Shadow.
"Sorry,Shadow..."Zero said.
"No problem!Its ok to be jelous!"
"Dont push it,Shadow!"
"Zero!"I said.He sighed.
"Wait,Shadow,you mean to tell me that you went through all of that just to talk to me?"I asked.Then Zero looked at the clock.
Fan fiction by Puppetmaster111 posted over a year ago
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Such a bad head ache!
"Kayanna...?" A female voice said, Kayanna woke up. She saw Amy was infront of her. "Kayanna, how did you get here?" Amy asked, "... I don't know... but I remember pulling a rock wit a strange design to it!" Kayanna replied. She got up slowly, streatching her wings, she took off into the air flying out of the room. Kayanna then got a masive head ache, she fell to the ground and heard screams and laughter. But it wasn't good laughter, it was evil and bitter, like it was laughing at torment! Kayanna snaped out of it when she heard her name getting called "Kayanna!?" Sonic said. "Huh..?! That monster is to blame!" "Who Kayanna?" "I can't remember as well... but... I remember the letter X...!" Kayanna said.
Fan fiction by rougethebatfan9 posted over a year ago
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Theme: Switch by Ashley Tisdale
Love/Crush: Wizard the Lunar Hedgehog
Home: Tech Crisis,Dead Line
Fav Colors: Red, Blue, Purple
Fav Food:She doesnt really eat much but she'll eat this werid food called "milas geanto"
Friends: Flame the Bat, Crazy the Hedgehog, Snow the Cat, Serenity the Hedgehog,Galaxy the Bat, Pualina the Rabbit, Satellite the Hedgehog
Enemies: Mirage the Bat, Aquamarine the Bat, Gizmo the Fox, Ciara the Hedgehog
Fav Drink: StarLight Dust.
Birth: August, 26, 1996
Personality: A futuristic Cosmic cat who loves to explore new galaxies and planets. she loves hangin out with Wizard. She plays a very important part in Dead Line... and thats making peace with the planets around hers. it can be very dangerous at times but shes tough enough to handle it. she likes conneting the dots with the stars in her free time.
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Name:Pella Kelsburn Age:13 FaveColor:Purple FaveMusic:Pop Likes:Having friends,Tails and Knuckles for boyfriend,Summer Vacation,Hugging,Fighting(WHEN NEEDED),going on adventures Dislikes:Bullies,Garlic,mice,rats,nerds(candy), Friends:Manga,Diamond,Reva,Glaze DGDFGHDFFGDGMJHFFHFJ;DF;FJGDHGGKDHKHGKHDKJHGKDHGKDGHRANDOMHL;FJHLJGHHFGDFHGDFGJHGJKDFHGFGFHJGYGTR6RFTY65YD3YUGYH0
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Diva then fell asleep, she stayed asleep for about an hour before waking up because of her conciouns. 'What am I doing?! I have to leave! And luckualy, the planet is right next to Creeps planet!' so then Diva wrote him a thank you note, and used teleport, she can teleport to closer planets. When Diva was ingolfed in a bright light, she then found her self in a deferent bed. "Miss, are you alright?" A soft female voice said, Diva looked to her left and saw a seedrian that looked like some kind of candy. "My name is Evercrafter, Evercrafter the bubblegum candyian!" She greeted. "Hello, my name is Madison, but please just call me Diva!" Diva replied with a smile, "Shure thing! Do you remember where you came from?" Evercrafter asked. "Yes, but I would rather if I didn't tell you!" "Oh! So you have a boyfriend there and you want to protect him!" Evercrafter replied. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? ME AND CREEP ARN'T IN LOVE!!" "Oh, so thats his name!" "No! I-I mean... *sighs*"

