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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted over a year ago
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Song (Start at 0:46): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJyUMJFYDNY

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

A Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Fiction

Bad Auditions By Bad Actors

Starring Sally Acorn as the Casting Director
Silver The Hedgehog as Roger
Amy Rose as Melissa
Sonic as Melissa's Acting Coach
Shadow as Joe
Rouge as Josie
Mina as Maria
1970's Jack Nicholson as Martin
Bunnie Rabbot as Catherine
1970's Erik Estrada as Mark
Vanilla as Charlize
Vector, Espio, & Charmy as Charlize's Agents
Sean The Hedgehog as Josh
And Blaze The Cat as Amy

One day at a building for plays.

Joe: *Parks his Chrysler in the parking lot*
Coach: *Parks his Escalade* Okay Melissa. Are you ready?
Melissa: You bet.
Coach: Now I want you to take a deep breath. As soon as you're ready. We'll go inside.
Opinion by lighting1 posted over a year ago
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Sonic add bin having dreams of is past wen he was little sonic was 4 month old in the dreams he was in a test tub in a lab connect to a computer a voice said the project is a wake anther voice said he a baby n is name is sonic he is my son the voice my n who my u be im arim sonic mother I no I'm male but I'm sonic mother n this is sonic father kai arim look like shadow white with light blue quills like goku ssj 4 blue eyes light blue they were light blue round is eyes light blue chest fur mark on is arms legs arim was ageless with immortality n kai look like sonic blue with back in is quills like vageta ssj 4 black round is green eyes sonic chest tummy marks on arms legs all so ageless with immortality sonic add a wake in the night he cud not sleep one bit not at hall way o way sonic said to himself why can I not sleep n why the same dream I have bin having for a month now just then shadow sat up rubing the sleep out is eyes sonic u shud be a sleep u no love I no but can't I bin having that dream again then again its more like a memory of my past but why I'm sonic let's take later neabout this OK for now just try get back to sleep I try sonic said next sonic new it was 7 well I...
Opinion by kinomidoom posted over a year ago
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Kinomi is the daughter of sonic and shadow yes I no both are males but they are ukes so they can have babies kinomi is white she looks like sonic mom queen aleena kinomi qill are like sonic but she as qill on her for head eyes pink red white chest fur from shadow sonic chest and tummy marks on her arms and legs from shadow fast like sonic powerful like shadow esp powers. Ageless/immortality from shadow can fly by using her powers. Twin brother silver shadow give broth to 6 so did sonic so they have 12 shadow give sonic some of is blood so he cud be agelee/immortality like him sonic was happy to be young for ever ageless/immortality but with this new for both sonic and shadow sonic add got powers like shadow so he at to learn how to use them shadow help sonic kinomi look at her dad wow daddy kinomi said sonic small at young kinomi I no sweetheart sonic said sonic was now age 17 shadow was age 18 kinomi and her bothers and sisters were age 1. Sonic and shadow take the kids to sonic mom dad a lot the kids love that but some times they wood go to maria home shadow old friend maria come back to life but now is a hedgehog ageless/ immortality now too maria add 12 kids of her own...
Fan fiction by Hellowittykitty posted over a year ago
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WARNING! Contains curse words, descriptive violence, and hints of sexual themes. If under 13, DO NOT READ! But enjoy anyways!

The 3 three thieves. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. They were the
notorious villains. They stole things like food to big valuable things like diamonds. They lived in a shack at the coast of the Bell Sea, one of the most famous attractions of Motorville. Sonic was scribbling a image of Motorville. He was basically the mapper or planner, whatever the hell you want to call it. Silver was the tech man of the thugs, he disables all the security devices and such. Shadow was the violent thug of the group. All he used was weapons. Hell, that emo gets his goddamn way all the fucking time. Shadow shot anyone who opposed the group and what they did. He used guns and knives. Literally. Sonic and Silver thought that doing this was way too violent and graphic, but Shadow refused. He was kinda the leader of the thieves. Sonic Drew on his paper quickly, wanting to get this over with. Shadow spotted Sonic rushing and mocked, "Blue Blur, slow down. Or can you?" Sonic stopped suddenly. He could almost feel the storm cloud hovering above his head. Shadow smirked...
Opinion by Hellowittykitty posted over a year ago
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1. Say that you are in the side of evil.

2. Pay Scourge to say that he would date them if he were gay.

3. Say that Silver is a dweeb.

4. Kiss them all on their mouths and say that they taste good.

5. Jump in the back of a car and when they all jump in, say this is your car.

6. Say that Blaze, Sally, and Rouge are gay.

7. Give them all high-fives if they lose a race.

8. Eat a chili dog in front of their faces and say, "Sorry, none is left for you!"

9. Play punk rock music.

10. Say that Big was being a peepy-Tom in the boy's bathroom.
Opinion by zthefox posted over a year ago
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you have a very spasific version of dreams of an absolution that is your favorate, and absolutly refuse to listen to any of the others, to the point of shuning your friends should you see them listening to a diffarent version.

this happens to you: link

you have spontaniusly spent all your money on sonic plushies and/or other sonic parfanalia (RIP wallet)

you find a way to fit a sonic refrence in to every sentance, no matter who you're talking to and/or what you're talking about... even if it has absolutly nothing to do with the context of the rest of the sentance.

you know who charles is and you wonderd what hapend to him after "friend or foe"

you arange your daily schedual around hourly web serches as to the upcoming releas of the knew sonic the hedgehog 2014 movie

you were incredubly deprest when you found out that they cut off sonic underground mid-searies.
Fan fiction by silver9090 posted over a year ago
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one day sonic was in bed and he was hot when he took the covers off he was cold he call knux and tails and said i'm sick can you take care of me and they said yes they came over and saw sonic in bed they made soup and sonic woke up and said thanks and shot time and sonic ran away but he fell a sleep tails gave a shot and he but in the bath tub and sonic took a bath tails put in the bed the next he fell better
tails and knux got the flu he did the same thing so they fell better and ran together THE END DUDES
Fan fiction by ZacharyWhite posted over a year ago
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One day...
Sonic was taking a walk, then suddenly he saw Shadow.
Sonic:Hiya, Shadow. (Smiles)
(Silver arrives)
Silver: O.O Sonic your stepping on a...
Shadow:(Whispers at Silver) Shut it!
Silver:Uh nothing (Smiles)
Sonic:Uh ok...i'll be going to Chris's house...
Shadow: Hmmph
(Sonic Arrives at Chris's House)
Chris: Eew! What is that smell?!
Sonic: I don't know...
(Knuckles saw something brownish under Sonic's Shoes)
Knuckles: Sonic...You stepped on something...
(Sonic looks under his shoes)
Sonic: Aaaah!!!!
Fan fiction by silver9090 posted over a year ago
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one day sonic,shadow was visiting silver.silver was
laying of his bed,itchen all over,sonic,shadow was
lauhing at silver.silver said what's so funny dude silver you have the chicken pox silver.silver no
wonder i'm itching all over. i need someone to take
care of me.sonic said me,blaze,shadow will take care
of you.silver said thanks sonic said your welcome.
but you can't scatch silver said awwww but i itchy sonic now go to sleep silver. silver said ok later blaze came to take care of silver and was a sleep.
blaze fell a sleep,sonic went in too silver room,he found blaze a sleep with silver,when shadow came into silver room,shadow said awwww that's so cute,shadow to a picture of silver,blaze sleeping togeter,silver,blaze woke up,silver said get out guys i trying to sleep sonic said i bount you chicken soup a week later silver was better agian