Mr.hant:we have a lot to learn to day!
Jet:we sure do mr hant.ok children lets start today with a few new math problems.what is 5x2?come on children dont be shy just give it your best shot.
Charmy:(puts hand up)
Jet:yes clyde?
Charmy:12? lets get an answer from someone whos not a complete retard.anyone?come on dont be shy.
Shadow:(puts hand up)i think i know the answer mr.garrison.
Sonic:(mocks what shadow said)i think i know the answer mr.garrison.
Shadow:shut up fat boy!
Sonic:hey!dont call me fat you f*ckin jew!
Jet:eric!did you say the f word?
Shadow:no.hes talking about f* cant say f*ck in school you f*ckin fat a*s!
Sonic:why the f*ck not?
Tails:dude you just said f*ck again!
Sonic:whats the big deal?it dosent hurt anybody.f*ck.f*ck.f*ckity.f*ck.f*ck.
Jet:how would you like to go see the counselor?
Sonic:how would you like to suck my balls?
(everyone gasps)
Jet:what did you say?!?!?!?
Sonic:im sorry.actually what i said was...(gets a megaphone and clears throat)how would you like to suck my balls mr.garrison?
Tails:holy s*it dude.
Jet as Mr.Garrison
Charmy as Clyde
Shadow as Kyle
Sonic as Eric
Tails as Staneley
Hunter as Kenny
Mr.hant as himself