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My eyes had turned a soft purple as I powered down.But that wasnt the only thing that was in the mirror.Shadow was the one who put his hand on my shoulder.I turned my head.
"Sshhaaaaaaa d-d-dow?!"I stammered.He smiled.
"You'd better leave her alone,Shadow!"said Zero,acting brave.
"Calm down Z!Im just trying to be helpful!"Shadow replied.
"DONT EVER CALL ME Z!"he yelled.He lunged at the place where Shadow was standing.He had taken my hand and ran off with me.Zero had got up and followed us.When Shadow apparently saw that, he scooped me up and headed outside,thats when he shoes lit up.We were going so fast I felt like I was flying.It fascinated me deeply.Shadow looked at me.
"Sorry about before..."he said sincerely.I looked at him.We were slowing to a stop....
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Mary goes back to normal before anyone notices.Mary and Zero stared at me with real terror in their eyes.Their gasps are so loud that the bunnies turn around and stop laughing.Rouge turns around and she gasps.While this is happening,my nails grow like Mary's.Anger runs down my back.A smile spreads across my face...
"Chaos..."I said in an ultra-sweet voice.I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"You need to calm down,Blade..."on that note,I went back to normal...or almost...normal...I take out a mirror from my desk and...my eyes...
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When Diva woke up, she found her self on a bed. She got up slowly and looked to her right, she saw a currten. The bed was surrounded by the dark red drapes. She was about to stand up after pulling the drapes out of her way. But she was cut off by a hand that touched her shoulder, "Please miss, don't get up, your badly hurt!" A male voice said in the darkness. The lights came on, she saw a strange looking hedgehog. He had black and blue fur, but his skin color was blue too. "... Um... May I ask who you are?" She asked politly, "My name is Eric Shadeside, but you can just call me Creep!" He said with a smile. "Hello Eric, my name is Madison, but every one calls me by my middle name, Diva." Diva replied. "It is nice to meet you, are you feeling any better?" He asked in a considerit voice, "Yes, why?". "Because I found you laying on the ground when I went out side," Creep begain, "You were unconsious with a bad gash on your arm!" He said, then he took Diva's sleeve and reveiled a series of bandages on her arm. Diva coulden't believe her eyes, so she tapped her arm and gasped in pain. "Careful! I ran out of pain killers, so you'll have to deel with it... sorry!"
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It was suposed to be a calm quit night... after the season of the song. The festival was earlier in the morning, everyone was singing, dancing, and celabrating. They were celabrating because it was Oct. 8th, Diva's birthday, she was now 18 and her sister is 18. Now that they were both adaults, they could now take the thrown when ever they want. But Diva wasn't looking forward to it, she wanted to leave her planet and go on adventures with her friends. But she would get her wish soon. That night she had an argumeent with her mother, she was getting ready for bed when her mother walked in. "I know what you want to do." She said, "What..." Diva replied with confused eyes. Her mothers brown eyes looked at her with a hatful glow. "Your going to leave all of use here to die, your sister is going to be alown forever because of you!" "Mother, you don't even care for your own planet... do you... you just want Emajeen to live!" Diva replied. "MADISON DIVA SCARLET!" Her mother yelled, "It's true... you don't even care about me! I am just a protection tool you use to protected Emajeen!". Her mother looked at her with bitter rage, "WILL YOU BE QIUET!!! YOUR NOT EVEN MY ACUAL DAUGHTER! I WAS...
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Diva then looked up and slaped Scourge accross the fac, "HOW DARE YOU!!!!???" Diva yelled. "What's your problem?!?!" Scourge yelled back, "I... in love... with---" "WHAT?!" Scourge interupted, "With who?!?!" "... Creep...!" Diva answered. "But... there is someone else who loves you...!" "Realy? It can't be Fiona (same comic as Scourge!)!" "No it's Lily (shadowlily)!" Diva replied. "She is cute....!" "By the way, we can still be friends!" Diva said with a smile. Then Creep walked into the scene, "Hey Diva!" Creep said with a smile, he then kissed her on her lips. "Hi Creep! Nice to see you made it!" Diva replied with a smile. "Well, we better get going!" Creep said, "Right! Bye Scourge!" "Bye...!" Scourge replied. "I thought Lily didn't care much for me.... huh... well her and Diva are good friends.... maybe she already knew.... But... I've secrectly loved her back...!" Scourge thought.

End! ^^
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Blades transformation
I sat in my seat watching Rouge.Another note landed on my desk;
Is she crazy?!
and I wrote back;
Rouge was writing that the teacher was annoying as hell and there was something else that was blocked by a box that was in front of me and put her signature on the chalkboard.
I didn't know what else she wrote but I heard Mary and Zero gasp.I wrote on the note;
What does it say???!!!
This time Zero wrote;
You don't wanna know
The rabbits were laughing like crazy.Mary was stirring in her chair.All of a sudden I was trembling.My long hair turned black,my skin turned a light red,my dull red eyes are now glowing,my wings grew thorns on the ends.
This had never happened before...
I had seen Mary transform also into just a white and blue cat...

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My eyes widened.I had an idea...

"ZERO!"I yelled.Zero is my best friend since I was 8,along with Mary."HELP!"
He appeared out of no where and kicked Shadow off of me.
"You ok?"he asked me, holding out his hand.
"Yeah,"I said taking it.I sensed Shadow coming back.
"Chaos bubble,"I whispered to myself.A red force field surrounded me and Zero. Shadow hit it and slowly slid down it.Me and Zero laughed real hard. When we stopped laughing, we went inside for lunch.I was feeling much better. Mary was sitting at our normal table so Zero and I sat there too. We had our normal lunches. But we had ... not so normal drinks. Most people here have water or juice. Mary has coke. Zero has red bull(just an energy drink so the teachers let it slide). I have my O(can you imagine what it is?).
"Why so longk?"Mary asked. We decided to keep it to ourselves.
"I dunno,"we said at the same time, shrugging. Mary, Zero and I started laughing.
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"Rouge?!"I screamed.I got up and ran. She followed.
"Blade...I'm..."I ran faster so she couldn't finish her sentence.I ran to the girls bathroom. She didn't.My best friend apparently followed. Her name is Mary. She is a black and white cat that has a speech problem.
"What be wrong Blade?"she asked,clearly seeing my tears.
"I don't wanna talk about it Mar,"I said.I left the bathroom,drying my tears.I didn't wanna be late for class,so I made myself have a positive additude.I sat down in my normal seat.There was a note passed to me.I read it and it said;
I heard what happened.I feel so sorry for you. Meet me at the old tree at recess. I want to make it up to you.
There was no name on the note.
"I wonder who it could be..."

