1. Tails is an animal. Cosmo is a plant. Cream may not be a fox but she is in the same kingdom.
2. Cosmo is only in Sonic X. Cream is in Sonic advance 2, Sonic Heroes, and sonic advance 3. And also in more of sonic x than cosmo.
3. Taismo was never declared official.
4. Cosmo is not in any of the games. Cream is.
5. We all think Cosmo died.
6. Cosmo isn't a SEGA character. She is a 4kids character.
Cream is a SEGA character.
7. A lot of us can't catch Sonic X on Saturday, so we don't know who Cosmo is.
8. Sense it was not declared official, they are just friends.
9. Tails is telling me right now that it was not more than friends.