I've rather recently become a major Sally fan. I'd even go so far to say that I've got mondo crush on Sally. (It wouldn't be my FIRST furry crush) To those who don't know, Sally Acorn is a character in an early Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series most known as "SATAM" (SAT meaning Saturday and AM meaning morning. Get it?) She also currently appears in Archies's "Sonic the Hedgehog" comic series. As a Sally fan, I've discovered it's hard being a Sally fan because whenever you look up anything for her, you find FAAAAARR too many sites and clubs dedicated to hating her and doing all sorts of horrible things to her. Now, I'm not saying everyone's entitled to MY opinion. You have the right to hate a character if you want. But if you're going to hate a character, I'd be nice to have a vital reason to, but all there reasons for hating her are S.T.U.P.I.D STUPID! I decided to actually look at these sites and point out...

10. "Sally is naked, unlike any of the other females in the Sonic series. Because of this, all females are SUPPOSED to wear clothing and any female who doesn't is a naked slut, since that's indecent"

apparently, there's an unwritten law stating that male furries can wear as little as they wish, (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, ect.) but if a FEMALE furry wants to run around in nothing but shoes, suddenly she's labeled as a "Slut." PS. Rouge wears clothes and SHE looks more like WAY a slut then Sally Does. I don't think she IS a slut, just that she's dressed more like one than Sally. This make sense to anyone else? Plus, Sally's got no nipples, and no "girly parts" either. She's JUST as "partless" as Sonic so she has just as much no reason to wear clothes than him. I found one person on a DA club who said "She wears nothing when she has a bigger bust then everyone" I always thought Bunny had the bigger bust, and SHE'S got 'em covered. Plus, in the cartoon, Sally barely has a bust at all. I think it's just an unwritten law that comic book women must have "D" cup breasts.
Frankly, I think most of the people who complain about this are women jealous that Sally can get away in nothing but boots and a vest, and they can't. ;)

9. "Sally isn't THAT smart! She needed Nicole to figure everything out for her!"

Name me ONE person in today's day and age that could last five minutes without their computer, PDA, or Cell phone? I know I couldn't.

8. she believes everyone loves her

Um, no. THAT would be Sonic

7. she is VERY selfish. She wants Sonic to be with her and ONLY with her.She can't understand why Sonic doesn't want to be locked up.

I know someone else like that. She's pink, she's a hedgehog, and she carries a mallet. That's right. It's AMY! I don't hate Amy, but Sally never cornered Sonic and said "There's no way out of marrying me!" *Sonic hero's* There's only one time I'm aware of that Sally wanted Sonic "locked up." In the comic, she DID make Sonic choose between her, or his job. She gave Sonic more choice than Amy ever does, who's basic approach is it corner Sonic and force him to marry her.

6. "Sally is a two-timing whore"

apparently, even while Sally and Sonic were dating in the comic, she flirted with other men. GASP! Let's not forget who stole his best friend's love from him, KNOWING that his best friend was in love with her. That's right. It was Sonic. He got together with Fiona. The girl Tails was in love with and Sonic KNEW Tails was in love with. Now who's the two-timing whore?

5. "Sally is mean, rude, and sarcastic. Therefore she is a stupid bitch and deserves to die"

Heaven forbid there be a woman in a super hero series that ISN'T the mindless "Damsel in distress" and actually have a personality and Heaven forbid there actually ISN'T a female character that doesn't treat Sonic like he's made of glass. He's big-headed enough without another girl practically worshipping him.

4. >"Sally can't be with sonic because sonicxsomeone rulz!!!!!1111one I hate sally because she ish wrong for sonikku!!!! someone and Sonic 4evar!!!"

There's a difference between hating someone and thinking they don't belong with someone else.

3. "Sally has the most annoying voice ever! She should still be killed so we never have to listen to it again!"

You kidding? She's the only one in that entire show that sounds NORMAL! Her voice actress Kath Soucie played her without changing her voice. Unlike the rest of the cast.

2. "Sally is the colour of poo! Therefore she is the worst character created in the history of EVER!"

Um, she's the same color as MOST animals in the world. How's this a reason to hate her? Can't stand the idea of a fur character not in some bright, unnatural color?

and the number one reason to hate Sally... *drum roll"
1. My friend hates Sally, and I've never had any reason to EVER doubt them! So Sally MUST suck!
THERE'S a good reason. Hate someone you've never even seen just because your friend hates them. I suppose next if your friend turned out to REALLY hate black people, you'd have to hate them too, right?


"Yuji Naka didnÂ’t make Sally! So that means sheÂ’s unofficial, and doesnÂ’t even count!"

Amy isn't either. She was taken from a weird Manga. In fact, NONE of the characters are "official". He just made the games themselves. Not in charge of the actual characters.

Sally slapped Sonic
This is actually a major reason people hate her and frankly, it's also one of the lamest. She doesn't actually have many people she truly loves. Sonic is one of the few and she's nearly lost him quite a few times. So when he chose to fight Robotnik instead of being with her, she got got short with him. I'll admit, slapping him and calling him "Selfish" was a little short, but she almost lost him to being "reckless?" and there he went being "reckless" again. Wouldn't YOU be a little short with him? Plus, sometimes, he needs to be slapped.

My thoughts on Sally and how she actTheyhey say you can't truly judge a person until you walk a mile in their shoes. Such is true about Sally as well. Let's take a look at her life.

Her world collapsed at the tender age of five.
She held the responsibilities of being rebel leader on top of the usuresponsibilitiestes of being a princess. LOTS of baggage there. This doesn't even count the number of times she's kicked herself and cried over people in her team getting Robotocized due to her planning. I've seen her cry over this and people have tGaulaul to say she's "selfish?"
Sally obviously carria lotlot of mental baggage on her shoulders. Something that's bound to make a person do things she proboly shouldn't, such as slap Sonic, get really bitchy and mean, and frankly, it's a poor judge of character to think someone that's been through what SHE has should still be your image of a perfect person. We're lucky she hasn't climbed a tower and started sniper shooting everyone.

My rant is done. My last thought of the day, "Think before you hate"
Sally approves of this message ;)