When recess came, I went to the tree like the note said. Waiting there was Shadow the hedgehog.
"Shadow?"I asked.He smiled.I never noticed that he also had red eyes.
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Hey guys! I have an anouncment to make! I'm putting some of my recolors up for adoption! I still like recoloring, but some of my pics are kinda... gathering dust! So I will be giving them away, but you just have to tell people you adopted them from me if you down load them somewhere! Well here's the list:

Jennifer the cat
Natlie the Grape fruitrian
Karima the daisy
star the galixrian
Rainbow the squril
Poker the cat
Fytra the witchrian
Zero the echidna
Julia the bat
Kallie the butterfly bugrian
and Zaynon the demon

If you want any of them tell me please! And you can only have one, you can't adopt two sorry, any one who wants one, will only get one, sorry!
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What do they want...?
Last sunday, me and my friends Splash and Aqaudic went to our favorit restrant, Harp the cat's dinner, to selabrate Aqaudic's boyfriend Eroku the echidna's ten month aniversery being together. But sadly, Eroku had to work, but Aqaudic understood. When we got a table, I noticed Lillian and Jillian (Twin lilly pads) come in to the dinner. I hated those two so called "prankster", they can't tell the deference between a joke and an insalt. "... I'm going to tell the watress what we want sence she might take awhile!" I said, "Thanks Eva!" Splash thanked. But I was serious about that, I'm pretty impationt! But just to my luck Lillian and Jillian where already at my table when I reached the counter. Lillian began giggling, "Hey Aqaudic, me and my sister where thinking, sence you and Eroku are planing to take your relation ship to the next leavel, me and Jillian got you somthing..." Lillian said while giggling. She then took a box from Jillian that was wraped in magenta colored wraping paper, and toped off with a pink bow, then Lillian handed it to Aqaudic. "Umm... thanks...!" Aqaudic said suspiciously, she then took off the bow and ripped the megenta paper off of the box, then she...
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Name: Splash
Species: Aqau-cat
Age: 11
Theme: Kokoro ~ Kagamine Rin / VOCALOID
Likes: Water, plants, Tails (as a secret crush), hanging out with her sister, candy, being abnoctius (like being a spaz!), and driving her sister nuts.
Dislikes: Being slaped, geting yelled at, polution, and bullies.
Friends: Charge, Aqaudic (sister), Diva, Kayanna, Catie, Candy, and Bubbles (know it all).
Family: Aqaudic.
Enimies: X, Eggman, Merlanda, Ziv, and Emajean.

Splash is Aqaudics younger sister that is known for being a bit of a spaz. She may seem strange at first because she is a bit shy. But when she gets to know you, she is qiute friendly. Her weapon is her violin, she knows:
Violin blast
and melody-Shade.
When she doesn't have a fidle she uses her water powers like her sister. But it is hard for her to fight sence she has asthma, her sister always keeps her eye on her to make shure she doesn't have an asthma atack. Her family, besides Aqaudic, is unknow. She always dreamed of meeting her mother and father some day. Her sister always suports her on her...
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"i wouldnt open that if i were you crazy..." - flame abby the bat
(crazy and flame were at a restaurant when aqua and mirage showed up) crazy: "*annoyed*what are you two doing here?" mirage: "we just thought since you and cronos are takin your relationship up a notch we wanted to give you a present *hands the gift over to crazy*" flame: "... *angry at them* (in her mind:i wouldnt open that if i were you crazy...)" crazy: "*opens the gift and finds a pillow*" aqua: "your back must be hurting like heck after "all that hard work" you and cronos did" flame: "*gets up and heats up*" thats it!! *fire blasts aqua* aqua: "i dont think so... *counters it with water and puts ut the fire*" flame: "youre really pushin your luck now, aqua..." crazy: "*gets up, gets her hammer calmly and yells out a battle cry* RRAAAAAAA!!!!!! TAKE THIS YOU B**** *hits mirage with the hammer hard*" flame: "nicely done, crazy. *smiles*" crazy: "hehe..." mirage: "*passed out*" aqua: "mirage?! get up!!! theyre gonna do the "crazy flame windmill" on us!!! get... UP!!! *splahes mirage with cold water*" mirage: "*waking up slowly* huh? what?" aqua: "oh, no... too late!" flame and crazy: "take this!!! *does a special attack callled "crazy flame windmill"* aqua and mirage: *flying...