Sonic: Ya 2011
Shadow: break out the booze
Amy: get the Trogan man
Skull: I'm gonna hide in the woods
All but Skull, Blood, and Bone: D:
Skull: what
Sonic: there is gonna be beer
Skull: not interested (walking out to woods)
They followed him
Tails: alright me, shadow, and Tikal will go south?
Sonic: yup and me, silver and this guy
Bone: bone
Sonic: ya bone will go north
Tails' team found an abandoned Temple and Skull
Skull: Behold the journal of evil, the notebook of darkness, THE NECROMICON
Skull's eyes turn from their sad blue to a FIREY red
Skull: NoW For THE fIrst sacROFIce (Skull casts bone barrage)
Sonic blocks the shots
Sonic thought i was letting you guys have all the fun
Skull: hahahahaha HAhahahahahha WHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sonic: you are not skull
Skull (Possessed): My name is Screamer.
Sonic: Whoever you are you leave skull
Skull (Possessed): Fight me.
After the fight screamer was beaten and left skull
Skull: Thanks for saving me but i am Keeping the book
Sonic: okay i think i got rid of the demon
Skull: hold on i got to go Barf
Sonic: kk
In the bathroom he finds a *FEMALE* tails barfing
Skull: Tails you are a girl
Tails: Yes alright i am dont tell sonic
Skull: and dont think i am gonna forget i dont drink i am just sick from the possession
Tails runs up and kisses skull
Tails: Thanks.
Now that Skull knows That tails is a girl
will it affect the team probably not but find out on the next episode: Spell of true dead