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Sonic the Hedgehog Fan fiction Article

Taismo- New Beginnings

Fan fiction by Tailsfan71347 posted over a year ago
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------- Chapter Three Part Two ------- "What?!" Tails shouted, shocked at the news about his best friend's possible death. He put his gloved hand up to his ear. "Did I hear that correctly?" he asked, in hopes of receiving a more positive answer. The doctor responded sadly, "I'm afraid what I said about Sonic is very likely to happen if we don't act quickly." Tails paced about the room nervously. "What will you do?" he asked simply. "Not me, WE." the doctor stated firmly. "Wait, we?" Tails asked skeptically, "what do you mean, we?" "Well, you are the greatest mind on all of Mobius!" the doctor commented, "I assume you have some experience in the medical field?" "Well, you see, I'm only good at engineering and mechanics. I know some anatomy, but I'm not Doctor House." "Doctor... Who?" the doctor asked, puzzled. "Not Doctor Who, Doctor House!" Tails said. "House was a TV show on Earth about this guy who did work in the medical field, like you do. Doctor Who is a sci fi show about..." He stopped his explanation when the doctor grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him slightly. "Tails, please focus!" the cat shouted, "At this rate, Sonic will surely be doomed!" At this statement, Tails snapped to attention. "Oh! Right!" he said, now focusing on the task at hand. "I'll help you take blood tests and such," Tails said, "You can do the advanced stuff." he added. The doctor, who identified his name to be Adam, nodded and proceded to instruct Tails on some basic blood treatment tactics. Tails followed the instructions precisely and managed to analyze some of the microscopic cells. "There are lots of little yellow and green dots," Tails said sounding nervous, "and they appear to be consuming the blood very rapidly!" Adam motioned for Tails to help him pick Sonic up. Tails obeyed, and they carried Sonic, painfully I might add, to a laboratory in the rear of the hospital. "He sure is heavy for a guy his size." Adam commented. "Must be all the chilli dogs." Tails smirked. Adam and Tails placed Sonic inside a narrow capsule lined with bright, light blue LED lights. Tails closed the heavy door and Adam immediately activated the machine. There was a slight whirring sound as the machine turned on. "This is a radiation chamber," Adam explained amongst the noise, "this should slow down the growth rate of the bacteria and possibly even kill it." Tails merely nodded. After a few minutes of this treatment, Adam deactivated the radiation capsule. Tails opened the door, took Sonic out, and took some blood tests. "It postponed the growth rate, my guess is temporarily." Tails said. They carried Sonic back to the comfortable warmth of the hospital bed. The fox and cat contemplated on what could kill this mysterious pathogen. Suddenly, Tails hit on an idea. "Acids. Citrus acids." he stated simply. "That's gotta be it!" Adam said joyfully. "What about some... Oh, what do you call it... Diet, diata, umm..." "Dietematious earth?" Tails guessed. "Yes! That! What about using that as a cleaning agent? You know, after the acids do their job." "I don't see why not." Tails said. ----- After they had gathered all of their materials, citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, and others, Tails and Adam mixed them together in hopes of procuring a cure for Sonic. "Tails, hurry. His heart rate is accelerating." "Don't rush me," Tails said, "I'm almost done." When Tails had finished, Adam hastily gave the mixture to Sonic. Since he was still sedated, he swallowed it involuntarily. Adam and Tails watched, in an unsettling silence, the digram that displayed Sonic's blood conditions. The two mammals watched for a few minutes, which seemed like hours, until finally, the results showed up. "Adam, I think it's working!" Tails shouted happily. "It looks like our cure is doing its job!" ------- Sonic slowly opened his eyes. He was trying to make sense of the blurry images that floated in his vision. He heard a familiar voice. "Tails? W-where am I?" he asked tiredly. Tails told Sonic about the previous happenings when he was sedated. "Wow, some adventure I had, huh?" "Yeah, and to think," Tails started to laugh. "All this happened on a typical grocery store run! And... Oh no." "What is it, Tails?" Sonic asked, sounding nervous. "The milk. I think it's spoiled." Tails said.
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Here it is readers! This is a heavy burden off my back. I know it's over two weeks late, but oh well. I hereby blame that on my stupid internet connection! lol anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter (I know I had fun writing it). I also added some desert dry humor in there, so that it is even more fun to read. Next chapter coming up soon! What happens when Tails gets home? Hmmm...
posted over a year ago.
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Oh yeah, and please tell me ideas on how to make this story better! You know, like certain plot devices or metaphors. I would like positive feedback, but I need criticism. I need to know how to make this a better story. Anyway, next chapter, coming up soon!
posted over a year ago.