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tiffiney the hedgehog
crystal and rabecca
brooke the hedgehog
brooke the hedgehog
brooke the farhog
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sonamy4035 said …
no dent i was now freaked out everybody was so i moved to my friends mom then...25 minutes later BAM....BAM....BAM....BAMMM!!!!! now i was scared are science teacher has been laughing the whole time because he's been here in every field trip Every body was screaming and frightened me i was just pluging my ears to my hands and humming lol then nothing happened after that.
tell me what yall think about the story and if you have any questions just send me them and il try to answer them. :) Posted over a year ago
sonamy4035 said …
We were listening to some instrucions in tour 3 when the captain was warning us that these ghost like to scare us for fun but they are god ghost just want a laugh and he knocked on the wall loud twice to show us thats what the ghost will do any way about 20 minutes later a knock on the floor the same the captain did every body was freaked out i was calm but my heart was pounding faster than usual he told us thats what they will do then about 30 minutes later BAM! a big huge crash on the wall but Posted over a year ago
sonamy4035 said …
Hey everybody, i just came back from corpus christi on the uss Lexington it was amazing also scary! Because there were ghost in the ship ill tell you the scariest story based on a true story because i was there and i never lie!
Posted over a year ago